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Fashion Week Survival Kit

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Fashion Week Survival Kit

They’re here! The shows. It’s officially #NYFW.

So we’ve rounded up what you (and we!) probably definitely need to make it through…

1. Coffee. Lots of it. (Ok, so try to stick to a healthy dose, but it will help you get through some of those long days!)

2. An unlimited subway pass. Forget Uber, there are traffic jams everywhere – time to take to the underground!

3. Chocolate. We admit, this might not be the best week to start a new diet.

4. Mophie. That’s the portable phone charger you’ll need because the only thing that’s certain during fashion week is that your phone battery will definitely die.

5. Deodorant. Spray, natural – whatever you prefer. It’s really hot in New York right now, and you’ll be sandwiched in a crowd of people. Apply liberally.

7. Bandaids. Admit it: fashion week is when everyone wants to bring out those shoes they never really wear (read: fancy), so it’s probable that you’ll get a blister or two… As you run for the subway with coffee in one hand and chocolate in the other… #chic

8. Flats. Put them in your bag for when you run out of bandaids.

9. Water. It’s the spring shows in super hot New York heat. We promise, you’ll be thirsty.

10. A friend. It’s easy to deal with all of the craziness, long days and blistered feet if you have a partner in crime. Plus, the after parties are that much more fun.

Happy fashion week from everyone at the Studio!!!

If you want to follow what we’re doing this fashion week, check out what Garance and we are up to on @garancedore and @studiodore.


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