DIY Frayed Jeans

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DIY Frayed Jeans

Every so often a trend comes along that you actually CAN do yourself.

Take for example, the frayed hem jean. I feel certain anyone is capable of successfully perfecting scraggly hemmed look, and all you need are tools you more than likely have in the kitchen. So, here’s a quick tutorial!

Tools Needed:
Seam ripper or tweezers
Scissors (if you want to cut a shorter length)

If your jeans have a hem, begin by either snipping or seam ripping the stitching out (this also gives your denim an extra cool effect with the variation of wear created by a hem and typical wear over time). You can also crop your jeans to a shorter cropped length before you begin; simply put on your jeans, mark the desired length with a safety pin / chalk / tape (anything in your house, really). Take the jeans off and lay flat on the ground – lie a book, or something similar, straight at the crop length and cut!
From there, look at the denim up close –  there are threads weaving both vertically and horizontally. Use a seam ripper or tweezers to pull out threads that run horizontally across the denim. Keep pulling the threads until your desired level of fraying has been achieved.

For the advanced denim destroyer, use sandpaper or a pumice stone to rub the hem. Throw them in the wash and let hang dry for EVEN more quick fraying. And at that point, the fray will continue as you wear!

And with that, you are on trend without spending a dime. Do you have any other tips and tricks for reinventing denim?


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