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Deal Breaker

You know those things you just can’t get past, even though you’re really into someone? People say you have to learn to accept people for who they are and I say, know what you can’t accept (or what can’t be fixed, i.e. bad breath) and move right along. Here are three deal breakers sitting real high on my list of things I can’t get down with on someone who otherwise proves very attractive. I’m leaving out racism, because that is literally numero uno and the deal breaker of all deal breakers. So, without further ado…

1. Long fingernails. Not like they may need to be trimmed, but like they are worn long. Gross.
2. Dirty ears. Really skeeves me out.
3. Rude to people in the service industry/customer service.

What about you guys? What are some of your deal breakers??


Add yours
  • 1. Bad teeth. Not crooked or bucked, rotten or missing.
    2. Bad breath. Not after eating onions or drinking red wine. The kind from bad oral habits and plaque.
    3. A guy who takes forever to get ready…for anything.

  • ugh i can’t staaaaand it when people are rude to service staff. the WORST. i don’t even like to be friends with those people.
    and i’d never sleep with someone who was anti-choice.

  • 1. Doesn’t care when I talk to him about something I’m struggling with – i.e. no empathy
    2. Intolerant
    3. Excessively sarcastic

  • 1. slow to respond to sms/email/phone calls
    2. bad teeth
    3. smells bad

  • Well, considering being not racist and all those things I’d love if they obvious in the 21st century… I hate it when guys wear rings. I think it looks awful! Literally, ew!

    Bad breath and bad hygene too. Can’t deal. Please!

  • 1. talks only about him/herself. No interest in other people
    2. Aggressive and/or loud
    3. Dirty hair (messy on the other hand I find extremely cute)

  • 1. Rude to wait staff. Hands down the easiest way to tell if a guy is a douchebag.
    2. Bad smelling feet. I know it’s not something every man can fix, but I can’t get past it.
    3. Calls ex girlfriends any version of the term “crazy.” Unless she was carted off in a straight jacket for trying to set your dog on fire, she’s not crazy. You two just didn’t work out for whatever reason I don’t give a shit about. Men who call their exes crazy just scream “I’m not capable of handling life like an adult.”
    4. Acts like a dick around his own friends to impress me. Had a guy do that once and it just grossed me out.
    5. Married men. I mean, duh right? ;-)

  • 1. avoids interacting with people with disabilities or the elderly
    2. I dated a guy once who would call and ask what I was wearing before a night out with friends. It was the biggest turn-off.
    3. sloppy drunk

  • hmm that is a good list, mine would be:

    1. Bad manners at the table… chew with the mouth closed!
    2. Long toenails… ugh!
    3. Being too tight with money.

  • 1. Racists or homophobic, can’t be dealing with that.
    2. Ungracious or rude to people.
    3. Ungenerous.

  • Les mauvaises odeurs (haleine, transpi, n’importe quoi); les mecs qui reniflent quand ils ont le rhume (aaaaaaaargh!); les tics du langage trop criards (en fait, en fait, en fait, du coup du coup du coup, j’veux dire j’veux dire; en terme de en terme de…); les plaisanteries graveleuses (gags de blondes, gags de bureau; n’importe lesquels en fait)

  • PS: les poils sur le dos (désolée mais heeeeeerk!)

  • DaveysHouse September, 24 2016, 2:38 / Reply

    Wouldn’t it be kinder to talk about what we really find attractive instead of bashing some hypothetical guy?

  • Besides the obvious, I would not be able to be with someone who is overweight. I know it is superficial, but I just couldn’t. He doesn’t need to be perfect, but he needs to take basic care of himself.

  • 1.ugly foot, sorry 2.recognition to people that are guving something you I mean I was living in the house of s 64 lady and when my bf came by and use everytbing he didnt think that he could be thankful that was just normal for him. 3. Close minded 4. Same as you people that are thinking that they are superior to everything and solo many things. Am I intolerant ? Seriously I just broke.up with two guys on those first things …

  • 1- Eating: chewing with mouth open, smacking noises, holding fork the wrong way (elbow up)
    2 – Cheap perfume, too much perfume
    3 – Looking at other women (just women who pass by) in a very obvious, sexual way

  • People who misuse ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and people who add many, many vowels to words, like: ‘noooooo’ or ‘loooove.’ Ugh.

  • Marie Amelia September, 24 2016, 11:12 / Reply

    1.Children. If someone shows the slightest interest in having children, I try my best to put the r/ship to a halt. It’s not fair for either of us.

  • 1. Someone who is overly emotional and dramatic.
    2. Secretive, mysterious
    3. Rude


  • What I have no time for (besides sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia, etc):

    1. Narcissism or the inability to carry on a good conversation (these often go together).
    2. People who cannot make plans in advance or are addicted to technology (these often go together).
    3. Protracted adolescence: adults who are obsessed with things like Disney movies or video games.

  • Mamavalveeta03 September, 26 2016, 12:16 / Reply

    1. Liars. Just go now if you lie.
    2. Gossipers. I don’t mean like “People” magazine gossip. I’m talking about back-stabbing hurtful shizz.
    3. Negative, “Woe is me” people who think that only bad things happen to them. Take responsibility for making your own opportunities. Everyone has a bad day, but not everyday is bad!

  • Les mecs qui mentent. Non en fait les gens qui mentent. Pas les petites mensonges. Les autres. Et le parfum a haute dose. Les odeurs fortes en général. Valable pour les femmes aussi.

  • My pet peeves:

    Greedy people, no concern for others
    Not caring for environment
    Long nails, bitten nails
    Inactive people
    People wearing uncomfortable shoes

  • 1. Criticism — hectoring, belittling, biting. Because when a man does this he doesn’t love you. Heck, he doesn’t even like you.
    2. Disinterest — dismissal or distraction. If he shuts me down or shuts me out,or if I observe a tendency to do this to others, then I know he’s not interested in other humans *as such*, only in relation to him. Why would I tether my orbit to his? I would want us both to be the people we are.
    3. Possessiveness — jealousy, isolation, intolerance of other close ties. Run.


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