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Heather Day

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Heather Day

One of my favorite movie quotes is from Mr. and Mrs. Smith when Angelina Jolie’s character learns the truth about what her husband majored in at college.

John Smith: I never went to MIT. Notre Dame. Art history major.
Jane Smith: Art?
John Smith: History! It’s reputable.

I die every time. Mainly because I was an art history major and can relate on every level. To make matters worse, my concentration was modern art. So the kind of art that people like to claim their kid could have made. I’d love to see your five-year-old revolutionize the contemporary art scene before they’re old enough to know not to eat dirt.

When I declared my major my stepdad declared it was a useless major. So I asked him what he majored in. History.

Hmmm. They sound very similar to me. And I suspect he was taught a lot about white men and their accomplishments were put on figurative pedestal. Same here except their accomplishments were put on a literal pedestal.

So while I’m scared what lasting impact social media will have on our society (I’m currently debating about opting out of it — anyone else feel me?), I am glad it’s given a platform and voice to more female artists.

One particular female artist I can’t get enough of is San Francisco based Heather Day. She’s an abstract painter who takes her inspiration from nature. The soothing colors mixed with her lyrical strokes are as hypnotic and meditative to me as staring out at the ocean.

Living in New York, nature and I don’t see each other a lot. So I’m a huge devotee of Heather’s Insta feed and one day I hope my bank account will allow me to purchase one of her works to hang in my apartment so I can bring some of nature’s magic into the city. (also her studio has me wishing I was a painter just for the studio!)

To hear more about Heather’s inspiration, and little behind the scenes peak at her process, I highly recommend this video. All those redwoods will soothe the Monday blues!


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  • Merci pour cette vidéo, une vraie bouffée d’air frais ! J’ai moi aussi étudié l’histoire de l’art, filière art moderne et contemporain… ça m’a apporté tellement… tellement !

  • Kristin Gaudio Endsley March, 22 2018, 5:43 / Reply

    THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Its so wonderful to see you supporting/showcasing the visual arts. Im an artist, and Im blown away by Heather Day’s career and work.

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