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Heath Ceramics

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Heath Ceramics


That’s me, having a Heath Ceramics-gasm. Yes, it’s possible for pottery to get you off! Do you know about Heath Ceramics? The brand was founded in San Francisco in 1948 by a husband and wife team and they make the most beautiful, functional, simple ceramics here in the United States.

Josh and I were in LA just a couple of days after we got engaged and we ran to the Heath store to immediately ask them how we can register for their pieces.

I was so excited to have the woman at the store walk me through the collections (they have a special one with Alice Waters for Chez Panisse!), the beautiful color glazes (simple neutrals and rich blues and terra-cotta colors), all of the pretty objets (a bowl that doubles as a cake stand! Oh my!). In a moment where we’re thinking a lot about classic, lasting pieces in our wardrobes, I think that extends to the home and having pieces in our kitchen that feel timeless and simple. And I love to support an American brand that’s been around for so long and was one of the first to think about firing practices that could help save energy. I’m hoping to visit their factory in Sausalito next time I’m in Northern California (Just imagine the gasms from that trip…woof).


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  • Heath Ceramics is amazing! It’s one of the most beautiful shop in the world!

  • Emily I got married last year and and really struggled with how to handle the whole registry thing. We had lived together for years already and had a lot of household stuff but I decided that getting married warranted getting some forever dishes so I searched high and low and researched companies before deciding on Heath as well! I love their beautiful dishes and their company ethics and it felt like the right kind of splurge. Congrats on your engagement!

  • Hey Lea,
    I totally agree! Their pieces are so beautiful, and again truly timeless! I’m glad to hear you felt the same and went for it too!
    x Emily

  • I bought a Heath bud vase a couple of years ago and LOVE it! Here’s my most recent arrangement (not sure if this will work):

  • I do like Heath ceramics but lately have really like Mirena Kim’s work
    Spent her life in design and fashion and now totally doing her own thing. Really good and a great person.

  • I, too, am a Heath fan and own several pieces from them. We toured the factory in Sausalito and were amazed that even though the stuff is “mass produced,” the human hand is required for every piece.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira February, 10 2017, 5:44 / Reply

    Guaranteed Success in any dinner party , for sure ! Amazing pieces on their website, Amazing!!! A Lot of boho influences, very , very cool !

  • My dining plates are from Heath and they are also super easy, not fragile and great for everyday use. Between zero waste, ethical companies like Patagonia or beautiful objects like Heath ceramics, it feels like the “Garance Dore” team is reading my mind

  • Melissa Baldino February, 10 2017, 3:43 / Reply

    We love HEATH! Use them on our cooking show!

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