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Fiona Morrison

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Fiona Morrison

Fiona is the designer behind one of our longtime favorite jewelry brands–Wolf Circus. She makes the most perfect gold-plated pieces out of recycled sterling silver and bronze. It’s a woman-run company and everything is hand-made in Vancouver–where Fiona calls home.

Recently, she launched Ok Fine, a fine-jewelry collection of 14k gold pieces. Fiona brings her penchant for minimalism to her love for art deco and renaissance design influences. Fine jewelry for the modern gal–we love it!

On a recent trip to New York, we caught up with her to hear more about her style, her designs, and life up north…


Describe your style in 3 words.

Thrifted, tailored, run-errandable.

What are you wearing and how does it reflect your personal style?

I am wearing a Mr. Larkin top, a Beaufille skirt and my favourite every-day Doc Martens. This is probably the most feminine outfit you will see me in.

My wardrobe is made up of either thrifted finds or some of my favourite small designers – Mr. Larkin and, fellow Canadian, Beaufille being two of them.

I love simple layered pieces when it comes to my jewelry, a few hoops and some stacked rings are my staple pieces I never take off.

Also – I am a fast walker so I can’t be slowed down by uncomfortable footwear.

How has your environment impacted your style?

Vancouver has some amazing thrift shops, I love to hunt for dress pants in the men’s section.

Since this city is also a yoga-pant capitol, I always try and do the opposite, oversized blazers and vintage denim are two staples I love.

Otherwise I wouldn’t say Vancouver has influenced my style, but rather my activity roster – snowboarding, rock climbing and surfing are all so accessible from where I live.


Who/ what are your influences when designing your jewelry?

I am inspired by my grandma’s old jewelry, street style, my friends, confident women, painters, sculptors, architects and mid century modern chairs. Lately I have been really inspired by artists such as Matisse, Miró and Jean Arp along with oversized flowers from the 80’s.

One source of continuous inspiration is how my friends wear and layer their jewelry. My friends and I are always on the go, and creating pieces which can easily be worn during all activities–whether it be snowboarding or rock climbing, to a night out with my friends. I aim to create jewelry that is sustainable and versatile.

What has been your relationship with jewelry throughout your life? It’s such a personal thing…

I never thought too deeply about jewelry until just before starting the brand. I noticed how a few statement pieces of mine (a wolf ring and a bullet shell necklace, circa 2010 ) could start such conversations.

This is what really inspired me to start Wolf Circus, creating wearable yet conversational pieces. Our jewelry is meant to resonate in a personal way with our customers, whether it be igniting a memory with our vintage-inspired shapes or through the details of our unique engravings.

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