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Four years ago Tyler and I moved into our little abode on Rivington. We were Cali born and bred and still felt like we were going to a funeral if we wore all black. Looking back on that first year in New York, we must have stuck out like two transplants.

A block away from our apartment was this shoe store called, Feit. We had no idea how to pronounce the store’s name and the shoes in the window were like nothing we’d ever seen before (we both wore vans, mine checkered, his white). We would walk past that store almost daily and wonder aloud, “who buys those shoes? I’m so confused by New York Style!”

About a year into our New York adventure I got a text from Tyler that said, “I finally went into Feit. It’s pronounced fight, not feet, so you owe me twenty bucks.”

I doubt I paid him that twenty bucks.

But four years later it feels real full circle in my New York life to say, I’m in love with Feit.

Feit takes the term “sustainable fashion” to a whole new level. Each pair of their shoes are built entirely by hand from natural materials and produced in limited numbers by master craftsman from around the world.

The founder, Tull Price, founded Feit after he witnessed the waste firsthand from mass manufacturing. Instead he decided to marry old world’s traditional craftsman techniques, with the new world’s want of a streamlined, luxury good.

The runners pictured above are made from a single piece of white leather. There’s no need to wear socks with them and when you hold them it feels like you’re holding art.

If only I could go back four years and tell my twenty-eight-year-old-self how much she has to learn about style.

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