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Dream On

I’ve always been a dreamer.

Maybe not in the way you think I mean, but rather, I’ve always had super vivid dreams and no trouble remembering them.

I also, and I can’t emphasize this enough, love talking about my dreams. And yours! I love it all. One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that my dreams tend to really pick up in intensity and/or weirdness when my life picks up in intensity and/or weirdness.

Some dreams are really disturbing (you know the ones when your teeth fall out?) and then you google it and it turns out it’s symbolic of things you’re actually worried about in your waking life. Money, in the case of losing your teeth. I find something very comforting about this, almost as if I’ve gone to therapy, but without paying for it. It makes me feel like my mind and body are in tune and they are working out their troubles together and somehow releasing me of them through dreams. Crazy? Maybe, but I don’t mind and it keeps things interesting.

What about you guys? Do your real life worries manifest themselves through your dreams??


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  • Just saw this. Very cute post! I think everyone’s worries manifest internally so it makes sense to come out haphazardly through our dreams, but you’re lucky you can remember them all.

  • I usually have very intensive dreams. Very often something bad happens in my dreams so I never analyze it any more. It must be my subconscious running wild.

    The weirdest thing is being in a bad dream and realizing that it’s a dream! I’ve tried to wake up but I will only get in another dream.

    Also it’s weird being in a certain place that you don’t know in real life but you have visited before in a dream!


  • Anastasia June, 15 2017, 6:08 / Reply

    just had that dream with falling out teeth last night, good to know what it means. anyway my dreams are just a part of my life, not so interesting in all this 5d technology games, cause i have this game every time i go to sleep. except some time ago when i was super exausted and just falled to darknes every night

  • I’ve always had the same experience, I’m a very vivid (and sometimes profectic) dreamer. I was still in high school when I learned to pay very close attention to my dreams and file them for future reference. Sometimes, like yours they’re weird and don’t make sense until I look them up. And sometimes I don’t dream at all. But it’s a gift I’m grateful to have.

  • Non non, ce n’est pas déconnant et tu as tout à fait raison : les rêves ont un réel pouvoir thérapeutique. Par exemple, il a été prouvé par diverses études que les gens qui manquaient de sommeil devenaient fous parce qu’ils ne rêvaient pas (et pas parce qu’ils étaient fatigués).
    Le rêve, c’est quelque chose de libérateur. On laisse sa morale, ses problèmes et son inconscient sur la table de chevet et le cerveau se laisse aller.

    Belle journée !


  • I love hearing about people’s dreams! Mine tend to be more like movies, where I am a spectator. Often times there are points in my dreams where they are silent or black and white.

  • I was told to not let your dreams say too much or too little. Although I rarely remember mine, they almost always reflect my most common emotions or current outlook on life.

  • Hello Carie,
    Mon mari est écrivain. Il est fasciné par le monde des rêves et il en a fait un roman LES LIMBES ! Tu peux le trouver sur internet pour pratiquer ton Français si tu le souhaites!
    Il m’a raconté dernièrement que le peuple kichwa, indigène de l’Équateur, se rassemblent à l’aube pour se raconter leurs rêves avant d’aller à la chasse ou aux champs. Ils tentent de décoder les songes de la nuit précédente, estimant que ces visions sont directement liées à leur avenir.
    « Nous sommes des pionniers, des aventuriers d’un genre nouveau. Le rêve, c’est la dernière frontière. L’homme a conquis la mer, la terre, l’espace… et maintenant, enfin, il conquiert son propre esprit. Il lui aura fallu des milliers d’années pour comprendre que les plus grands mystères ne se cachaient pas dans les profondeurs des océans, ou aux confins de l’univers mais bien au cœur de son être. »
    Bonne lecture,

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