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Summer Sandal Search

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Summer Sandal Search

The weather in NYC last Saturday was a dream. An ideal Spring day; warm, sunny, and almost 70 degrees. So of course, I flaunted my freshly pedicured toes out in the world at the first possibility.

Morning was off to a great start, bouncing around the city with my Birkenstocks, yoga mat, and juice from Pressed Juicery. Side note, their juices are so delicious — I recommend the Roots 3!!! Okay, and then all of a sudden as I was saying goodbye to a friend, I slammed right into a clear door and seriously injured my toenail and toe. Several tears and bandaids later I am now on the hunt for the perfect summer shoe — but adding in my search tab “closed toe summer sandals”. And so far, all I can think of are some cozy espadrilles.

Do you have any suggestions?

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  • I actually like these!
    I have a pair of ugly Hush Puppies in soft natural brown leather. So comfy! Not fancy but I hope that painted toenails will help a bit. :)


  • Angie May, 5 2016, 1:48 / Reply

    Minnetonka!! Classic and comfy:)

  • Giuliana May, 5 2016, 3:57 / Reply

    Amanda! So sorry to hear about your toe. I’m a ballet dancer and had surgery on my toe last summer, so I literally feel your pain. I LIVED in Steve Madden’s “Surfside Platform Wedge Sandal.” Not sure if they’ll have anything similar this season, but def do some googling and see if you can track down a pair!

    Fingers crossed that your toe feels better soon :(

    G x

  • I got the same problem last summer : and menorquinas are the solution !
    So confortable and a lot of colour….

  • You should try Solillas! So comfy & based on traditional Spanish style, but less coveted than espadrilles. Such a flattering style!

  • Autumn May, 5 2016, 4:47 / Reply

    I love closed toe huaraches in the summer! Simple, go with everything, comfy and with all the holes your feet can still breathe well.

  • Try the Nagisa shoes. They’re very trendy :-)

  • lauren May, 6 2016, 1:33 / Reply

    what about Birkenstock Boston? still Birkenstock but “closed” ;)
    I find them pretty cool too, if you like Birks – what do you think?

  • I’m not really into summer shoes. I always pick up very simple leather sandals (almost the same, every season) from Topshop or classic brands. But this year, I had really crush on two pairs for a change.

    The “classic / walking in the city” ones are a pair of espadrilles with a satin lace up from Sezane (with breton stripes) and the “beach babe / sexy feet” is a pair of greez lace up sandals with “pompom” and charms from Mabu by Maria BK.

  • I just bought a pair of espadrille wedges from Spain.. (via etsy) they are incredibly comfortable, and I always receive compliments. Another closed toe would be the Dolce Vita tia mule…they still feel a bit like slippers when I wear them, they’re so comfortable.

  • This is so uncanny. I am in the UK and have spent a lot of time today searching online for just such a summer shoe. I will definitely look into the options listed here.

  • Love them!


  • Les espadrilles sont mes chaussures de l’été, chaque année. Achetée dans leur lieu d’origine, Mauléon, dans la Soule au Pays Basque, fabriquées sur place et devant vous!

  • Are these yellow shoes Birkenstock? If not, can anyone tell me what they are?

  • What brand are the yellow sandals? They are not listed. I like them a lot.

  • Ingrid May, 10 2016, 6:18 / Reply

    I think the yellow ones are Thais by Ancient Greek Sandals

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