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Dries van Noten On…

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Now putting a fashion show together, it’s also what is going to be the first image on
A print has to be big enough that when you look at a fashion show on your iPhone that you see the things or it doesn’t speak and you’re not interested…

Dries van Noten
Stay tuned for the next Pardon My French interview!


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  • indeed! i have a special mobile theme for my blog, i check seo…the world is more digital by the minute :)

  • Oulala can’t wait :-)

    Xoxo Cory

  • Cécile March, 25 2013, 4:10 / Reply

    Ah, j’ai grand hâte de la voir…
    Cette citation fait un peu peur.

    Pourtant, j’ai une telle admiration pour Dries Van Noten. Il me tarde de vérifier si le reste va m’écarteler.

  • Saschana March, 25 2013, 5:04

    Totally second that. Media dramatically changed our perception. In fact, magazines are just a passing swiff of inspiration nowadays — I find myself looking at them less often. Blogs, runway shows (instant viewings!), streetstyle is so much faster and engaging. It’s a change in speed. I think it’s great! It gives a new challenge to the designers — and to us viewers/consumers.

    The main question is: what has instant appeal and longevity? It’s gotta be the clean, classic ideas, like at Celine, Hermes, and in fact recent Dries, or the radicals that challenge our idea of aesthetics like Rei Kawakubo at Comme des Garcons. So what will last and have appeal right away is either refinement and modern takes on classics or all in radicalism, I would say.


  • Clever on many levels this man, can’t wait for the interview! xxx

  • Déjà hâte d’en entendre plus !

    Et c’est malheureusement tellement vrai…


  • That’s so true, and I find that very interesting. When everyone can see tons of collections in small thumbnails at the tips of their fingers, we’re quicker to judge than we used to be and what stands out to us will ultimately be determined within a few seconds.

  • C’est interessant. Et un peu flippant quand meme.

    Moi ce que j’aime faire quand je regarde les défilés sur internet, c’est zoomer au maximum pour voir les petits détails qui tue genre les boutons,les surpiqures ou micro-motifs justement!

  • Complètement d’accord!
    Et moi aussi, j’aime étudier les détails.

  • Alors là Garance Chapeau! Pour commencer je suis jalouse parce que je suis une vraie admiratrice du travail de recherche textile de ce Monsieur. Dis, c’est pas trop impressionant de rencontrer Dries Van Noten? ( Tu me diras pas plus que Stella McCartney non?) Tu n’as pas trop la pression ou le trac quand tu dois rencontrer ces très grands créateurs? Tu vas faire sauter l’audimat en tout cas! ;)

  • Interesting in many ways, also the responses over here! I think it’s great that designers are aware of the importance of websites like, I just hope that this doesn’t mean that we will never see small prints again, or handwork and all those little details that make couture so special and worthwhile.

  • Elizabeth March, 26 2013, 7:34 / Reply

    This does worry me; these are clothes for us to wear in human scale & there is no guarantee that something designed to catch your eye on the tiny screen of an I-pad or I-phone will translate well into our wardrobes

  • C’est dingue la place qu’occupe la communication virale aujourd’hui, c’est un peu dommage que son influence interfère dans la sphère artistique (mais c’est pareil dans la musique :-( )

  • I always click onto a designer and before I go into the slide show, I need my attention grabbed with that first look. It’s interesting to hear people talk about the things we know had major thought go into them but at the end of the day the normal person forgets is such a big deal.


  • It’s true, but … I hope it doesn’t mean the end of small prints, or intricate details! They may not show up on iPhone photos, but in person they’re what make clothes fantastic …

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