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How do you make your tan last?

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How do you make your tan last?

Last, cold, glacial, brutal winter, I swore to myself that I’d make sure to get away for at least one week the following winter to get some sun. That’s what I did this year in Costa Rica, and it’s true that it changes everything…

And plus, I came back with a light tan (because of the SPF50 sunscreen I kept on at all hours of the day and night) (you never know with the light of the full moon…) and I love it.
So now I’m wondering, what do you do to make your tan last when it’s -12 degrees and raining outside?

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  • The exact question I was asking myself today! I am back from 10 days in the sun and with London’s cold weather I feel my tan is desappearing fast. I was thinking of booking a super moisturising facial as I worry my skin is slightly flaking with the central heating but not sure it is the best idea. Any tips very welcomed! Thanks

  • Je demenage où la température est convenable pour ma peau et mon moral :)



  • Niveau bronzage, je suis rousse donc loin d’être la plus grande experte en la matière. Je dirais bien gommer et hydrater – tout ce qu’on est censé faire en temps normal !
    Et sinon, la première chose à laquelle j’ai pensé devant ce post : quelle photo magnifique, quelle femme parfaite…

  • So people say to use aftersun, or products with carotene.

  • Jennifer January, 14 2015, 8:54 / Reply

    on Net-a-porter beauty there is a product from this works or it works that has a slight tint that helps your skin glow. It’s the best product I’ve tried not a self tanner just leaves a bit of golden tones. It’s my go to when summer events arrive and I look like a ghost.

  • Hi Garance,

    Esthederm Paris has an amazing sun care line which features a variety of sunblock for body & face, as well as an after sun care line I absolutely adore ! There is an intense after-sun care lotion which helps a lot when you get a sunburn, as well as a tan enhancing body lotion which will preserve your new tan and keep your skin hydrated.

    See for yourself: http://www.esthederm.com/fr/solaires-1/soins-apres-soleil.html

    Hope this helps ;)

  • Clémentine Barberger January, 14 2015, 10:31 / Reply

    C’est vrai, le truc c’est de s’hydrater et de faire un à deux gommages par semaine. Par contre, le bronzage va inévitablement disparaître au bout d’un moment, alors moi je triche un peu, j’utilise un auto-bronzant graduel pour peaux pâles (celui de Clinique est pas mal pour le corps). Pour le visage, j’utilise le Concentré Éclat de Clarins, j’en ajoute deux ou trois gouttes à ma crème hydratante. Malgré les -30°C que nous avons à Montréal cet an-ci, ça me permet de garder un teint ensoleillé!

  • oy I wish I knew — I don’t even know how to get a tan

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  • I think the best thing you can do is just moisturize. Try coconut oil in a bath. I find that even living in the South of France, I have a hard time keeping my tan. Also, I just think keeping a lot of dead brown skin on your body for an extended period of time is maybe just not that great anyways.

  • J’ai trouvé une solution très efficace: Je mange une carotte par jour. :-)

  • Et bien pour ma part je dirais Gommage + Hydratation! On m’a toujours dit que c’est ce qu’il fallait faire et je n’avais jamais essayé jusqu’à mon retour du Portugal en Septembre dernier et aujourd’hui on me dit encore que je suis bronzée! Bien sûr moins qu’en Septembre mais il semblerait que j’ai gardé ce hâle et cet effet bonne mine.
    J’utilise Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish pour le gommage (1 à 2 fois par semaine) et pour l’hydratation toujours chez Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter ou chez CO Bigelow Village Perfumer Body Lotion – Coconut – No. 1535 TOUS LES JOURS!

  • hydratation hydratation hydratation !

  • Trendmixer January, 15 2015, 4:35 / Reply

    I scrub, hydrate my skin and I cheat a little bite with a self tanner. My favorite of the moment: radience plus golden glow booster from Clarins that I can melt to any cream of my choice. It allow me to save my tan for more than a month :-)

  • Détresse intersidérale du bronzage d’hiver qui part plus vite que son ombre !!! L’année dernière j’étais à Zanzibar et je suis rentrée très black, ça n’a pas duré 10 jours malgré d’intenses séances d’hydratation (masque, huile, …). Je crois que le froid, sec ou humide attaque la première couche du visage et s’en prend directement au bronzage !
    Baci, Ali

  • Katherine January, 15 2015, 7:19 / Reply

    Carrot juice.

  • That’s always my problem, too. In used to take “tanning” pills before, during and after my holiday and they worked a dram but I stopped as I’m not sure how healthy it is to pop pills all the time. Now I just mix Clarins fake tun with my body lotion for a top-up.

  • You can try and extend it, and hopefully remember how it felt to be in the soothing sun.
    Here’s some tips: http://www.blushandbeyond.com/makeup/how-to-extend-your-summer-glow/

  • Just slap some of that Jergens self tanner on. I live in Arizona and dont go out in the sun much, but I look tan.

  • I’ve been taking tanning pills for years before ,during and after my sunny holidays and during summer .
    There is no brands that I know of anymore that are sold in North America , but in France and Europe they are availible in the pharmacies .
    They are made of all natural ingredients predominantly beta carotene , Vit E and borage oil . My favorite brand that I stock up when I go to France is by Rene Furterer “Vitalfan” Solaire. Obviously they have an expiry date ,so I can’t buy a lot .My estetician thinks that my skin looks a lot better when I use them and my tan lasts forever .

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