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Hair Repair

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Hair Repair

In winter, hair dries out. It’s the polar opposite of the humidity of summer, but the cold is just as damaging. And a little less fun, in my opinion.

It’s the season of split ends… and hat hair. Those, combined with a cold, red nose are not the best look (at least on most people, and definitely on me)! So, I’ve been looking into ways to treat damaged hair. Since it’s only just the beginning of winter, I figure it’s best to find something now. That’s when I started asking people about hair masks and special overnight treatments. It’s a territory that our Studio hasn’t really ventured into before, so I decided to give it a go.

First step, was to turn up the heat at home (uh, yeah, it’s super cold out there)… then take a nice warm shower, shampooing and conditioning as normal. Then, after a towel dry, lather a good amount of hair repair onto the hair, avoiding the roots… leaving in overnight. Option to wrap in a scarf or clingwrap if needed (but I skipped this one).

And the result? It totally worked! My hair is looking a whole lot healthier and shinier, despite the cold…

Have you ever tried a hair mask? Did it work for you?? Is this something I should be using regularly, even when it’s not cold?

Hair Repair, Sachajuan.


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  • Yes I do wear hair marks, like all the time. You know the best one? Apple cider vinegar … I promise. Put it into your hair after conditioning it (or just after the shampoo); leave it in for several minutes, then rinse it out. Promise it works.
    Hope great emerging designers from all around the world in one place!

  • ditto on apple cider vinegar. also try olive oil+lemon+egg yolk, works better than any product you can possibly buy, and believe me I’ve tried hundreds (cheap and expensive):)

  • My weekly ritual too. Olive oil + egg yolk, I leave at least 30 minutes. Shampoo, conditioner, and then apple cider vinegar. One last rinse and towel dry.

  • I did try vinegar ..and it works perfectly..
    i love” Le Rituel “This very precious oil for hair can be used every day a great great product by Colore par Rodolphe Paris.
    Yael Guetta

  • Apple cider vinegar does the trick!

  • I only DIY my hair masks, it’s so goopy and fun (being serious). Honey is lovely, and so is coconut oil for a bit.


  • Hello :)

    Le meilleur soin pour les cheveux c’est l’huile de noix de coco, on la trouve dans des magasins bio sous forme solide, il suffit juste de la réchauffer un peu et de l’appliquer sur les cheveux.
    On peut là laisser poser une nuit entière ou simplement une ou deux heure avant le shampoing (il faut le faire au moins deux fois pour enlever toute l’huile), les cheveux sont brillant et complétement réparés !! C’est le meilleur soins naturel sur le long terme, et même avec mes colorations régulières mes cheveux sont impeccables!! :)

  • J’adore Sacha Juan, mais pour leur ocean mist qui est à tomber !

  • oooooo I am gonna need this!!

  • The Sachajuan Overnight hair repair is the absolutely best product!! I cannot go back to anything else. I live in Sweden and the winters are cold and dry. Really dry….and I have fine, flat, flyaway hair that just loves to get static electricity – but the Sachajuan hair repair really takes care of that.

    And I also swear by the Sachajuan dry schampoo – it is just the perfect amount of hold to it to use it every day. And it comes in brown as well, for us non-blondes. :-) When I want super volume I use the Osis + dust powder. But for everyday use, the Sachajuan beats the rest of them (and God knows I have tried all of them!).

  • Coconut oil on dry hair for at least 8h (it’s the only product I know for which people have actually been able to prove it penetrates the hair, if left on it for this long), once a week. Best overnight, but some people don’t like washing their hair in the morning. I don’t use pure coconut oil, I have a bottle of a mix of oils that includes it, and I use it for my skin and as a massage oil as well :)
    I have long, curly hair with dry ends and not so oily scalp, for reference, and I do this once a week year round, and after washing it I also use a hair butter (from The Body Shop), so that my curls don’t suffer too much from the harsh shampoo it takes to get the oil off (I rarely use shampoo)…

  • I love the Kerastase line. I use a overnight treatment once a week. It’s like a cream I just brush through and rinse out the next morning. I also use a conditioning mask once a week. Put it in while in the shower wait as long as possible and rinse out. Both help make my hair stronger and shiny. Love them.

    In the Summer I use the conditioning mask before heading to the beach. I leave it in all day and it bakes in the sun and when I wash it out at the end of the day my hair feels amazing.

  • I slather my dry hair and scalp with coconut oil and leave it on while I take a bath. In the shower afterwards, I shampoo and condition as usual and then finish it all of with a water and apple cider vinegar rinse (4:1) and then rinse again. It’s a treat for my hair and keeps my scalp from getting flaky.

  • Coucou Neada !
    Alors justement il faut éviter l’eau bien chaude quand tu as les cheveux secs (comme moi) !
    J’ai appris que ça les-asséchait encore plus et qu’il fallait donc mieux faire à l’eau le plus froide possible (dur dur en plein hiver…).

  • I use almond oil.. I was told it’s great for blondes, and that it helps improve brain power. For years I used plain coconut oil, but switched, and I even featured it in my new book as a healthy DIY rescue. I put it on before washing, and leave on for as long as I can, usually an hour or so. It works!

  • This product, like many others from Sachajuan, contains silicone (Dimethicone) as one of the main ingredients. This is why your hair felt so amazing after one night of treatment. It’s also why over time you will see MORE dryness and split ends – in the long term, silicone is incredibly damaging to hair, and as it dries out, you’ll want to keep using more and more to get the same effect. I would try something like coconut oil instead, or else use this very, very infrequently.

  • En ce moment je suis dans ma période naturelle et je teste l huile de coco mélangée a l huile de ricin…verdict d ici quelque temps mais pour l instant c est pas mal du tout…

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