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I’m quite known within my close circles to gravitate towards bold, statement pieces—especially when it comes to fashion. Whenever I pull out a bold piece while shopping, or come home with a bag full of cool thrift finds, my mom’s reaction is: really? Yes, really, mom! It’s called fashun. Bold cuts, 80s-inspired patterns, I’m there! So it’s no wonder that I took a liking to an Instagram account known for featuring b-o-l-d home decor; it’s not called @decorhardcore for nothing. It’s home decor times 5, 898, 039.

At times tacky, but always emotional, Decor Hardcore is a gem among rocks in the internet world. Not to mention, and this is going to be a controversial statement, some of the decor is actually kind of good? I can see you cringing through the screen, don’t @ me. All I’m saying is that if I owned a mansion in Calabasas and was Kardashian-level royalty, you might see one of my many collections of rooms featured on their page—just saying.

As their page title states, “hardcore is not for everybody”. However, if not inspired by the decor, you’ll at least be able to have a good laugh or two at how out-there, and at times ridiculous, these home decorations are. Someone actually bedazzled a wheelchair with mirrors, rhinestones, and chrome beads. It’s creativity month here at the Atelier, and I don’t know if it gets more creative than that.

Written by Naydeline Mejia

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