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Eternal Sunshine of My Growing Haircut

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Eternal Sunshine of My Growing Haircut

There’s (once again) an uncontrollable explosion on my head. I’ve (once again) lost all hair confidence. I (once again) feel like cutting it all off.

But there was a moment when, giving in to my desire to never stop exploring, I felt like letting it grow out. I was a little tired of my cut, I had this crazy wish to be like Steffy-Argelich-the-model-who-is-in-all-the-2016-campaigns-no-seriously-so-original-bravo, and plus, I’ve always really liked the in-between phases when your hair is growing out and you have a new look every morning.

Except some mornings are better than others… And for about a week now – even with my beloved hairdresser Clyde (from The Drawing Room NY) who “thinned out the mass” – it has still really, really been a mess up there.

I’ve been living in my hat, and I even tried getting a scarf out again yesterday, and let me tell you right away – it’s not helping, not at all. Plus, since my hair has grown out, I’m trying out new products (I’m looking for something to weigh my hair down and soften it at the same time, do you have any ideas?) and so far I haven’t found the grail, which means everything I’ve tried has only made it weirder than it already was…

Clyde tells me that four weeks from now, I’ll have the cut of my dreams, because my hair will finally be the right length…. In the meantime, do you have any ideas for me? A wig? Barrettes? Gel?

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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  • Abigail March, 8 2016, 12:26 / Reply

    Please go back to your sexy, chic short hair. You don’t need hair anxiety again in your life.

  • Margaux March, 8 2016, 12:32 / Reply


  • Did anyone tell you that on your good hair day, you look like Claire Underwood ? The sharp eye makeup, the hair swept aside, all the angular bones and taunt body !

  • Candice Renaud March, 8 2016, 12:39 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,
    On s’est rencontrées à Montréal en novembre dernier…
    2 supers produits alourdissants et assouplissants: Phyto 7 et Kératine Absolue (sans rinçage) de Furterer.
    Patience et bonne chance!

  • Not to ignore the suggestions you’ve asked for, but I suggest just letting go…trust the process. You want longer hair, let it grow. Shift your focus to the new necklines you’l rock or styles you’ll consider in anticipation of your longer tresses. Otherwise, cut it off again. Because in my humble opinion, it’s your (Garance) face/smile/killer wit that seal the deal.

  • Janette March, 8 2016, 12:55 / Reply

    If you absolutely must, a light-textured gel. But, at the end of the day, own the fact that for the next month you will have that alluring bedhead look and not have to work for it :)

  • lindsay March, 8 2016, 12:57 / Reply

    garance i feel your pain! i’m also growing out a pixie, except my hair is super straight so i feel like it’s even harder to do something with in the in-between stages, because i just kind of look like a little boy with a bowl cut. i’m working toward being able to style it as a bob but right now it’s just sort of all pushed forward and when the tiniest bit of wind blows, boom, it’s everywhere. i’ve been using a lot of bobby pins in an only-sometimes-successful attempt to tame it and googling “how fast does hair grow” every other day.

  • Christine March, 8 2016, 1:04 / Reply

    I have curly hair too and have had it all lengths, and the growing out from a pixie stage was the WORST. I’ve been using Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner lately (the one for dry, damaged hair) and it has seriously been great. Lots of moisture and softness, less frizz and weird stuff going on. My hair is halfway down my back right now, but probably right before summer it will get chopped off again to a shoulder-length bob.

    Good luck! Your stylist is right though — you just have to wait it out. There are some truly terrible points where nothing looks good and you feel awful when the curls are trying to grow out. Scarfs, headbands, and twisting or braiding pieces back and bobby pinning them help. Hats are good too.

  • Embrace the beautiful wildness!! You can always cut it

  • Garance, j ai trouvé ta coiffure super sur une photo récemment sur un de tes posts. bonne idée cette petite repousse!.( je suis coiffeuse).. pas certaine que ce soit l idéal d avoir désépaissit au dessus. le poids tire les boucles.. gaine les avec des masques après shampoing et démêle juste avant rinçage. place aux doigts sans trop y toucher, laisse sécher à l air libre. une noisette de crème sans rinçage si besoin pour froisser les boucles et oublie! laisse tranquille tes cheveux. fais leur confiance, ils se placeront tout seuls. patience!

  • Nice post :)


  • À toi de choisir ce qui te plaît! Mais je te trouve plus jolie avec tes cheveux plus courts. Plus punchée et sexy…and more personality!

  • Jasmine March, 8 2016, 1:49 / Reply

    I have very similar hair to yours that’s going through a very similar phase, and I live in New Orleans which = 90% humidity right now. I do a combination of oil (right now it’s huku but argan is also great) and the Deva Curl styling cream. I go about 4 days between washes, too (just dampening and adding more cream each day). It’s working really well, considering the awkward length! Although some days I resort to bobby pins – to one side for a kicky 80s effect and on both sides for a little punk styling – and I’m really missing beanie weather because that was the perfect styling for this length. Good luck!

  • Ghazal March, 8 2016, 1:53 / Reply

    Garaaaaaaaaaaaaance! I’m right there with you, having the same struggle. BUT I think that 1) you should embrace your “big” hair (which is really not that big at all and it’s quite beautiful and fitting for your face and personality) and 2) try Aveda’s curly hair products. It used to be that when I saw “big” hair on other people, I’d totally love it but when it was my own hair that was big, I thought there was something off. Well, wake up woman! Let me look you in the eyes and tell you: your natural hair is beautiful. Have some patience, you know that short hair looks amazing on you so you can always go back to it but let this transition be its own form of liberation. Own it girl. And for those moments when you really want to shave it all off, a few bobby pins can make the mess look intentional! (And from the pictures of the Armani show you posted recently, there might be some curly hair inspiration to use… and please share!). Oh, and Happy Woman’s Day :-)

  • Anne Eccles March, 8 2016, 3:03 / Reply

    Look at Yasmin Sewell’s hair! Yours is just the same, and would look great at that length.

  • Theresa March, 8 2016, 3:20 / Reply

    No product suggestions here, but just want to chime in support of your growing it out! Don’t get me wrong, your short cut was sophisticated and editorial, etc., but I love a more feminine look of longer hair. BTW, that model that you mentioned: I googled her, and she is excellent hair inspo. She can even rock curly bangs (shock).

  • Roxane March, 8 2016, 3:45 / Reply

    I HEAR YA.
    Ah là là, cette foutue coupe d’entre-deux! J’ai réussi à passer d’un pixie à un carré, mais je crois bien que j’ai exaspéré de façon permanente ma famille, mes amis et mon copain à force de râler sur la longueur. Les seuls trucs que j’ai trouvé sont les bobby pin et le fixatif léger (et le râlage bien sûr!)
    C’est vrai que c’est super jolie le style Steffy Argelich et tu y es presque!
    Bon courage!

  • j’ai eu les cheveux très courts comme les tiens, ils bouclent comme les tiens… et la repousse fut un enfer (ce qui me retient de les recouper très court depuis trois ans maintenant, alors que tout le monde me répète : “mais ça t’allait si bien !”)
    et je pense que l’unique secret d’une bonne repousse, c’est de lâcher prise et surtout de ne leur faire subir aucun coup de ciseaux.
    mon désarroi était toujours démultiplié après chaque passage chez le coiffeur !
    donc s’agit de prendre ton mal en patience (et de verser parfois quelques larmes devant ton désastre capillaire : c’est autorisé, oui)

  • Fabienne March, 8 2016, 3:56 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,
    Personnellement je pense que les cheveux plus courts c’est TOI ! Laisser repousser pour ressembler a un mannequin c’est pas TOI. Tu as toujours bien aime les phases de repousse pour avoir une nouvelle tete chaque matin ?! Peut-etre sais-tu desormais dans ton for interieur que les cheveux courts c’est toi et ta perte de confiance capillaire te le prouve. Maintes et maintes fois j’ai tente d’obtenir ds cheveux un peu plus longs (ma coupe est a la Jean Seberg). Eh ben…raté ! Ma mere disait toujours : “reste avec cette coupe qui te va, qui te sied le mieux et te donne moins de souci et donc te rend toi-meme. Bon courage Garance.

  • Carrie March, 8 2016, 3:58 / Reply

    Dear Garance: I feel you sister. THE best product that is a crème that weighs hair down but allows you to play with shape without it feeling like you have helmet on is KHIELS SILK GROOM. I think, from your description we have similar hair and this product lasts forever and your hair on Day 2 will look brilliant. It gives you curl without dryness, soft to touch but oh it gives me hair that behaves! X

  • A great product you must try is Kheils silk cream with groom. It will add weight & soften. It’s a fabulous leave in conditioner to scrunch into your curls.

  • Malin & Goetz Sage Styling Cream!!! Works wonders for me, I’ve been growing out my undercut for a few months now and embrace the adventure. And it smells amazing!

  • Garance, pourtant hier au Drugstore, je t’ai trouvée PARFAITE, sexy, classe. Laisse la confiance revenir, elle s’est juste barrée en boîte ! Bises xoxo

  • DeeDee March, 8 2016, 4:17 / Reply

    After washing and before drying, I use a combination of Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum first followed by a leave-in conditioner like Oribe Styling Cream. The result is manageable and soft. Also, the Show Beauty texture spray is remarkable. I have big, unruly hair when it’s left alone–not attractive. Growing out your hair is tough–everything feels out of sorts

  • Barbara March, 8 2016, 4:31 / Reply

    Trop compliquée la repousse surtout quand on sait que le court te va si bien. Franchement c est un peu ta marque de fabrique maintenant.
    Le long c est tellement banal…


  • Fabienne March, 8 2016, 6:22

    Je suis tout a fait d’accord avec vous Barbara. Elle est si jolie et si feminine avec ses cheveux courts. Cela revele son joli minois. La galere de la repousse, vrai egalement . Quant aux accessoires, foulard, barrettes et autres….pff galere a tous les niveaux.

  • I just can’t wait to see the hair you had before this cut lmao. But you’re still a beautiful person, Garance. :) It was so COOL. The “just ran my fingers through my hair” look


  • I have pretty much exactly the same hair type as you, and I absolutely swear by this stuff: http://www.allbeauty.com/1119437-matrix-keratindose-renewal-spray-200ml?ref=%7Badtype%7D&utm_source=%7Badtype%7D&utm_medium=FREE&currency=GBP&country=48&&gclid=CjwKEAiAjfq2BRDpmdHmssaW5xsSJABToP4lTL4fGQVnMny3EGyUuFWnyL2Q3-aeZGwV_F8kwfrMMRoCVenw_wcB

    I spray it on my hair when it’s wet, smooth on some hair oil (exquisite oil by the same brand) and just let it air dry, and it’s smooth and curly but still weighed down and not all over the place! I seriously can’t recommend it enough!

  • Barbara March, 8 2016, 4:43 / Reply

    Pour moi Garance rime avec short hair nécessairement, incontestablement, évidemment, naturellement…

  • ANDREA March, 8 2016, 4:47 / Reply

    Salut Garance !

    Nous nous sommes rencontrées hier sur Paris lors de ta séance de dédicaces ! J’ai donc vu de mes yeux cet épisode capillaire que tu qualifies d’explosion incontrôlable !

    Je suis la jeune femme un peu gauche qui n’a pas du tout capté que tu souhaitais la prendre dans tes bras pour un câlin amical et qui a cru que t’approchais d’elle pour faire tout simplement une photo…

    Ou encore cette jeune femme (oui, oui j’insiste sur le terme “jeune” bien que mes 30 ans s’éloignent significativement) qui s’est machinalement touché le nez lors de notre discussion et qui t’a ainsi fait penser qu’elle t’adressait un message codé pour te faire comprendre que tu avais quelque chose sur le bout de TON nez !

    Bref ! Les cheveux…

    Je me suis fait une raison avec les miens… Épais, indisciplinés, secs et rebelles qui finissent de toute façon toujours attachés !!! Un jour, je le sais, je ferai la fameuse CCC (Coupe Courte Cool) et me dis que ce sera THE libération de toutes ces années de galères (je me rassure comme je peux). Je ne serai jamais comme je voudrais être capillairement parlant donc je me suis fait une raison ! Qui vivra verra !!

    Te concernant, je suis aussi d’avis de celles qui pensent que le court te correspond le mieux. Le front dégagé te donne beaucoup de force et de charisme même si hier je t’ai trouvé si renversante que j’ai perdu tous mes moyens en te parlant ! Je ne sais pas qu’elle est ton objectif de “coupe” et attends donc de voir le résultat final pour me faire un nouvel avis ! Trop hâte !!!!

    Amicalement !

  • Estelle March, 8 2016, 5:10 / Reply

    I have to say that in all the pictures I have seen of you lately your hair looks awesome! It’s growing back, it’s got movement and you rock it!!! That smile of yours just lights up everything!

    I do feel your pain though! I am in the in between stage of letting my hair grow back….The hair is curly on a good day, freezy on every other day!!! Needless to say most days I look like I have a mop on my head….
    After a particularly bad hear day I broke my flat iron out (it was the mother of all bad hair days after all!!!) and oh miracle it looked quite good! Needless to say the flat iron is my new BFF for the next few month :))

    Good Luck!

  • Oh, I used to have my hair short for 4 years and i totally adored it…but then suddenly i started missing braids and bons and curls and everything and I decided to “let it g(r)ow, let it g(r)ow” as Elisa would sing! Well, for about 9 months my hair looked mostly boring and conservative because there wasn’t much I could do with it. Moreover, I live in a place by the sea, a bit less humid than a rainforest so most attempts of styling my growing coup were a failure. Finally, after a year or so, I’m enjoying my -quite-long hair and everyone’s complimenting me about how nice they look on me…but wait, what’s all this hair in the sink every morning? And on the floor?? And why can’t i have the perfect edgy coup in just seven minutes? Arggghhh, I had forgotten all about this!! Sometimes you can’t have it all in this life after all!
    However, your hair doesn’t seem to be going through all this boring phase, it looks so laid back and playful, it almost makes me wanna cut mine shorter too! It’s a never ending story :)))

  • Try “Schwarzkopf- Moisture Kick”, you will love it :)

  • I like Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine and Don’t Blow It. They both seem to relax my hair but give it a bit of control while still working with its natural texture. They give good shape too and makes my hair look less ‘done’ which I really like.

  • Oh my, I’m going through the same right now. I look like a portrait of Christopher columbus…. and I’m a very lazy person for anything related to hair so i won’t spend much time styling it in the morning, or otherwise I would be even later than usual to work…until it grows into a proper bob I’ve embraced the kind of diadème I had when I was a little girl. And sometimes cute Bobby pins (like Gwyneth paltrow in the tenenbaums) to hold the shorter hair in the front. Besides my hair is somewhere between straight and curly so I choose the degree of messiness depending onwhat style I wanna rock that day
    Like you I cannot wait to grow it back – Oh but sometimes I would just cut it all again! Let’s be brave!

  • Perhaps you have tried it, but Oribe Gold Lust oil has been my go to product lately. It moisturizes my hair incredibly esp. the ends, gives it shine, and I probably put in more then I should but I too need it to weigh my hair down as it grow out. My hair is also wavy-curly by nature.

  • ack! Growing your hair out is like trying to keep the tweezers away from your eyebrows. The answer? Just don’t look… (cover all mirrors, forbid your honey to wear mirrored sunglasses, don’t drive a car)

  • Patricia Liu March, 8 2016, 7:47 / Reply

    try the medium length style like Alexa cheung’s , I think it would fit you very well, I like that hair style so much, it’s so chic. I don’t think the long hair fits you very well, please don’t grow out your hair to do the bun again !!!

  • ah yes, the curl. I fought it my whole life with short hair cuts and now in my 50’s I’ve grown it to just below my shoulders and I wear it tumbled and messily piled on my head and , may I say its lovely and I constantly get compliments because most women past a certain age cut their hair short AND its way easier when its long and worn up .

  • Melissa Laurel March, 8 2016, 8:20 / Reply

    Okay, I’ve already stated for the record that I think you should keep your short hair. BUT, I do have years of experience growing out a pixie, cutting it off, growing it out…. Two words: bobby pins. That’s what Americans call them anyway. The French may have a much more lovely sounding name for the little wire pins. You can pin all the funky, puffy parts down and create a sleek look or a messy bed-head one. Bobby pins. Go get some pronto.

  • SAMANTHA March, 8 2016, 8:28 / Reply

    I miss the short sassy & chic hair on you, cut it short again.

  • Salut Garance!
    En termes de produits alourdissants (mais pas effet gras) et assouplissants (la guerre est déclarée contre les frisottis), je croyais avoir TOUT testé jusqu’à ce jour où je m’étais rendue compte que j’avais oublié ma panoplie pour cheveux dans mon sac de plage (LA PLAGE POUR UNE NANA QUI A LES CHEVEUX BOUCLÉS=TOUTES LES PROBLÉMATIQUES SONT MULTIPLIÉES PAR MILLE!). Impossible d’affronter les éléments (eau salée, sable, vent, soleil) sans un bouclier contre les frisottis de plage à savoir “rapproche la radio de ma tignasse, tu capteras toute la bande fm” donc j’ai fait un crochet par le supermarché du coin faute de mieux et j’y ai trouvé l’huile extraordinaire de L’Oréal. Ben pour une fois, l’adjectif superlatif n’est pas un vieux tour de pubard, elle est vraiment extraordinaire. Sinon le truc bien pour les longueurs comme la tienne, c’est un joli bandana noué pour en faire un bandeau mais attention faut avoir le bon geste pour que ça ne fasse pas fifille ou j’écoute du tryo dans mon casque et être plutôt du côté de la dolce vita super chic ou de la nonchalance regrettée de la French Riviera! Good Luck!

  • Garance, the growing out phase is so tough! I wore a curly pixie and grew it out to below my shoulders. Aveda has good products for textured hair. Drug stores are selling great products, too. Shea Moisture is a fave.

  • Short hair is the best look on you. Truly.

  • Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream is magic!

  • Garance! I have your hair texture and this is what I use when I want to weight it down. Too much will make it greasy so you have to play with the amount you use to get all that body in your hair down a notch. http://www.philipb.com/product_info.php?products_id=66

  • Je compatis ! Je suis passée par cette phase plus d’une fois. Et mon conseil est le suivant: serrer les dents, croiser les soirs et prendre les choses avec humour. Si tes cheveux sont en bonne santé c’est déjà bien. Je crois qu’à ta place j’éviterais les accessoires qui vont te soûler : tu vas y passer du temps et tu ne seras toujours pas satisfaite. Au moins si tu ne fais rien, tu n’auras pas perdu de temps ;-)

  • I’m sorry I don’t think I have any help.
    I’d love to have hair like you do! Sth to weigh it down? My god, I’m constantly trying to lift it up, to give it any volume! My hair is straight and soft and nothing lifts it up for more than half an hour.

    Plus in our climate I have to wear a hat for at least half of the year. And I hate all kinds of hats or anything that covers my head. And of course a hat weighs my hair down anyway. A nightmare.

    You have gorgeous hair! But I understand – we are hardly ever happy with what we have. :)


  • Your short hair was THE BEST.
    However, if you try to let it grow out, I would recommend to do so in Winter.
    I’ve done it about 1 year ago and Winter fashion has the advantage in putting on hats, caps, scarfs (to cover up your neck and giving the impression of a longer hairdo) whatever works for you to make a bad-hairday simpler and livable.

    Also, I would pay my hairdresser more visits to let her fix and blow out my hair, give it a tiny cut now and then to make sure it still had some body and a ‘coupe’.
    Work with nice bobby pins or a headband – preferably studded with glitter and rhinestones to as a derivation of your in between hair lenght.
    Good luck !

  • Excipial Kids Shampoo. Nothing else. It’s Swiss. It will return your hair to the locks you grew when you were a child. Thick, glossy and thriving! Hormone yoga is good for hair growth too.

  • a light spritz of a high quality dry shampoo (the kind you don’t really have to brush out), and then a very light spritz at ends of sea salt spray/ texturizing…perhaps finish with perfecting natural curls with wand

    that’s the recipe i’ve tried for my in-between lengths bob-lob

    love and good locks (??!) !

  • Alouette Ferreira March, 9 2016, 2:26 / Reply

    Hi Garance, I am also trying to grow out my pixie! On the one hand I love my pixie, but on the other I miss being able to do braids. I have found that L’Occitane’s Creme de Jour Disciplinante is amazing! It controls without being too gunky.

  • Moroccon oil is my fave hair line ;)
    Love your freckles in the photo!


  • New stylist – New ideas You can always go back to your current stylist.

  • Katarina March, 9 2016, 3:07 / Reply

    I prefer the short haircut. But if you want it softer and more shiny you should always rinse it in cold water and let it airdry.

  • ah oui tellement plus belle avec tes cheveux courts…et surtout…….sans cette frange .horrible……..plus classe …beaucoup plus sexy aussi ………là c’est plus …ordinaire …je trouve …mais bon il faut tout essayer…..
    bon tu as essayé ….tu peux revenir à ta belle coupe …celle d’avant!!!!!

  • Moi je suis comme toi, en phase de repousse (après plus de 5 ans court, ça change ma vie) sauf que mes cheveux sont le contraire des tiens, lisses et tout fins. Je suis arrivée au carré court et ce n’est telleemnt pas rock cette coupe. Alors je dois compenser avec du maquillage et des bijoux (hello boucles d’oreilles et piercings!) et faire le contraire de ce que je faisais avant qui était assagir ma coupe par les vêtements.
    Pour ta coupe, j’aimaisbeaucoup le court (pas la première mais l’intermediaire quand tu avais du volumes sur le dessus) mais je vois où tu veux arriver…Bon courage! il y aura des jour avec et des jours sans (comme l’autre jour su Canal+…)
    Tu devras peut être repenser ta garde robe du coup? (les gros pulls tout ça…)

  • Nicolette March, 9 2016, 4:07 / Reply

    After 50, it’s really hard having long hair as shorter hair becomes all the more tempting as we age.
    So while you are in your 40’s, you should enjoy the possibility of long hair and let your fiance have a chance to be with you with the longer hair.
    Your personality changed when you went for the big chop- you were more like the very natural girl next door with the long hair that people came to like in your early blogs – now you are striving for perfection in a way that reminds me of Meg Ryan’s transition ( easy to lose ones unique character in ones obsession with flaws and vanities )
    Probably this won’t be published because I also noticed that about the same time that you cut your hair (as beautiful as it may be,and I did send a compliment ) you react badly to critique these days and you are obsessed with editing everything to make all appear perfect with no raw edges anymore.

  • Wendy Kate March, 9 2016, 4:24 / Reply

    Garance, live a day with my hair – fine, thin, slightly fluffy with a wispy effect, and you will LOVE your hair whatever the length.

  • Barbara March, 9 2016, 4:29 / Reply


  • Amélie March, 9 2016, 4:44 / Reply

    Hi Garance !
    Je vous conseille les produits de la Biosthetique. Juste dingues… je bénis ma coiffeuse sur 53 générations pour m’avoir fait découvrir cette marque.
    Belle journée.

  • Très bonne idée de tenter encore une autre coupe, quelle chance d’avoir ce cran.
    Bon je conseille de mal rincer n’importe quel masque ou après shampooing. Mal rincer ça alourdit.
    Mais effectivement tu es bien sur les photos donc… Pourquoi ne pas s’aimer ?

  • Michelle March, 9 2016, 5:29 / Reply

    My hairdresser said that a leave in conditioner was the best product to use on my hair,which looks similar to you.He even said a hand cream could be used,especially when the hair was dry to help calm it down.I like phyto 7 hair cream as it can be used on wet and dry hair.Hope that helps!

  • Daniela Huß March, 9 2016, 7:02 / Reply

    You always look great – but the short haircut was so much cooler

  • Kerry Thompson March, 9 2016, 7:13 / Reply

    I’m growing my hair too and have recently discovered Living Proof. Brilliant range.

  • I’ve just finished growing mine out…and I was all. about. the. bobby. pins.

  • Comme je te comprends! 1/ en rire : http://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseypippin/this-is-what-its-like-to-grow-out-a-pixie-cut

    2/ euh en fait c’est tout.

    J’avais une coupe Pixie il y a un an. Aujourd’hui je ressemble à un Beatles. J’espère toujours que cela ressemblera à quelque chose un jour.

  • Brittany March, 9 2016, 7:28 / Reply

    Let it air dry and go wild! I’d love to have those curls.

  • Screenplay March, 9 2016, 7:50 / Reply

    You have the perfect face for headbands. Skinny black velvet or even fun multicolored ones. Adorable for the springtime!

  • luxberliner March, 9 2016, 7:53 / Reply

    à berlin on t’a trouvée magnifique ! mais petite préférence pour ta coupe courte également.
    steph & sophie

  • T’es trop belle et t’assume toujours plus tes cheveux ! Tu te souviens comme tu n’osais pas nous les montrer avant ? :D

    En tout cas j’ai une super idée : un palmier en haut du crane, années 80 style, avec des chouchous roses fluo autour.

  • Hello Garance !

    J’ai un peu l’impression d’avoir les mêmes cheveux que toi, et j’ai découvert récemment un produit miracle : l’huile de brocoli. J’achète ça à Aroma-zone (il y a une boutique à Odéon, si tu es toujours sur Paris). Il faut en mettre un tout petit peu pour ne pas avoir un effet gras; mais le résultat est incroyable. Ca limite les frisottis, ça alourdit un peu les cheveux fins et ça les gaine et les structure. Bon par contre, ça pue un peu au moment de l’application, mais dès que les cheveux sèchent, on ne sent que l’odeur du shampoing.
    J’espère que ça t’aura aidé ;)

  • No ideas in terms of products. Sorry ;-) But as long as you keep wearing your refreshing smile – nothing can go wrong.
    Every now and then we need a change. That’s the way it is. You’ve carried your short hair style for quite a while now. It suits you perfectly. But that doesn’t mean, that there aren’t any other options. Let it grow. Enjoy it. Don’t get too frustrated or drive yourself crazy. Life is beautiful!

  • Tracey March, 9 2016, 9:16 / Reply

    I looked up Steffy and it’s funny, it’s just the hair that I posted about recently except on model Mica Arganarez, (though she’s grown hers out recently it seems). LOVE that, it reminds me of the hair of certain women I saw when growing up in the 80’s but it’s not tacky 80’s. It would look fantastic on you.

  • TIGI Bedhead Curls Rock Amplifier. Don’t use too much. Diffuse dry.

  • Marcie March, 9 2016, 9:26 / Reply

    This is so cheap, but the only thing that works for me and from your photos it looks like we have similar hair texture:

    I have tried every product, from the terribly expensive to the terribly cheap and this stuff works wonders for weighing down hair, fighting frizz, and creating soft texture. It’s magic.

  • I cut my long-ish hair off right before you did and now, like you, I am struggling as I grow it out. Oddly, the less I mess with it the better. Believe it or not, going to bed and right after I wash it and letting my tresses dry over night is yielding the perfect messy bob I need to get me through this phase. Who knew?!!!!

  • Pour les jours difficiles, le seul truc que j’ai trouvé c’est le BONNET! :D
    Mais je note l’huile de brocolis, merci RYM ^^

  • Kit Crane March, 9 2016, 10:28 / Reply

    I don’t understand why you decided to grow it out in the first place… You’ve been writing about hair angst for years, then had the perfect short cut and seemed over the hair neurosis — now back in the thick of it, no pun intended. Why are you torturing yourself – the short cut was distinctive, grown up, very flattering. Enough already, move on.

  • Hello,

    Tes coupes passent très bien sur les photos en tous cas. Je suis également dans la phase repousse et ce qui m’aide beaucoup c’est une combinaison gel d’aloe vera + produit gras naturel (huile d’argan ou karité ou huile de ricin). Try aromazone à Odeon/Paris ou online. Pour info, c’est d’abord ton sourire et tes yeux pétillants qu’on regarde :)

  • deadwood March, 9 2016, 11:19 / Reply

    J’explorerais la piste des low-poo : http://www.pureology.com/systems/cleansing-conditioners
    Et celle du démêlant qui alourdit et assouplit – toujours chez Pureology – selon la nature de tes cheveux.
    Et sinon, la patience ;)

  • Been there. Done that. As painful as it seems you need to divorce your current stylist. You want a dry cut from a curly/wavy hair specialist — there are many to choose from here in NY. And then you’re mornings are pure heaven — wash in the shower, ONE product only after a gentle towel dry, a couple of hair clips while you let it air dry, a quick finger fluff and VOILA done!! It’s a life-changing experience.

    That said, your hair looks fabulous with a short cut.

  • Kiehls Silk Groom. Put on wet hair and it will weigh it down a bit but your hair won’t look like there is product in it

  • caitlinnoelle March, 9 2016, 12:57 / Reply

    you might try aveda’s be curly co-wash. i have fine long hair that curls at the ends and i use the co-wash with their moisturizing conditioner and it makes my hair SO shiny and clean without drying it out or weighing it down. also i love their dry remedy oil for fighting frizz. good luck in your hair adventure!

  • Le naturel , je n’y ai jamais cru! 30 ans de carré lisse , de franges et de dictact du brushing sur mes cheveux frisés/souples/bouclés et il y a deux mois la révélation! Une coiffeuse basque adorable qui m’a mise en confiance et une coupe dégradée plus tard me voilà pour la première fois de ma vie avec mes cheveux frisés assumés! Je n’en reviens toujours pas. Plus de coiffeur (sauf pour la couleur et la coupe à revoir tous les deux mois) plus de brush deux fois par semaine, séchage naturel, une noisette de crème hydratante qui reforme la boucle sur les cheveux humides et c’est tout! Mais quel bonheur! en fait il s’agit de trouver la bonne coupe pour que les boucles se placent naturellement, les compliments pleuvent, parait que j’ai rajeunie et je vous passe les amies de vingt ans qui pensent que je me suis faite friser les cheveux pour être dans l’air du temps! Alors Garance pas de produit alourdissant, le secret c’est de ne pas sécher complètement les cheveux, la boucle sera plus lourde et confiance en Clyde!

  • Try the Christoph Robin hair masks…genius and deeply nourishing. Next time you are in Paris pop into his salon at Le Meurice, and then a cocktail after at the bar downstairs!

  • Zuzana March, 9 2016, 2:06 / Reply

    Well, I’m growing my hair too…. I’m feeling like I’m never ever gonna have the great hair I once had when cutting my hair short…. I don’t know what to do with it but I have to let it grow…

    I guess I’m gonna cut my fringe :)

  • Wow, it is so amazing how hair changes can be interpreted in so many ways beyond the physical. For me, I’m always changing my hair and it makes me think of this Amy Schumer line: “I feel like I always think ‘oh maybe I’m really beautiful I just haven’t found the right hairstyle,’”

  • Teresa March, 9 2016, 3:34 / Reply

    I believe medium length could be nice, like shoulder length and see how it goes from there. You can also get your hair cut in layers so it doesn’t get puffy, I am thinking about the same for my hair. I like your short hair but you look nice with longer hair too.

  • Julitas March, 9 2016, 5:22 / Reply

    Try Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream, the best product so far for that crazy hair. I recommend it after trying a large amount of products with no success.

  • Dear Garance,

    I def know Some products for you, i am a hairdresser myself so i know what i’m talking about..;-)
    The REDKEN frizz dismiss range is al perfect for you, it will make it a bit heavier and gives looooaaads of shine.
    Styling product Outshine 01 also from REDKEN is a mild milk//lotion that you put on damp and/or dry hair, (best is both) and your hair feels lush…

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands, bisou

  • eveie b March, 9 2016, 6:37 / Reply

    I think your smile and your personality are the perfect compliments to your wonderful growing ‘messy but not too messy and very sassy, not to mention naturally beautiful’ hair! I’d channel cute 1970s boy rocker attitude, hats at will, depending on your outfit and your mood. xo

    HA! but I know what it’s like having a hair challenge ~ said the girl with frizzy, curly in places, not in others, over processed and thinning hair. I am always in search of the perfect long A line shaggy bob with fringe and hoping for good hair days when selfies are in play.

  • laissez les boucles au naturel, tout simplement, c’est ce qu’il y a de plus beau!!!!

  • Anna Z. March, 9 2016, 10:06 / Reply

    Well, I think you look adorable right now! Growing out from a short cut takes FOREVER! The last time I did it, my always straight hair grew in curly thanks to menopause. You probably have an idea of what you want. Be patient & don’t be surprised if you change your mind a few times before you’re happy.

  • I have thick wavy hair, I just chopped is all short after years of long and I love it – and I am thinking of growing my hair out to Steffy Argelich style as well, her hair is killer! I would say embrace the bigness and own it, its simply fun when your hair is different every day. Bobby pins are great, leave in conditioner is great too, I also sometimes make a small french braid with the longest hair on the top of my head, going back on my head until it runs out, then I pin it down at the end, With the sides slicked down and back it is pretty and sleek look. Also, don’t listen to the haters, its your hair , change it as you wish. Thick wavy hair is a true blessing but can also be a struggle, people who don’t have it don’t know!

  • Oh mais que se passe-t-il? ;-((
    Je t’ai vu l’autre jour sur le plateau de LPJ sur canal+ et bien j’ai trouvé qu’il y avait quelque chose de bof dans ta coiffeur, alors est ce justement après ce fameux désépaississement ? et bien dans ce cas arrête ça donne des queues de ras ;-)) j’aime quand tu ne tentes rien et les laisses avec du volume, ou alors repars dans un pays plus humide pour récupérer ce cheveu un peu fou-fou !!!
    Ou encore une dernière option : re-coupe car ca te va supraaaa bien les cheveux courts !!
    Belle journée à toi
    PS : un petit post bientôt sur les prépa du mariage? ;-))

  • A smart pigeon March, 10 2016, 4:37 / Reply

    Comme je te comprends! Je vis moi aussi avec un bonnet et te confirme: désépaissir n’a pas été une bonne option… Armons-nous de patience+

  • Tu es magnifique et souriante…tes cheveux en bataille feront toujours “stylé” sur toi… (et oui je transpire la jalousie ;) )

  • Véronique March, 10 2016, 5:42 / Reply

    ” I want a short haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long …” une chanson des Beatles qui reflète bien notre dilemme !
    “Ah les cheveux, combat éternel entre je veux du court mais pas si court, je veux du long mais super facile à coiffer.
    Tu as de beaux cheveux vivants qui te réserve une surprise chaque matin, moi aussi :-), et je ne sais jamais ce qu’ “ils” vont me faire, je m’y suis faite.
    Mais depuis que j’ai bien freiné les silicones mes cheveux sont plus toniques et surtout quand je mets un après-shampooing j’y vais mollo. Mon préféré et j’ai quasi tout testé c’est Elixir Ultime de Kerastase, l’odeur est super boisée (un peu trop de santal) mais si on met peu c’est le top, les cheveux sont bien gainés.
    Sinon j’aime bien la crème Grooming de Bumble&Bumble, une petite noisette pour discipliner les mèches rebelles, ça sent bon et le tube dure une éternité (et ton homme peut l’utiliser aussi :-))
    Bonne chance avec la repousse !

  • LiliBradshaw March, 10 2016, 6:15 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,
    Ayant les cheveux TRES épais et souples et ayant en même temps que toi essayé le chop (mais j’ai résisté moins longtemps : quel entretien !!), je vois bien le problème… De mon côté, le sérum Global Keratin, alourdissant et anti-frisottis, fait des miracles (ou presque). J’espère qu’il pourra te convenir pour tenir bon pendant cette phase de transition : ça fait du bien de changer de tête ! (et puis quand tu en as marre, le coiffeur n’est jamais loin pour tout recouper ! ;-))
    Courage !

  • know the feeling but you have your mom’s African hair. Be proud of that.

  • pourquoi les commentaires laissés ici ne s’affichent pas?!

  • au naturel Garance, des boucles, tout simplement! C’est le plus beau!

  • Sarah S March, 10 2016, 6:07 / Reply

    I recommend the Hairdresser’s Oil series from Bumble & Bumble, or their new “Curl” line they just came out with. I use the Hairdresser’s Oil before blowing out my hair, on my dry air, and even as a perfume oil! It smells that good :)

  • Why not try a beautiful bandana/small scarf or neckerchief around your head knotted at the back of your neck a la Jackie O in Greece? You’ll feel like you’re on vacation. I see a bunch of stores showing bandanas now. I bet with your waves poking out it would look adorable!

  • You look beautiful as usual :) Always wondered if you had ever tried Phytodefrisant:

  • Pouf!

  • Eggleston March, 12 2016, 6:13 / Reply

    You have to try kiehls cream with silk groom also recommended by others above. It makes your curls look shiny without weighing them down. It’s not greasy in the least bit and I’m very particular about not feeling like I have ‘product’ on my skin or hair. Every time I finish a bottle, I’ll try another cream or serum or oil because I don’t like the look of the bottle/tube – it looks very uninspiring sitting on my vanity but nothing measures up!

  • Un bain d’huile d’avocat, laisser agir une heure ou deux avant de tout laver.

  • It may be worth trying Davines Relaxing Fluid. It makes your hair soft and calms it down a bit. My hair always rebels against styling products by either going flat or frizzy/poufy, but that one strikes the perfect balance.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier March, 14 2016, 2:30 / Reply

    I’m a big fan of Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment (check it out on Sephora) – I use about 5-6 pumps after shampooing and conditioning (also loving Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo) then let my hair air dry for about 30 minutes before I blow-dry it with a series of round brushes. Afterwards, I pump some David Mallett Hair Serum into my hands then just rub it all through my hair to break it up and calm it down. I’m trying to keep my hair about the same length and style as Michelle Williams from those gorgeous Louis Vuitton ads a few years ago. That’s working for me right now in coastal South Carolina — I’ll keep you posted once the serious humidity arrives.

  • Melissa March, 14 2016, 2:56 / Reply

    I see your using Hair Balm. Try Hairstory’s New Wash. It makes your hair so soft. It’s incredible. I’ll never use detergent shampoos again.

  • Hang in there Garance and keep those lovely locks. I’ve let the pixie go years ago and now wear a short layered bob with side bangs. BTW, thinning shears are your worst enemy unless your hairdresser uses the large ones with the 3/4″ teeth apart. Thankfully, I discovered MorrocanOil Hydrate shampoo and the conditioner along with Kerastase Forme Fatale to style. Use boars head round brush. Worth a try.

  • Anna-Claire March, 14 2016, 9:54 / Reply

    I have the same hair (thick, dark brown, very curly)…I use coconut oil, mixed chicks products, and Oribe conditioner. Shampoo once or twice a week. Use a diffuser if I have to dry my hair before leaving the house.

  • No matter how big, your hair is fantastic! I wear my hair short, as well. I think it feels much bigger on our heads than to others looking on:-) You’re always a stunner. xo

  • Growing my curly hair out again too! I had a long bob for a while but it’s at such an awkward length right now. Resisting the urge to chop it off again but wouldn’t trade my curly hair for anything. I tried the Living Proof products recently and the overnight cap works really well.

  • Chere Garance – you do look great (always) but I prefer you with short hair. No offense. I know longer hair is always a little more feminine but boy do you rock short hair and look ‘tres femme’.

  • DulcieT May, 18 2016, 6:01 / Reply

    When I was growing out my pixie cut I would wash my hair and then wear a toboggan hat. I have curly hair so it was a must to flatten it a little. Then I would use the straightening iron on a few spots or tousle it so it wasn’t too flat.

  • Hoi Bing Mo May, 31 2017, 12:56 / Reply

    Lush – Queen Bee

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