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I am a scorpio and you will know this about me within the first hour of meeting me. It will “naturally” come up in conversation so I can “casually” mention it and gauge your reaction (it will be either fear or love, nothing in between), and that’s fine because I’m a scorpio and we love this about ourselves.

So when Christina and I were in a meeting yesterday and the Insta account @costarastrology came up in conversation and I had not heard of it, I was SHOCKED my proud scorpion self had not already sniffed it out.

Well, I’m now sitting here on a late night at the office wasting time devouring everything in their feed while laughing (and being horrified) because IT’S ALL TOO TRUE.

Beyond just a great feed that you’ll recognize yourself in, you can sign up for Co-Star Astrology to send you a detailed horoscope reading every Monday morning based on your birth chart. (Your birth chart is basically your astrological sign on crack, it takes into the account the exact city / time / and year you were born. It is PRECISE.)

For even more horoscope access, you can download the app for daily, personal updates. I am signed up for every notification imaginable and can’t wait to blame all my problems on my horoscope — that’s what they’re there for, right?


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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira November, 21 2018, 2:58 / Reply

    Aries , 7th April ,right here !!!

  • Sara Berthier November, 23 2018, 8:03 / Reply

    TEAM SCORPIO <3 This is scarily accurate, the open book irony literally made me squirm in disgust..
    Haha Veronica you have just opened Pandora's box for me, I now know how to waste my few hours before the beginning of the weekend!!

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