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Heart Phone Break

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<Strike>Heart</strike> Phone Break

My phone is on the brink of death.

It might be that it’s overworked (an average of 8 apps in use at all times!), and that I’m careless (I’ve dropped it about 6,372,892 times), or maybe I just need an upgrade (yeah, I’m on a 5S)(it’s basically vintage now, right?)… And it’s making my life seriously complicated.

I mean, I’ve really really recognized how I’m tied to my phone now that it’s slowing zoning out on me. Welcome back to 2003 when all phones are good for are calls, texts, and Snake II. Oh, and forget texting. My emails are down too. (Lucky Instagram’s still going, and Two Dots haha.)

It’s a good test in how life is without a phone, but I feel like I’ve made little progress in shutting the technology down since I started trying to do that earlier this year. But it does make life simpler – I know my phone can’t give me so many distractions, so I’m barely looking at it. Taking the time to sit at my computer makes my emails far more efficient and better scripted. Some pros to level out the cons!

How have you handled a phone dying in the past? And who can recommend the best kind of iPhone 6 for me to buy tomorrow? ;)


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  • omg I’m so sorry! that’s so annoying — just get one with lots of memory!


  • phones and gadgets in general are designed to die as soon as the new model is launched. it’s called planned obsolence…


  • Get an iPhone 6 with 128 GB memory. Get a screen protector and a gummy case to ease the many falls..and don’t leave your cam app open – this is what drains your battery…

  • Time to preorder the new one they released. Think you may like it.

  • Hi dear! My phone also is on the brink of death. I have the Iphone 5 and I’ll buy the Iphone 6 plus. My friends recommended me. Like you I spend many hours connected to the phone. Ah, my friends told me that the battery lasts much.

    xx, My phone is on the brink of death.


  • oh my gosh I am completely addicted to Two Dots. It’s embarrassing. But so good right?

  • Charikleia September, 10 2015, 2:57 / Reply

    I hate having to pay for phone devices. I do not own an iphone, I am not crazy for all those apps, I use them rarely. I just got a windows phone, given to me by the telecom company as an offer for renewing my contract. Pretty cool huh?

    This aside, I also hate it when the phone starts to die on me. Apart from calling and texting I use it both for work and pleasure, emails, surfing the net etc., so it is rather indispensable.

    P.S. My moto is “why buy an iphone when you can buy shoes?!”

  • Moi aussi j’ai un 5S, mais bon, il fonctionne très bien, malgré sa mémoire saturée.
    xo xo from Paris

  • After being frustrated with a slow operating system (I used to own a Blackberry Bold!) I just accepted that it was the way it was and then upgraded when the time came. Good luck!

  • So coincidental, my iPhone 6 arrived yesterday. It’s sitting next to me on the couch still dead, because I am emotionally attached to and unable to let go of my iPhone 5, which has run out of storage and no longer gets through the day without a recharge somewhere.
    Could someone please tell me how to get the photos off my iphone 5 onto my computer (without the cloud, and without changing anything else) ? I’d love that.

    I got a white and silver 128 GB iphone 6; it goes with my minimalist black, white and white metal nature. I’m not sure what the technical name is for that ;). The iphone 6 plus just looks too huge.

  • Do you have a MacBook/iMac? If so, just open iPhoto and import your photos. If you want to, you can make a back-up of your iPhone 5 in iTunes and put the back-up on your iPhone 6 when installing it, all your pictures will be on your new phone and all your messages and apps too!

  • Oh, you might just wait one more week to buy the new Iphone that just launched last night! On the other hand take care with this Iphone 6 design, as it sucks for the camera… It’s not aligned with the back of the phone and therefore it’s very fragile… On the other hand, I believe we became way too dependant on technology, it eases our lives, but at the same time it kinda destroys it. I cannot even find time to read a book, there’s too much new feed on Instagram! lol


  • My last phone gave me a bunch of trouble at the end. I ended up with an iPhone 6 basic style.
    good luck!

  • Sorry to hear about the phone, though honestly, I can imagine how peaceful it feels without having it for a while. I hate mine with passion. Yes, it’s useful, but can be a real distraction. x

  • J’ai mon iPhone 4 depuis 2010 et le bouton du milieu ne fonctionne plus. Grâce à un copain hyper techno j’ai réussi à trouver le assistive touch qui me permet d’avoir le bouton du milieu à même l’écran. J’ai bien envie d’avoir un nouveau téléphone mais je suis sentimentalement attachée à mes 1000000 photos de jeux avec mes soeurs et mes app qui prennent du temps à ouvrir. Je réalise qu’iPhone joue bcp sur l’obsolescence programmée. Techniquement je devrais être rendu au iPhone 6 mais 5 ans plus tard j’ai toujours le même téléphone qui fonctionne plutôt bien. Et @CHARIKLEIA le dit très bien: je déteste payer pour un téléphone (j’ai gagné mon iPhone lorsqu’il venait tout juste de sortir) pourquoi payer quand ce que j’ai fait l’affaire?

    Bonne chance!

  • Get the new iphone 6S and trade yours in and buy a durable and resistant cover.

  • I broke my iPhone a month ago. I had a little dramatic moment in which my perfectly fine iPhone 6 just flew to the other side of the room. I was at the Apple Store within an hour and within two hours I had bought myself a new one, I just can’t exist without my iPhone (seriously!!!). I have the iPhone 6 with 64GB. If you can still work with your phone I would wait two weeks though, the new iPhone 6S looks even better and will be the same price as the 6.

  • How about buying an Android phone like Samsung or Ericsson? They have a lot more features, doesn’t break down easily, better pixels and cameras, overall better than these overexpensive and overrated Iphones.

  • I’ve been resisting a new phone forever. Costs aside, it bothers me that such an expensive piece of equipment that gets used so much and is “integral” to modern life should not last longer than 1.5-2 years! I’m still on a 16gb 4S, was almost ready to bite the bullet last month because my camera stopped working completely and the battery has been shot for a year. (if there’s one reason to convince corporations and governments alike to pour more money into scientific research it’s battery storage!) Instead, I opted to spend $50 and replaced the battery and camera myself through parts purchased at iFixit.com (they provide step-by-step guides, too) and within an hour my 4s was like new again. I just make sure I synch at least once a week to download photos, etc, and my phone acts as it should. Try it!

  • So pretty much everyone in the comments is talking about how crap their slightly old iPhones are and yet you all just want the next model of iPhone? Why not try a different brand and get something that will work better and actually last? I seriously don’t get the Apple love when there are products that look just as good, have better cameras, better batteries, and don’t start dying just because a new model has come out.

  • Hi Neada! I’m a bit behind on my blog reading here, but I was just curious did you end up getting a new phone and what did you buy? My 5S was on the fritz too (but that could be because I dropped it in a pool–and yes it still survived that!). Thinking about getting the 6S but I was just wondering what you decided on :)

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