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Update: Hangout!

9 years ago by

Hey guys! It’s just about time to hang out!! We will be doing two Google+ Hangouts, the first one at 12pm EST and the second at 12:45pm EST.

The first will focus on getting started in your career and staying motivated. The second will talk about changing careers and finding balance! If you can’t join us now, the Hangouts will be broadcast on our YouTube page (French subtitles will follow shortly after!).

Click here to watch our first session !

Click here to watch our second Hangout session live!

We hope you will tune in!! And thank you again for submitting so many great questions!!

xx Garance


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  • can’t wait! xoxo

  • Caroline June, 6 2013, 10:02 / Reply

    Hi! Can we listen in on the hangout today even if we haven’t submitted a question?

  • Hi Caroline! You can tune in — we will be posting a link to the live stream around 11AM EST, and we will be putting the entire hangout video up on YouTube afterwards! – Christiana

  • Hi! the ones who our question was chosen, when will we be getting the mail for joining the hang out?

  • This is such a cool idea! I’m in the process of figuring out what career path I will be happy in, since my current one isn’t making me happy…so this is great advice to hear, whether you are graduating college, or you’re looking to make a change!

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  • Loving this Hangout! Great questions and great advice. Also love seeing your work space : ) Can’t wait for more!


  • Love it, too!! Looking forward to the next one, it should start any minute now! xx

  • Can’t thank you enough for doing this Garance- i’m a student currently unsure of what i want to do with my life (and i have an interview at a magazine next week, eek!) so your advice on careers, interns and interview etiquette helped a huge amount! Xx

  • melodie June, 6 2013, 1:47 / Reply

    Thank you Garance for the hangout! I had a crush on your rings! Where did you find them? xxx

  • Melodie June, 6 2013, 2:23 / Reply

    Oh yes, I wondered whether they were the same that you posted. Elles rockent a mort! Merci encore, c’etait trop cool! xxx

  • Nysgonzalez June, 6 2013, 8:20 / Reply

    Tried to join in but my google hangout app posted an error message every time. (I wore makeup and everything :-)). Still very grateful and maybe the technology gods will cooperate next time!

  • Quelle bonne idée!! :) je t’avoue que je suis en train de déserter les réseaux sociaux comme Facebook ou Twitter au profit de Google +

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