Glossier Supers

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Glossier Supers

I love everything Glossier makes.

Truly – masks, moisturizers, lipstick, lip GLOSS (a personal favorite). Any product they make, I endorse. Except the Supers. The set of three serums (Bounce, Glow, and Pure), once integrated into my rotating regimen, underwhelmed me, and at times left me feeling nothing but sticky. I wanted so bad to swear by these in the same way I do with everything else I use from the pretty pink brand, especially because they look so cute sitting on my shelf, but they just didn’t do it for me.

Can you agree or am I a total fool who should give these babies another shot?


Add yours
  • Callie Spaide May, 31 2017, 3:16 / Reply

    Totally agree RE the Supers. Found them to be very meh, i.e. not particularly effective. I prefer Paula’s Choice or The Ordinary.

  • Rachel May, 31 2017, 3:21 / Reply

    Ugh SAME. HERE. The super pure serum seemed to work fine, or at least didn’t cause any trouble, but I used bounce for the first time two days ago and suffered the most massive/painful breakout I’ve had in as long as I can remember! HOWEVER, boy brow, the coconut lip balm, and the new Cloud Paint in Puff (I’m a pale blonde) are VIPs in my makeup bag. Long Live Glossier!

  • I actually love the supers!!! I interchange them all….I think the texture is great and they’re a great value for the price :)

  • I also love everything Glossier makes from the quality of the products to the pretty packaging and reasonable prices.
    I do like the serums- my favorite one that I’ll get again is super pure- it helps with redness and feels nice going on. Maybe give it another go?!

  • Give it another shot…maybe lessen amount you use! Have you heard/tried another safer beauty company cled Beautycounter based out of Santa Monica! Safe, high performing products…plus love their social mission!

  • Mary Anne Pangilinan June, 1 2017, 5:17 / Reply

    Totally agree! I live in Australia and I got my cousin from the States to bring them here when she visited. I loved the jelly cleanser and the green mask but the serums were definitely MEH! I have hardly used them and have just bought Drunk Elephant serums which are good but also not the holy grail for me.

  • YES! I 100% agree. I love brow boy, the lip balms, the masks. I was so incredibly exited to try the supers, in reality it is disappointing sticky water. Perhaps they should have made an oil?

  • I have been a long time lover of Glossier products as well! I will forever purchase Boy Brow, Milky Jelly and the masks, but the Supers were a one time purchase. I just didn’t notice any radical change.

  • Whitney June, 1 2017, 11:20 / Reply

    I also agree! I was so excited to try these but they did nothing for my skin. If anything they made my sensitive skin look a little worse :(

  • Hilary June, 2 2017, 9:26 / Reply

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I loved Super Pure and Super Glow. Pure helped with ruddiness and Glow definitely brightened my skin in the am. I use them in conjunction with the Biologique Recherche P50 Original. Super Bounce didn’t do anything noticeably different though. I have tried the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum and the Glossier Super Glow worked better for me. I am trying the Ordinaries right now (Buffet, Retinoid and Hyraluronic) and no dice. I will be restocking my Glossier supply when I am through my Ordinaries.

  • Tracey June, 2 2017, 11:48 / Reply

    100% agree! I love Glossier and was so disappointed with The Supers.

  • Jennifer June, 3 2017, 12:21 / Reply

    Yes, I agree as well! I depend on several Glossier products, especially the balms and the cleanser. I tried the Super Glow serum and the texture was just so watery and absorbed so quickly, it was actually difficult to apply evenly throughout my face. And I didn’t see any effect. But thanks for the honest review and words!

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