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Film Review : The Martian

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Film Review : The Martian

I love Ridley Scott and I love Matt Damon, so it’s no surprise that I love The Martian.

First off, it’s not a movie about aliens. In fact, zero aliens appear (sorry, spoiler?!!). But it is a film about humanity.

It’s not earth shattering or mind-blowing (or any of those Oscar-deserving adjectives), but it is a beautifully shot, well acted and thought-provoking film. It brought up some questions that I think hit at the heart of what society is now questioning, following the technology revolution: how far will we go to survive? What is the value of human life now? (Well, ok, those were the thoughts that I took away.)

Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is faultlessly left behind on Mars when his crew evacuates during a storm. Somehow he miraculously survives, and then gets to work trying to ensure he survives long enough to be rescued… On a planet where there is no water source, no plant life. 

A little emotional at times, but with a surprising amount of humor and charm. If you see it, make sure you see it in 3D! (I promise, it’s gotten way better and 3D was worth it.) Alongside Damon, the move stars Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig (!!!), Kate Mara, Sean Bean, and Chiwetel Ejiofor (he’s always amazing – remember 12 Years A Slave ?).

Here’s the trailer:


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  • I agree, totally loved this movie! (Even if it put me off eating potatoes for a while… :p )

  • Any movie that makes me cry deserves some brownie points. Matt Damon was amazing – and I’m a sucker for a space movie.

  • The movie is not bad. But the book is EXCELLENT.

  • NEED to read. BRB, going to order it on Amazon now…

  • this movie was so entertaining and enjoyable. Definitely a must-see in theaters!


  • This is another classic the BOOK is WAY BETTER than the movie situation. I read the book and was floored by how Weir constructed the characters, Whatney’s humor (wayy better in the book, again), the trials and tribulations, etc. The movie just didn’t capture the sparkle of the book and I though I love a lot of the actors in the movie, thought it was honestly rather poorly cast. A disappointment.

  • On it !!!

  • Emotional + space movie = tugs at my heartstrings. Oh, plus Matt Damon…

  • I did go see this last night (in 3D) and it was very good. Just as you say– not an Oscar winner or anything but quite beautiful, thought-provoking, and full of humor and good acting. Thanks for the recommendation, Neada!

  • I agree with Aydan. The classic “book so much better”.
    I think it is because there’s a gap for our own imagination when we read a book – that’s a natural and good thing – and it creates expectations about the movie.
    This is the good side of the thing about this movie from my personal point of view.
    The bad and sad thing about it is that , in my opinion, it fails on the big thing on the book: what kind of relationship do you have with yourself ? Maybe it defines the kind of relationship you have with the world and will define the way you will deal with…being accidentally left alone in Mars. I truly think that Watney’s intelligence AND sense of humor – together – saved his life. And made that whole NASA people in the book into better people. Me included, as a reader.
    I think the movie fails totally on that.

  • elen de gasquet October, 30 2015, 4:09 / Reply

    bonjour Garance
    que récoltez vous pour cette critique flatteuse ? ce film est d’une platitude soporifique

  • Greetings from Melbourne! Going to see this today on the opposite side of the planet!

  • This movie is perfection to me!i can’t believe book can be any better.nooo way!cast is amazing for me as well.a m a z i n g,see?!

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