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Extravagant weddings seem a little, I dunno… dated.

Maybe it’s just me but when I see them I think there must be a better way to spend that money. Ok so maybe I’m a bit clueless because I’ve never been married or even close to it, but I’ve been seeing a lot of pretty interesting DIY articles that have some clever ideas for a wedding or any party really!

Maybe you’re planning your wedding, an end of summer bash, or just like DIY like I do! Here are some sites that might make you think twice about spending money on things that can be done with your own two hands!

1. Best things to buy at IKEA for your wedding…

2. DIY Decor for an outside party..

3. Tricks and tips for printing invites at home…

4. DIY Centerpieces…

5. Make your own wedding cake…


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  • Samantha Brewster-Owens August, 16 2016, 1:11 / Reply

    I thought the same thing until I began planning mine. You’d be surprised how quickly DIY supplies add up, and couple that with a lack of time to actually assemble things while working full-time in an office, a lot of time it’s worth it to spend a little extra to 1) not be stuck with leftovers and wedding decorations that you have to dismantle and store and 2) stress less about execution because a professional is doing it. I fully envisioned us hanging our own fairy lights, arranging the flowers with my bridesmaids, and making our centerpieces….but reality set in when I realized it would still cost us over $1000 to buy said fairy lights (only saving us a couple hundred on labor), a decent amount of money to scrape together the simple centerpieces I wanted AND then I’d be stuck with all of that stuff afterward! I did however, find cheaper alternatives to a lot of things, including invitations. I found an awesome lady on Etsy who custom-designed and printed our entire wedding suite at a fraction of the cost of a regular stationery store–AND I didn’t have to be bothered with cutting and printing at Office Depot! Obviously you do what is within your budget, but keep in mind that DIY does not always equal savings!

  • Totally agree, Samantha. I think the DIY helped the overall feel of my wedding (having DIY arrangements and decorations helps things feel “looser” more casual), but I would not say it saved us money in the slightest. A positive of DIY however, was that my family and friends all came together to “work” on the projects and that created times together that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

  • My husband wanted a small wedding but I didn’t want the drama or hassle. We grabbed a couple of friends as witnesses, flew interstate to Melbourne, stayed in an awesome hotel for the weekend, went out for some brilliant meals and had a little registry wedding. We hired a photogtapher for an hour to get some photos, and called our families afterwards. Best decision ever.

  • I had a very small wedding. Don’t regret it. Well, a little bit, because I think my parents would have wanted to show off to their friends. But I don’t regret not spending a fortune on ephemeral, unimportant things like centerpieces.
    There’s a study that found that the more a couple spends on the wedding, the more likely they’ll get divorced.

  • DIY definitely saves some money, it can be fun, too. I loved putting together my flowers with my bridesmaids, and my fiancé even helped with some of the DIY. Those were great moments that contributed to the overall experience. It definitely adds some stress, but alleviates the stress of spending too much. That said, it was still hella expensive, just less expensive than an extravagant wedding.

  • I did a lot of diy for my wedding( invitations, decor, makeup.. and for some part i don’t regret it because it made me realize and explore my creative path but like Samantha says you actually don’t save that much money and me and my husband worked so hard the 2 days prior the wedding that we were a little exhausted the actual day. It was a beautiful day and i married the one i love but when i look at it i can’t help to critique some of the creative choices i’ve done because let’s face it, it’s impossible not to judge your own work! Most of the times it’s better to have outside experienced help to clarify your wedding feelings because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all that it’s around the internet and sometimes follow some wedding trends that actually don’t reflect what you are as a person/couple or what you want to be. And when you actually are stress free you can make more conscious and happier choices!

    And to have a beautiful wedding you don’t need to be extravagant and spend a lot of money or diy, it’s actually about keeping an open mind, making the perfect choices and remember that less is more!

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