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Faris Earrings

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Faris Earrings

My dream in life is to have as many earrings as Esmerelda. I want a ladder of gold hoops climbing up my ears.

Instead, anytime I try to pierce my ears (with gun / needle / gold / stainless, I’ve tried it all), they’ve decided they want to get infected.

So I relegated myself to ear cuffs, but I always thought there is a real lack of interesting ear cuffs on the market UNTIL I learned of Faris Jewelry, by way of Christina’s Unfussy Evening edit.

And now, both myself and Vanessa (who is also a non-pierced partner in crime) can rock cool ear parties like our fellow pierced friends.

And while I have you — if ANYONE, I’m talking ANYONE knows of GOOD clip on hoop earrings I’M ALL EARS (pun very much intended).


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