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A.K.A, the visible panty line.

There is of course VPL the brand that champions it, quite literally. But coming from a girl who exclusively chooses to wear a boy short or brief all year round, I sometimes find myself not so interested in showcasing a VPL or having the 4-butt syndrome. So I generally choose wisely with my undergarment choices, but then there are those days I get to the studio and realize I’ve got not one, not two, but FOUR buttocks. The dilemma occurs, so I ….

A: recall my adolescent friend who would make the transformer of full-butt undies into a thong?
B: see if we have any alternatives at the office, perhaps a different pair of pants?!
C: take’em off! start the revolution now! free the…. well, bum.

I’m still not quite sure, generally I get distracted by something else and forget about it until 4pm rolls around and I do that quick glance in the mirror to see nothing has changed. Too late!! It’s time to abandon my woes and go to dinner…. where my butt shall remain seated, far from judgement of any 4-butt haters.


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  • The solution: seamless thongs and panties from Commando or Calvin Klein.

  • I totally agree!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Christine April, 21 2015, 1:02 / Reply

    I hate the lines, but I think generally other people probably don’t notice it or care as much as I do. It happens, and I try to live with it. I have a few good pairs of underwear that don’t leave lines, but recently I’ve just decided to go commando more often so I don’t have to deal with it. Of course, there are a whole other set of problems when you are wearing no underwear at all.

  • J’avoue, c’est un peu désagréable! à part acheter de la lingerie “invisible”… ou ne plus porter de vêtements moulants :p



  • Patricia April, 21 2015, 1:18 / Reply

    Okay, but I don’t know what “4-butt syndrome” is . . . . Would somebody explain?

  • Hi Patricia ! Perhaps I made it up – but this is what comes to mind when I think of “4-butt syndrome” : http://ow.ly/LVqYw

  • Patricia April, 21 2015, 4:39

    Ah, Brie, now I understand COMPLETELY. You came up with a very apt name!

  • good post prettyy !
    Best regards and congrats


  • I have this same problem! The only solution I’ve found is the obvious–wear a thong–but I, too, am a briefs girl (and refuse to go commando). I don’t know why anyone still makes underwear with elastic at the seams… While I would love to have a drawer filled with beautiful Commando undies, sadly, I am not at a place where I can realistically shell out more money on a pair of briefs than I could spend on a nice meal. But once again, Uniqlo to the rescue! They have quite good seamless undies in many colors and cuts.

  • I’ve always wondered what is so bad about a VPL and why we’re so worried about other people knowing we’re wearing underwear by seeing one. Then again, I guess I don’t want to look like I have 4 butts either. All I can say is thank god for good jeans.

  • Vanille April, 21 2015, 4:31 / Reply

    I work at Calvin Klein underwear and I found that the seamless thong and panty are quite good for avoiding the 4 butt syndrome. There are other kinds of panty exising in bikini/thong/hipster/tanga form that solve the problem. The only thing you have to be careful of when you buy your panty is the seam, they actually have to be flat and you should not feel the difference between the panty and the outside when you have it in your hand. I m not sure that s very clear.
    The other thing is that you need to pick up the right size otherwise you will see the demarcation on your butt, you need to feel good in it , not too thight not too big (the size does not mean anything – Large Medium Small – it varies from one brand to another one).

    hope it can help you in some way

    Have a good day :)


  • Vanille! Calvin Klein are my all-time favorite underwear EVER….. its basically all I wear less those pesky laundry days when I’ve got no seamless gems ! xx

  • I moved from Hanky Panky thong to Calvin Klein Invisible Hipster – THE best!…and comfortable!

  • I’ve always been a thong girl


  • Gabrielle April, 21 2015, 5:52 / Reply

    Between dislike of elastic, love of luxury, refusal to wear petroleum-based products next to my skin. . . I make my own silk underwear: side-tie bikinis. The ties disappear under my clothing. No lines. They go in the washer and the dryer. And if cut right, they don’t actually need to be untied going on/off.

  • Gosh, what a great idea. I need to give that a try. Share more details of how you make them please ? What stitch do you use to hem the cloth, etc. I want to give it a try.

  • Absolutely !

    Like Yohji said, “The soul is in the back “

  • Jennifer April, 21 2015, 8:35 / Reply


  • Uniqlo to the rescue!
    They make, in my opinion and *limited* experience, the best ‘invisible’ underwear.

    I have to dress formally, everyday at work and I’ve never had to deal with more than the requisite amount of butt!

  • Hanky Panky’s Vintage Thong (in stretch lace) has changed my life. It’s truly high-waisted, super-soft, provides slight support in the tummy area and absolute perfection under sundresses – comfort of a brief, yet no lines or 4-butts. ??????????

  • Hanky Panky’s Vintage Thong (in stretch lace) has changed my life. It’s truly high-waisted, super-soft, provides slight support in the tummy area and absolute perfection under sundresses – comfort of a brief, yet no lines or 4-butts. ??????????

  • Try the Light As Air hipsters from Lululemon. They’re whisper thin, don’t give you muffin-top or cut into your cheeks – at least for me, anyway, and I’m SUPER picky – and they don’t show through anything.

  • Hi Gabrielle,

    What a great idea. Do you specifically buy washable silk? Or do you sell the ones you make somewhere :)


  • Transat April, 22 2015, 5:05 / Reply

    WEIL : invisible, emboîtant, confortable…

  • Hahaha Great article! :)
    I noticed there are ladies who look stylish, but when i see VPL it all falls down!
    Brazilian and seamless panties are what I choose, especially if they’ve got some lace.

  • The obvious solution is not to wear skirts and pants so tight. I like plain cotton underwear that is not tight at the around the leg/bottom, and don’t generally have a problem.

    I recall years ago pointing out a woman with white pants and obvious panty line to my boyfriend at the time, saying, “isn’t that awful?” He looked at me, quite surprised, and said in all innocence. “Oh. I thought that was a good thing.”

  • Je suis trop d’accord !! et j’adore tout tes articles !! je met un lien pour un bon plan a partager ! <3

  • Gabrielle, seems like a great idea. Do you have pictures to show us ? A link ? Thanks

  • oh moi aussi, je trouve ça super moche !! Du coup mes tentatives d’avoir de belles fesses musclées où jamais une culotte ne s’enfoncerait étant systématiquement tombées à l’eau (gourmandise je ne t’abandonnerai jamais), je me suis aussi rabattue sur les boxers microfibres de chez Zimmerli et de chez Hanro, tout doux, super ! Attention, Hanro taille une taille trop grand. Zimmerli est mieux mais plus cher.

  • Haha j’aime ce type d’article ou l’on peut toutes se reconnaitre…
    Je vis depuis quelques mois en Argentine et ici PERSONNE n’a de marques de vetements… Elles portent toutes des strings!
    En France je ne m’étais que moyennement posé la question, disons que je faisais attention mais sans plus. Depuis que je suis ici je deviens limite parano en me demandant si c’est réellement moche ou si c’est une habitude sociale. Mais quoi qu’il en soit ici j’y prete plus attention et les strings et tangas sont venus se meler progressivement parmis mes habituels shorty… A voir si ca reste quand je rentrerai en France!
    A chaque pays ses codes de beauté non?

  • Maria João Rodrigues April, 22 2015, 10:53 / Reply

    I swear by Intimissimi laser cut underwear… Feel like a second layer of skin, fit perfectly, in all colours and several nude shades!

  • I love SOMA (soma.com) vanishing edge. They hug your skin and there is NO panty line. Perfection! (and comfy too!)

  • That’s hilarious. Thanks for sharing your 4 butt dilemma. For the record I love the word DERRIÈRE.

  • HANKY PANKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the closest you can come to feel like you’re wearing nothing and I’m sure they will make you stop thinking about your “4 Butts” or any butt for that matter. The Boyshort is amazing but their Thong is the best discovery I have ever made!

  • Katerina April, 26 2015, 6:00 / Reply

    Ok, this topic is driving me crazy lately. And you know what? I came to the conclusion that the best options for me are – no underware /:)/ and spanx like shorts that go to the middle of the thigh BUT and this is my secret – bought extra large, so that they don’t squeese anything. It is heaven.

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