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Emmy Speak

Even a week later, we’re still talking about the speech Viola Davis gave at the Emmys.

She was the first African-American woman to win for Best Actress in a Drama, and what she had to say transcended beyond just a statement on the entertainment industry – she talked about the racial divide and what it means to have equal opportunities, no matter what skin color.
What did you think?

We also loved Amy Schumer’s (we’re big fans), for its simplicity, the heartfelt way she thanked everyone – and the fact that she showed appreciation to “the woman who gave her a kind of smoky eye…”.

Another one of our favorites was Jeffrey Tambor, who spoke so eloquently for his win for Best Actor In a Comedy Series. His leading role in Transparent has shed light on the transgender community, and he dedicated his award to them. He talked about how he finally found a role where he had to act like people’s lives depend on it. Something he’s always looked for in his career.

What did you think?
Did any really speak to you?


Add yours
  • Wow, that speech Viola Davis gave is amazing. Such a strong woman and an inspiration to all of us.

  • I found Viola Davis to be particularly moving, but found all three that you mentioned to be quite memorable. And I must add that Jon Hamm looks mighty fine in a tux.

  • There is a huge racial divide in the fashion industry. I am African American. I’ve been working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Before that I worked with my parents in their retail fashion boutique. My friends from college and friends I made in my career early-on who are black, no longer work in the industry. All of them found it too difficult to continue because of a lack of opportunity and/or were encouraged to pursue less appealing areas where there was a lot less money and a lot less of a chance to been seen publicly. I just refuse to go away. So that’s the thing that keeps me hanging on. There were long periods where I was frustrated and angry because I couldn’t figure out if I was dealing with racism or if I was trying to blame others for something I was lacking. I was also dealing with knowing that if it is racism then what options do I have to fix the problem?

    I stopped talking about the problem. I realized this is what I have to live with and I should pick my battles wisely. So this is where am I now. I don’t know if that’s such wise advise for myself.

  • Viola for the win. Amazing and historic speech and she looks stunning, an added bonus.
    Jeffrey Tambor also excellent. I like Amy S. but she didn’t nail it for me this time.

  • Viola Davis’s speech moved me at the very bottom of my heart! As a black woman, I never really think about discrimination, I was born and raised in France and France is home for me… But sometimes you know, you can feel like there is a glass ceiling somewhere, that you might not be the right person to apply for this or this job, this or this position… I don’t know if she is right about the movie industry in the US, but clearly she is extremely talented and one of a kind.
    At the end of the day, she is a strong and positive sign: work hard, be kind and it will be alright. No matter your color, your sexual orientation or your figure…
    I like to take it that way for me anyway! :)
    XX from Paris

  • I know nothing about fashion industry, but in my own professional area, scientific research, there is definitely a glass ceiling for black men and women in France, and probably elsewhere too. It probably occurs as early as high school or at the university. Black students are very very rare in science labs, and sorry to say, they are not much more visible in scientific meetings hold in the US, I find it’s even worse than few years ago.

  • What extends beyond the speeches will matter, what will Viola’s actions be after the Emmy buzz quiets down?


  • Taylor Renee October, 14 2015, 12:43 / Reply

    The Internet is really helping to change the issue of diversity on television! Viola Davis is proof of that!

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