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You know the hobbies you had as a kid that sort of fell by the way side as you got older and more interested in hanging out with your friends? Mine was dancing – competitively for 12 years.

I got to be a lazy high school senior and just gave it up. I was more interested in planning my move to NYC anyway…What was the point? I knew I wouldn’t pursue dancing as a career.

Now that I’m a (less lazy) adult with a career and a hectic but amazing New York City life, I miss having a hobby I’m really dedicated to. Our recent studio trip to Cirque du Soleil had me captivated and inspired to reignite my passion for dancing. This time, it will be more of an occasional leisurely activity but I think I’ll almost enjoy it more than I used to and I’m determined to make it happen. I’m taking suggestions for great classes and studios, all tips are welcome! New year, renewed passions!


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  • I am itching to get back into dance, at age 50+. Why not? Just to please myself.
    When I was in NYC, I loved the ballroom classes, especially Argentine tango with Danel and Maria Bastone, who coached Madonna for her role in “Evita.” They were at Sandra Cameron’s studio at the time. I lost track of them.

  • Nicholas Sipes December, 13 2016, 4:08 / Reply

    I’m a professional dancer living in NYC and there are a plenty of options for open classes. There is pretty much a studio in almost every neighborhood in NYC. The most popular studios are Capezio Dance Center near Union Square (my personal favorite), Broadway Dance Center in the Broadway theater district, Steps On Broadway in the UWS and Alvin Ailey in the Hell’s Kitchen area. All have amazing teachers, some of which teach at all 4 studios at different times during the week, and the studios offer all levels of dance classes from absolute beginner to professional. Hope this helps a little and maybe I’ll see you pirouetting across the studio some time soon! Merde

  • Salut hâte de lire ces nouveaux articles sur la Danse. Superbe idée !

  • I envy people who have a passion. Unfortunately, I don’t. I like doing tons of things but I don’t have this special thing (even though I can’t wait for the snow to fall and get on my skis!!). I envy Josephine, my 15 years niece, who is a ballet dancer. She is amazing. Dance is her life and it always has been. I remember her being 5 and sitting on a stool in the middle of her living room watching the Nutcracker on youtube while it was chaos around her. She dragged her mom to a few auditions to get into the only NYC public ballet school (BalletTech) at the age of 9 and made it (they have thousands of kids auditioning every year for less than 50 spots). She already thought all of us that told her to stop auditioning (because it was so competitive!) a beautiful lesson of perseverance. She is now a preprofessional dancer at the Miami City Ballet. She once told me, when she was maybe 8 or 9 years old, that she only “feels really good” when she is dancing, “it’s like I am flying” she added. How beautiful and precious it is to experience such a thing.
    Je te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde Jojo!! xx
    Marielle – https://www.instagram.com/pret_a_teacher/

  • My story is almost identical to yours! I really like the ballet classes at Joffrey on 6th ave in the west village. It’s very old school – old building, piano accompaniment, no fancy-gym amenities – and the classes are approachable and nonjudgemental. Most of the classes I’ve taken have been mostly adults just doing it for fun and exercise, no one is trying to be a professional but you definitely get a workout.

  • I was so excited to see this post – especially with a ballet dancer on the photo! Last year I indulged and took ballet classes for 3 consecutive months…I LOVED IT! Dance is such an amazing thing and it brings so much joy. Go for it! Good luck!


  • Cibele Porto December, 14 2016, 9:08 / Reply

    I returned to ballet lesson after over 15 years without practicing. It is now my hobby, my therapy and my workout, somehow! Great to make you feel alive after the long hours in the office. hahaahah
    Do it Garance, you’ll fell amazing!

  • Thank you for all of the thoughtful recommendations and responses! I am so happy to see that dance excites you as much as it excites me.

    Tori x

  • I LOVE making time for old hobbies. I was a cheerleader in high school, and I recently started taking tumbling classes at a nearby gym and it is MAKING MY LIFE. Fun to have these things in your life that make you happy and are now just for fun. We need ’em to keep sane. <3

  • Go to Steps on the UWS. When you are back in shape, take the 10:30 am class with Willie Burmann that is full of civilians and professionals alike. (You can also pay to quietly observe the class, too.) Good luck!

  • I’m a ballet teacher in south of France and this year, 4 of my new students are women who used to do ballet for years when they were kids and teens, quit for 15-17 years (they’ve been married, had kids and great work carreer) and now they just want to think about themselves once (or 2) a week and have fun in my ballet classes! Go for it!!

  • I practiced ballet when I was young, then I gave it up just like you did to become a lazy teenager. I went back praticing when I turned 30 as it was on top of my bucket list. I sucked at it but still, I was very passionate about it, which is totally the point! I even did the yearly shows with hundreds of people in the audience! I practiced contemporary dance which became my favourite, it’s such a great way to express your emotions. But I do miss the ballet pratice though.
    But then I got sick, got better, had twins, went back to study and became a freelance translator, so exercising hasn’t been my priority for many years.
    I did find a class nearby (in the South of France) but it was way too hard and too long (1 and a half hours is too much for me, an hour is enough) after 10 years not practicing, so I didn’t join.
    I will ask my Facebook English-speaking group friends if they know of a beginner’s class, which will be great for me. Thanks for the inspiration!
    PS: beautiful picture, I’ve always had a thing for pointe shoes, I find them fascinating.

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