Cooking With Jackson Pollock

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Cooking With Jackson Pollock

I’ve started cooking again (which is a crazy thing to do here in New York, but no big deal where I’m from – Sydney).

It’s been a while, and I used to love it, but I’ve been finding new ways to find joy in it.

One of those is looking to inspiring cookbooks and, along the way, I discovered this one: Dinner With Jackson Pollock. One of the most famous abstract artists of all time, he also happened to be a great cook who loved to entertain!

The book is truly revealing, with his painting, drawing and family photos dappled between a collection of 50 of his recipes, or those passed onto him from friends. Did you know that Pollock’s apple pie was famous in the local area where he lived with his wife Lee Krasner? And many of his dishes were fairly progressive for the time, using local, fresh produce to make hearty American fare as well as lighter Mediterranean-inspired dishes…

It’s a beautiful book that, for someone like me who is reacquainting themselves with a love for cooking, is so lovely to read through – and a lot of the recipes are super simple!

Do you cook often? What’s your specialty? I make a mean hummus and a pretty good baked salmon…

Dinner With Jackson Pollock


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  • I love cooking — it’s such a passion of mine. It’s amazing how much it does for me.


  • I love a well-illustrated cookbook. They are an art form in themselves! I’ll keep my eyes open for this one.

  • bavarian_blue April, 29 2015, 2:51 / Reply

    Cooking is a very sensual action and kind of creativity. I love to do jam and jelly all year round, actually May-wine Jelly with woodruff I picked from garden.

  • I have ordered the cookbook of Jackson Pollock because he is a favourite artist of mine. Thanks a lot for the tip! I have an artistic education (and have a financial job! What happened?). I love to create and cooking is creating too. I also want to eat very very very healthy. The ingredients are my paint. I like to invent my own recipes. I almost cook everyday with fresh ingredients, and I love herbs and spices for that extra taste. Cooking is like painting for the tongue. And my love is always surprised and often say: You can’t eat this in restaurants!’ (in the good way of course!). And all my friends love to come and have dinner with us. The most famous is my Apple cake. Everybody calls it ‘Fabi’s Apple cake’ and they always eat 2 pieces (and they are not so small). It is a wonderful and thankful feeling to indulge people with the good things of nature out of my kitchen and out of my hands…and heart. ?

  • C’est vrai que les recettes méditérannéenes et les produits locaux, c’est vraiment avant-gardiste et futuriste comme concept.

  • I love cooking and especially try new recipe and combination.

  • You need to go see the Pollock pieces at the museum of modern art in the city – they do a free friday :) It looks like a beautiful book!

    Warm Regards,
    www. Little Wild Heart .com

  • I love cooking and my speciality is lasagne bolognese. The Secret is cinnamon in the bolognese sauce ;-)

  • Lisa Walker May, 1 2015, 1:17 / Reply

    I’m so excited to hear about this book! I’m a chef and will def add this to the cookbook shelf! I’m @stovetopped on IG and post cooking throughout the day. Say hello if you’re into the IG food thing :)

  • What an amazing find! This would make an amazing present for a creative cook…

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