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Doré Edits: Bogdana x Christina

10 months ago by

For this round of Doré Edits, Bogdana came up with a look for me!

Her thoughts below:

“Christina has many reincarnations, but always keeps her core: humble colors and simple shapes, with an occasional splash of cowgirl vibes.

To not fluster in the sea of possibilities such as online shopping sites, for this edit, I decided to put Christina in an imaginable scenario and stick to the target.

So, picture this: Christina is invited to an afternoon tea at the Kettner’s Townhouse in London (because she loves tea, and because we want to make this fantasy as extravagant as possible). It’s going to be a fashionable soirée.

Christina’s probably nervous about it, but won’t show it. Christina puts on her uniform staple – blue jeans, a simple top. Over it, Christina throws a shirt, she likes her shirts big and boyish. Then, most-likely-uncomfortable-but-goodlookin’ shoes follow. Christina grabs a bucket bag, not a BAGGU (Christina loves BAGGU but doubts posh party guests will fully appreciate it). To finish it all up, Christina wraps herself in a big trench coat, and now we can hardly see an ensemble underneath it that she worked so hard on.”


Trench, Maison Margiela; Jeans, Khaite; Top, Joseph; Button-down, Loewe; Shoes, Gabriela Hearst; Bag, Montunas; Necklace, Alighieri


Add yours
  • I have a feeling that a tea party in London involves a mid length floaty floral dress or skirt with the mules and then the shirt worn over slightly open with a silk cami under ….

  • Bogdana June, 7 2019, 3:05

    That’s a Wendy afternoon tea look ;)

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