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Gold Touch

There are some pretty crazy beauty ideas out there.

It’s been the case for thousands of years (how about the Egytians with their crushed beetles?!), but these days it’s less about weird ingredients and more about the insanely luxurious materials. I’ve been trying out face oils recently in lieu of my standard lightweight moisturizer and came across one with 24K gold flakes. Uhhh, gold flakes? On my face? I mean, I love the color but it does seem a little extravagant for a product you need to use every day…

But I was talking to Brie and she mentioned that gold is a metal that’s pure enough to work in harmony with your body. That’s why tooth fillings are traditionally gold. Interesting, right? Not sure if that’s so necessary for lathering on my face twice a day.

What do you think, is the beauty industry going too far with some of their products??


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  • “elle m’a confirmé que l’or était un des rares métaux qui soient suffisamment purs pour s’harmoniser avec le corps.”
    Cette phrase n’a pas de sens. L’or n’est pas le seul métal pur, il peut être “pur” ou “contaminé”, comme n’importe quel autre métal. Il n’est pas non plus “d’office” pur. L’or est un élément, il peut être mélangé ou être pur, la pureté n’est pas une caractéristique intrinsèque de l’or.
    En fait, ce qu’il faut dire c’est que l’or est très peu réactif: on peut le trouver dans la nature sous forme élémentaire. Cela fait d’ailleurs de l’or un des tout premiers métaux découverts. Comme l’or réagit chimiquement avec extrêmement peu de choses, c’est très pratique de faire des plombages avec ça (ça ne va pas s’éroder, il n’y aura pas de problèmes de toxicité avec des aliments consommés etc.)
    Pour revenir sur la crème, ça ne sert à rien de mettre de l’or sur son visage car il ne va se fixer à rien et ne va réagir avec aucune composante de notre organisme (il fera zéro réaction chimique)! L’or ne “sert à rien” pour l’homme, juste à être joli sur des bijoux ;-)

  • On ne parle pas de plombage en dentisterie mais d’amalgame (pas de plomb dedans) ou d’inlay ou onlay (qui peuvent être en or suivant le métal choisi).

  • @Cécile c’était pour reprendre les termes de l’article :)

  • eve salvail! i haven’t seen her in a while: the girl with the tattooed skull! :)


  • In my opinion, it’s just marketing …

    Here are two “scientific” views on the use of gold nanoparticles in cosmetics and their so-called alleged effects



  • love gold..it’s so beautiful


  • Not sure about effectiveness, but I know the ritual of slathering on anything with gold in it would make me feel 100% like a princess.


  • nanoparticles=bad news

    on gold and the why of gold fillings:
    gold is a mostly inert metal and won’t react with acid or base much, which is why it doesn’t tarnish and, why fillings made of gold don’t taste metallic. (the metallic taste MEANS the metal is breaking down and reacting with acids or bases, example–you can taste iron and aluminum really well in your mouth as these are highly reactive–lots of reactive anions and cations to break these metals down by fluids in your mouth and stomach).
    the ”purity”, as stated in Brie’s explanation, of any metal doesn’t have much to do with it’s reactivity. PURE aluminum IS reactive and so is IMPURE gold–ie green and rose golds that have other metals mixed in for color do tarnish more than pure gold. (pure gold is not very reactive).

    the ”harmony with your body” explanation is nice, but only scientific if you define harmony as non-reactive, or less reactive.

    i know i got all scientific on y’all, but hokus pokus explanations irk me.

  • I absolutely agree with you.

  • Gold flakes sound crazy but sorta fun, why not! Might cost the earth though…

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

  • Seems a little much especially for an everyday type product. But the concept is interesting and I would read more on the benefits of gold in our skin care routines.

  • I think a lot of it is marketing gimmicks, but there are a lot of people out there that want that. You know, when we buy products, we are not just buying the product, we are buying into an emotion or an ideal. I think a lot of people want so bad to prove to themselves that they are luxury or special or better than others. Gold products attract these people.

  • In Japanese great restaurant in Japan you eat Gold..consider to be very healthy…you have Macaroons at Laduree with Gold …
    Yael Guetta

  • Diane de Poitiers ingérait de l’or pour ses soi-disant vertus et elle en est morte. À méditer ;-)

  • I love the idea in itself- it seems very luxurious to be slathering rich cream with gold particles on my skin. I’m not so sure if it works but hey!

  • Hey there! I think gold is something I prefer to reserve for my jewellery than for my face! ;)

    Do others find that beauty products with gold work well? Am curious to know…

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  • J’avais entendu parler des masques visage a base de feuille d’or qui se font dans certains instituts parisiens, et j’avais effectivement trouvé ça assez étrange, mais apparemment ça laisserait un teint incroyable… je reste un peu sceptique, j’avoue !

    xo CarolineJ

  • There is something about this previous generation of models that is just special, they are the “real” supermodels…

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