Graphic Feminism

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Graphic Feminism

I know we’re not meant to talk about political affairs, but….

Graphic tees always get me. Maybe it’s my California upbringing, surrounded by surf brands that plastered logos everywhere, but I’ve never tired of them, really. And who isn’t for women’s voting rights?! Especially when made into a French slogan and put on a shirt!

Plus a few other factors:
A: I love a period film.
B: I love a period film where women get to be real badasses.
C: I love a period film where women get to be real badasses for a movement that changed history.

So yes, just another excuse to sport a graphic tee. This one also happens to support Every Mother Counts

T-Shirt by Clare V.


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  • suffra-gette October, 14 2015, 11:49 / Reply

    Where can supporters purchase this shirt?

  • Just updated to the direct link! :)

  • Graphic t-shirts are nostalgic and youthful, no doubt.


  • I love a graphic tee too. Especially one that reminds young women like yourself that feminism is still alive, well, and very much needed. I’m in!

  • I’m a graphic tee fan and this one is really cute

    Ray-Ban Giveaway on my blog!


  • LOVE IT! Awesome find, Brie!

  • Caroline October, 15 2015, 8:44 / Reply

    For once, I like the message on the t-shirt… But 99 dollars? For cotton? I’ll use one of my Petit Bateau t-shirts instead and write a message on it.

  • Carina del Valle Schorske October, 15 2015, 12:42 / Reply

    I like this shirt *much* better than the other one I’ve seen the stars wearing to promote this film: “I’d Rather Be A Rebel Than A Slave.” This may be a quote from suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, but it’s totally tone-deaf to the fact that many white suffragettes in the UK and the US–including Susan B. Anthony!–actively opposed abolition, suffrage, and/or equal rights for black people. Oh, you’d rather be a rebel than a slave? Cool. Some people didn’t have the luxury of that choice. But regardless of the shirt, it still makes me feel mad/sad/militant to see an inspiring movie about an important social justice movement ignore the contributions of people of color, both as organizers and also as would-be organizers who were excluded. I saw this trailer in theaters along with two other trailers that had almost exactly the same problem: Stonewall and Our Brand Is Crisis.

  • Completely agree.
    Thank you for expressing it so eloquently!

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