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G’s Netflix List

I’m kind of becoming a TV series pro.

I don’t want to spend my whole life watching shows, so I’m super careful and selective, and now without even wanting to, I’ve become the go-to person for my friends:

“What should I watch tonight?”

If you need more proof, the team at the Studio said to me: “Garance, you wouldn’t want to write us some minis about your favorite shows?”

Well, I say that’s a big responsibility. I have my own particular tastes and I’m well aware of that. For example, I never really got into Girls, I find the plots in Scandal to be really cheesy and I never finished Mad Men even though I would have loved to love it.

Actually, I should ALSO write about series I don’t like, just for fun.

But today, I want to talk to you about two series I love and that I find to be bizarrely parallel because they both talk about faith: The Young Pope and The OA.

It’s hard to talk about The OA without revealing too much (gaaaah I knew my new series mission was going to be a pain!) but imagine an atmosphere like Stranger Things, a detective story with science and spirituality mixed in, and a love story, all carried by a super “stylish without trying” Britt Marling in Walmart grunge mode. Exciting, right? Described that way, maybe not so much. Just trust me. Haha.

The other series is easier to describe. The Young Pope is the story of a super stubborn pope, played by a “sexy and I know it” Jude Law in his cassock.

It’s kind of a strange series, it’s magnificently filmed (with the Vatican in the background), but annoying sometimes (the director takes a lot of liberties) and it also makes us question our sense of reality.

What I like is that it’s different from anything else I’ve seen recently. And also Jude Law.

Ok next time I’ll talk to you about Black Mirror. Kisses and don’t forget to get away from your screens once in a while!

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  • loving the young pope! smart, fantastical, beautiful, funny and touching at times… his speech from the last episode that took place in africa i found to be really beautiful and inspiring!

  • I also loved the OA! The only part that irritated me was that she spent a number of years in the basement and her hair remained white blonde, and then in the scenes after her escape she has regrowth? I mean come on, c’est impossible!

  • Should have definitely talked about Black Mirror!Or need to make that post happen sooner, Garance!

  • Ça me rassure de voir que je ne suis pas la seule à n’avoir pas fini Madmen. Dexter non plus d’ailleurs je ne suis pas allée jusqu’au bout. Et pour Girls et Scandal je partage an peu près ton opinion. Par contre va savoir pourquoi je suis accrochée an Grey’s Anatomy. Sentimentalisme t on va dire.
    The OA j’ai trop trop kiffé aussi. Je l’ai enfile’ comme ça. Black mirror en cours, mais comme je regarde avec mon mec ça prend plus de temps, il n’est pas trop série (et des fois je préfère regarder les miennes j’avoue)…
    The Young Pope je ne sais pas s’il passe sur Netflix France mais je suis bien tentée aussi…

  • The Crown.

    That’s all I can say – it has it all.
    Passion, intrigue, style, jewels, make up, music……sigh.
    Going into serious withdrawel waiting for the next season to start.

  • I like the Crown too. The costumes, are amazing!!!

  • Also one of the best series out there! From sceneries to intrigue, amazing :)

  • The Crown! While I haven’t seen OA or The Young Pope (might have to check out Pope as people keep suggesting it to me!) gotta say The Crown has superb acting, directing, art direction, sets and OF COURSE the costumes. And I’m really picky. When people suggest shows, I always ask, “Is it as good as Sherlock?” With food, it’s “Is it as good as Gjusta?” Lol.

  • Kinga Binkowska February, 14 2017, 2:55 / Reply

    Garance, can we love you even more! Young Pope, the OA and Black Mirror are my 3 favorite shows at the moment. Funny enough, I talked to many people about them (I work as a screener for a film festival, which means I talk a lot about movies for life haha) and not everyone finds them as mind blowing as I do (I especially love Black Mirror, I literally need to take a break after each episode to think about it. My high school teachers would be so proud hah). I feel like all those 3 shows resonate with people that look for something “more” and deeper (not to sound to cheesy) and they make us think about our purpose on earth and our spirituality. Not being religious per se, I was really surprised how I was moved by the scene from the Young Pope, where Jude Law gives the speech at the desert in Africa (that soundtrack!). Anyways, could talk about those shows for hours.
    x, Kinga

    ps. Also I’m a big fan of Brit Marling! Maybe an interview with her on the blog? :-)

  • Mouais, pas franchement accroche a the OA…Au bout de trois episodes je me suis ennuyee. J’aurais du choisir Jude Law, ca a l’air plus drole et au moins je me serais rincee l’oeil !

  • Cristiana February, 15 2017, 2:01 / Reply

    Call My Agent (Dix pour Cent)!

  • Both series are amazing! And I agree, they’re not like anything that is out there. Dtill they can be super captivating! Another one that I started watching and thought the same was Fargo. Although this wasn’t as intriguinguing as the other two, at least for me, it’s also a good one :)

  • Non mais Mad Men c’est trop bien!! Ok il y a quelques longueurs mais je trouve que tout est bien dans cette série : la photo, les costumes, le décor et les acteurs. Après Girls idem.

    Je vais regarder Jude Law (the Young Pope) je voulais dire.

    Et j’attends avec impatience la nouvelle saison de dix pour cent. D’ailleurs, en principe, j’attends que la série soit terminée pour la regarder. C’est trop dur d’attendre.

  • Now I’m intrigued, so I’ll try watching The Young Pope. Much like yourself, I could not get into Girls, and as much as I loved Madmen, I couldn’t finish it either! But I have to say, I love Scandal. I’m inspired by a strong, kick-ass female lead character. Many of the female leads in Shonda Rhimes’ TV series (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, HTGAWM) are powerful women; they’re groundbreaking characters who reflect both cultural diversity and diversity in sexual orientation. Scandal has virtually blown away the boy’s club myth that a black female lead can carry a successful TV show. So although Scandal may be a little ‘over the top’, I absolutely love sitting down with my glass of wine and popcorn, and getting lost in the crazy plot twists. But as you mentioned, we each have our particular tastes, so I totally understand that what’s cheesy to one person, can be another’s guilty pleasure.

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