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Grooming happens in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has a daily beauty routine for their face, their hair, their body. But, what about the pubic area?? Doesn’t this prized spot deserve some self-care TLC, too?

Since it’s sex month here at the atelier, we thought it prime time to discuss our beauty regimes for this oft-forgotten zone. Whether you’re a Brazilian or a full-bush type of gal, you still want to keep your pubic skin moisturized. This is where Fur comes in. Founded in 2016, Fur is a skin and hair care line that specializes in products for your most sensitive areas, hair or no hair. Their hero product, Fur Oil, “gently softens hair and clears pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin.” Who doesn’t want that?! Why aren’t we talking about this more?? Ingrown hairs suuuck. Let’s normalize having a beauty routine for our pubic areas!!

As you can tell, I’m a bit excited about this. But, in all honesty, Fur is amazing. Not only have I been loving using your products, I also love the inclusivity and diversification of options for women’s bodies that is at the heart of their mission.

So I chatted with Laura Schubert, Co-Founder of Fur, to hear more!

What inspired you to start Fur?
Back in 2014 we were discussing exciting trends in beauty towards natural products and defining your own beauty, and away from prescribed standards. As we talked, we realized available body hair products were not in line with this movement — the ingredients were harsh, the packaging was unsophisticated, and they focused only on removal — hair as a problem. Fur is about a more inclusive definition of beauty, whether you think the bush is back or skin is in. We spent the next two years developing, testing, and officially launched in 2016. Today, we’re still one of the few totally women-run and women-owned businesses in this space.

Talk to me about your hero product. How do you envision women incorporating Fur Oil into their daily beauty/ wellness routines?
Women—and everyone on the gender spectrum—can incorporate Fur Oil into any wellness routine they already have. Fur Oil is one of the incredible products that seems to have endless uses—and that’s in large part because we use incredible, natural ingredients like Jojoba oil and tea tree oil that have endless benefits on hair and skin. Whether you shave, wax, laser, or keep all your hair, Fur Oil moisturizes both skin and hair, as well as keeps pores clean to prevent any irritation or ingrowns. Beyond that, we’ve found that Fur Oil works great as a cuticle oil, a clarifying hair and scalp mask, a bath oil, and even a tattoo aftercare moisturizer.

What is the importance of keeping the pubic area moisturized? And why is this an often overlooked beauty step?
Because the pubic area has been overly sexualized and taboo for so long, people don’t think about it as just another part of your body that you need to take care of. In reality, because the skin around your pubic area is thinner and more delicate, keeping it moisturized is crucial to keeping it from feeling itchy or irritated—especially if your grooming regimen includes hair removal. Making sure that skin is moisturized and clarified means not having to worry about ingrowns, and the annoying itchy feeling that follows.

You launched the brand in 2016. How have you witnessed the conversation around body hair change in the past four years?
When we first told people we wanted to create the first line of pubic hair care and skin care, we were hung up on, laughed at, and told it was a terrible idea. Three years later, we’re in over 300 retailers and are lucky to have a community around us who supports our message and loves our line. We really pride ourselves on having created a space that feels inclusive in large part because we extended the conversation around body hair past just removal, and allowed people to discuss body hair and grooming without judgment. Even now, seeing all these brands out there that are beginning to embrace body hair and body positivity as a message is proof to us that we have successfully created a movement and spurned a trend, which will hopefully end the taboo around pubic hair and body hair.

Instead of categorizing yourselves as a product for shavers, for waxers, or for fans of au naturale, you’ve positioned yourselves as a brand for everyone. In deciding where to place yourselves in the market, why was this rhetoric of choice and inclusion so important?
One of our big missions as a company is to destigmatize body hair by demystifying the process around it. There’s nothing embarrassing about having a grooming regimen, whether that’s waxing, shaving, or yes, leaving your hair be. We don’t want to further the idea that your body hair should follow a particular trend, because that message ultimately alienates people. Body hair and the regimens that surround it is a very personal choice, and everyone’s skin and hair is different. Being inclusive is important to us because it honors that personal decision.

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  • Naydeline February, 20 2019, 8:05 / Reply

    I love this piece! I have heard so many good things about Fur Oil–I’m just itching to get some myself. I love their message around inclusion, and it’s about time we started taking care of our pubic hair as much as we care for our head hair! xx

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