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Givenchy Face Jewels

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Givenchy Face Jewels

In the nose, ears, on the cheeks, under the eyes…

Riccardo Tisci didn’t go the subtle route with his approach to jewelry this season. Models walked his fall runway with jewelry adorning their faces and ears to execute a strong look that bordered on spectacle. And it seems to be one of the most divisive looks of the season…

Do you love it or hate it? It seems like it’s one or the other – all of us in the studio had a very strong opinion on it, either way.

Photo: Style.com


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  • I love this style on shoots, but when I get a little closer…scares me!
    XOX, Gap.

  • La mode c’est avant tout pour s’amuser je pense mais c’est vrai que les gout et les couleurs.. hum ça ne se discute pas. Mais bon je pense que moins de bijoux aurait été vraiment top la c’est un peu to much!


  • Loved it. Mr Ticci was totally channeling FKA Twigs. Wonderful.

  • Forgive me Mr. Tisci, not Ticci. I really love the look and the collection as well. It is just a more dramatic, hello runway Show, version of what we see everyday in major cities. Facial and body piercing and dramatically styled hair. It is beautiful!

  • Mon Dieu… Je déteste… Entre les bijoux partout sur le visage et ces sortes d’accroches-coeur stylisés plaqués contre le front… Je trouve ça vraiment épouvantable. Mais quelque chose qui malmène autant l’oeil et qui m’inspire autant de rejet, c’est finalement plutôt intéressant. Rien de pire que l’indifférence, paraît-il…

  • Oh hell *uckin’ no… but then again… let’s see where this goes.

  • I can appreciate the style but only in moderation. Perhaps one or two jewels. Anything more than that looks a bit odd.

    :] // ? itsCarmen.com ?

  • Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown March, 10 2015, 1:34 / Reply

    That bull nose ring looks scary!

  • Jennifer March, 10 2015, 2:05 / Reply

    Liked the editorial value but it not love this it came off a little scary up close.

  • Je trouve ça fun et sympa… pour un défilé ;) je ne sais pas pourquoi mais ça me rappelle John Galliano. allez savoir pourquoi.



  • It somehow reminds me of Decora (Harajuku).

  • cool for photos — but I agree with the person above, comes of a bit scary.

    Coachella Giveaway on my blog!


  • It looks like what the Tribes people in Africa and parts of the Americas do. Most people aren’t exposed to it so it’s unusual for most, but quite normal for others. I don’t mind it. It’s beautiful but to each his own.

  • so gross …

  • Looooooove it !!!

  • I don’t like it…at all…

  • Mathilde March, 11 2015, 3:55 / Reply

    J’adore ! Je trouve ça aussi décalé que beau. On voit qu’il s’est amusé, et le fait que ce genre de jeu sur les bijoux de visage ne soit pas si courant (ou réussi) donne envie d’en voir plus !

  • caroline March, 11 2015, 4:49 / Reply

    sublissime ! créatif, pas vu, original, beau, intelligent et tellement dans l’ADN de la marque… je crois que c’est ce que j’ai préféré pendant la fashion week parisienne

  • Zaza of Geneva March, 11 2015, 4:58 / Reply

    Question : sont-ce de vrais piercings (du moins en partie) ou leur a-t-on collé les bijoux sur le visage et les oreilles ?

  • J’adore pas mais je déteste pas non plus (oui bonjour c’est moi la fille qui est toujours entre 2). Quand je vois ça le seul truc qui me vient à l’esprit c’est que le coiffeur a du pinailler pour faire les boucles plaquées ^^

  • I find it very beautiful, exotic and reminiscent of tribal decorations.. I can see how it could surprise some.. but isn’t that what Fashion is all about? Bravo!


  • C’est complètement incroyable !! :)
    Mais je trouve du coup que ça prend le dessus sur le vêtement. On regarde plus le visage que le corps de la mannequin..
    Superbe défilé ;)


  • Ai-Ch'ng March, 11 2015, 7:22 / Reply

    I’m a huge fan of real piercings – ears. lips, nose and most facial one, but this one is just “no” from me… it just looks like stuck on “stickers” – like what we used to do as kids. I like the asymmetry of real pairings – an doha fact that they look like real piercings and quite brutal, almost signifying some sacred event in the pierced person’s life.

    I wanted to say that these are too pretty for me… but it’s not even that they’re “pretty” to me. As my fifteen year old son muttered as he glanced up and saw it, “Mum- that is just weird”.

    So, it must be that in that amongst the team in your office, my reaction is a strong, “non”.

    What did most of your team feel? Would love know, if that’s not prohibited for you to share.

  • Seems like indian women and Dail to me. it seems pretty but i don’t think I’ll ever try it, though!

    and I Love reading your blog, Garance Dore!!

  • J’aime beaucoup cette photo. Même si leurs visages sont littéralement couverts de bijoux, ça reste harmonieux.

  • grandados March, 13 2015, 12:16 / Reply

    Star Wars meets Massai on the runway. Hides wrinkles!

  • As a beauty blogger and art director I am common with unusual beauty styles. I think it’s brilliant! I am also backstage at fashionweeks sometimes and I am so bored by the NUDE look with sleek hair. Always love Givenchy and this just kicked the edge!

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