Garance + Phillip Lim!

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Garance + Phillip Lim!

This week Garance is recording a very exciting episode of Pardon My French with the inimitable Phillip Lim. We love incorporating your questions into the episodes (you know, like all the times Garance reads 17 rapid fire questions instead of just stopping after 3??) and want to hear from you this time too!

Send us any and every question you have for Garance and Phillip and we’ll do our best to get them all answered. They can be rapid fire or regular, more open ended questions, they just have to be received by tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4PM EST.

The podcast will be published on our site and on iTunes October 27th.

We look forward to hearing from you!!


Add yours
  • Hi! I have a couple of questions for Phillip ^^
    Rapid fire question : What’s you favourite bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim and why?
    Regular: People often associate “made in china” with low quality,so was there ever doubts about manufacturing in China?Does it make you somewhat proud being asian-american when people tell you that they are surprised about such high quality coming from China?

  • For rapid fire:
    What gives you strength?
    What do you like to do the most for others?
    You, at any age between 5 and 10…pick a moment from that time period and talk about how it still makes you feel good, how it continues to influence you.

    Thank you! I will be at the podcast; excited!

  • Question for you both: How to do you stay healthy while devoting so much time to your jobs? Any wellness tips you can share?

  • Miranda Druga October, 18 2016, 10:35 / Reply

    You are both creative innovators – Garance, pursuing your passion for illustration and becoming a pioneer in the blogging world as a way to share your art. Phillip, you are a thriving leader in today’s contemporary market, marrying street fashion with a polished elegance, and offering luxurious quality at a friendly price point.

    Besides failure (which obviously, you did not fail!), what was your biggest fear launching your respective brands?

    Thank you! I am so excited to see you live tomorrow at the podcast!

  • Miranda Druga October, 19 2016, 9:56 / Reply

    I thought of more. :)

    Do you have a daily mantra you live by?

    What is a trait that matters most to you in others?

    Thank you!

  • Katherine October, 19 2016, 3:33 / Reply

    I love Philip Lim and especially his bags, but I’ll never be able to afford one. Why are nice bags so expensive, and would Philip ever consider doing a line of less expensive ones?

  • ramona radu October, 21 2016, 2:30 / Reply

    Garance, you re such an inspiration. thank you. may i ask why pardon my french is only a podcast? it would be so great to have videos, to see you and your guests. i know all your videos from pardon my french?

  • Ramona, I’m with you here. I love seeing videos so much more. Garance, being a visual artist, built her audience with lots of visuals above all. I love all the people you talk to. Podcasts are stripped of all non verbal communication and that what makes an interview terrific.

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