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Doing Well

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Doing Well

Today’s Pocket PMF is a special one.

We asked one of Garance’s dear friends, Daphne Javitch, to join us and teach us a thing or two about nutritional health. After facing some health challenges of her own, Daphne threw herself into finding the right path for her healing and recently launched her own business, Doing Well, as a nutritional and lifestyle guide. Today she’s talking to us about the importance of listening to our bodies, the power of consistency and flow, and a few small things we can all do to feel a whole lot better. Check it out!

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Pocket PMF: Doing Well
Pardon My French with Garance Doré
Pocket PMF: Doing Well
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  • Cécile Delattre April, 14 2017, 8:56 / Reply

    So inspiring! Thank you for sharing your experiences and your path with us!
    I find it harder than I expected to think about health in a holistic way without focusing on appearences, even if obviously it’s linked. So it’s great to be reminded that I should focus on my intestin before focusing on my cellulite! Hard when the society asks us (especially women) to be always pretty, fit, glowy…

    On question thought: you mentionned how it is dangerous for our health to drink from a plastic bottle… Did I get it right? And oculd you explain why? I thought it was better then tap water?

  • I think when Daphne says water from plastic bottles is no good – she doesn’t mean the water itself compared to tap water. But more about the dispersants present in the plastic that find their way in your body and are not healthy. So it’s better to for instance filter your tap water and when you want to take a bottle of water with you, to use a stainless steel one (more eco-friendly as well: less plastic waste).

  • Mercedes April, 15 2017, 5:16

    Yes, I think what she meant was against the use of disposable bottles and single use plastic consumption. X

  • I am in love. That podcast was good for the soul. Daphne, if you are reading this, you are so special and lovely and honest and true. I feel like you will read this and say–not really, not all the time, I mean I have to work on it…..and that you say those things when you are complimented in this podcast feels genuine. You are like a poppy and a delphinium together. Bright and calm. xo

  • This was one of my favorite “pardon my french” podcasts ever! Daphne makes wellness seem so accessible and real! Too often, wellness features come from someone with a lot of celebrity, wealth or privilege, which can make wellness seem like it’s only for those with a lot of money. I listened to the podcast twice in a row last night because I was so inspired! And my son and I made a green smoothie this morning for breakfast! Keep up the great work, Garance and Atelier! I’m loving what you are doing now.

  • Well done “doing well”! Full of good common sense tips. Thank you for sucha balanced approach (it’s hard to find these days!)

  • Coucou tout le monde :)
    After years of following you, I am finally writing my first comment.
    Thank you so much for being so inspiring, and congratulations for the new website, it’s amazing.
    I think the “French gurus” series, and the topics on wellness very welcomed, but how do you do when you are not a New Yorker and you are a student who cannot spend a lot on hollistic healers/massages/nutritionnist …? Because with this approach, it looks like wellbeing is something reserved for a very specific part of the popuation. I also think that for a lot of people, wellness is something more of a luxury: people don’t take time to take a bath, listen to their body, doing yoga or medidate and believe it’s more of a “bobo” thing (ahem, my mom).
    Maybe you could also talk about affordable alternatives for everyone :p
    Cheers, and again, I really love what you are doing
    Bisous de France

  • holistic* !!! Pardon my french

  • Easily the coolest, most engaging and informative thing I’ve heard all month (and I’m a wellness nerd :))!! So excited to know about Daphne now, her website and Instagram and super inspiring journey. This was awesome, thank you ladies. xx

  • Every podcast you do is just so engaging and interesting Garance. This one with Daphne was like a caress for the soul. Love her and wish her all the best!

  • i know it’s been a while since you posted it but i just listened to it and loved it. loved her approach to health in such an holistic way and felt like i was there listening and talking to you. thank you!

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