Hellen’s Bath Brews

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Hellen’s Bath Brews

How delicious does a “bath brew” sound? I’m not even that much of a fan of a bath because I’ve never mastered the art. How long am I supposed to be in there for? I can’t use my phone, but also my books and magazines get wet. I get cold and bored, the whole thing becomes more stressful than any stress it was even trying to relieve in the first place.

BUT if someone were to create a “bath brew” for me, i.e. curate the whole experience for me — now I’m intrigued.

And that’s exactly what Hellen, a New York based wellness practitioner, has done with her collection of Bath Brews. Each brew is created with a specific intention, whether that intention is to open your heart to love or to feel a better sense of grounding at the end of a long day, or to even break through a creative problem — Hellen has got a brew for that.

The best part is that each brew comes with a customized set of sounds for you to play during your bath. The customized music is timed for the perfect length of a bath, so you can sit back and relax and when the music stops, you know it’s time to get out of the bath.

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  • This sounds divine. I love taking hot baths and love the whole idea of this. Bath salts, music, candles and the whole works! I stay for at least 30 minutes (I’ve stayed much longer and had a very bad reaction in my ummm region lol) so now I vow never to stay over 30 minutes with the salts. That bath brew sounds great and will definitely look it up for my next hot bath! Thanks for sharing Veronica.

  • I love this idea! I do take baths every once in a while, usually timing with a new or full moon, and the length of the bath is always an issue. Have I cleared my chakras yet?!?! ?

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