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Hermès, NY

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Hermès, NY

The news of Hermès opening its first parfumerie here in NY has had us thinking…

So, first, we’re really excited to be within walking distance of all of the beautiful scents and, second, we’re super excited that the parfumerie will contain the full library of Hermès fragrances — in all of their forms, from body perfumes to candles and those beautiful and ornamental scented origami horses. Plus (yes, there’s more!) there will be one candle exclusive to the store… Inspired by the smell of a local bodega! 

Surprising, but also surprisingly cool. A true ode to NY.

But if you could have Hermès design any scent, what would it be?


Add yours
  • Oh this is very cool. I love Jour d’Hermès, it’s so pretty and light. I have this deluded fantasy that if I spray all that pretty and light on my thighs, they’ll follow suit. I also find that any Hermès fragrance I wear, involves being chased by bees. The bees in my hood clearly have wonderful taste.

  • Sara de August, 6 2015, 6:52 / Reply

    I’m also a huge fan of Hermes fragrances <3 Boston is only a short road trip away!

  • I would love a vanilla but almost musky scent — very unisex

  • I do love “Terre”, a very good men perfume

  • …. So…. a TERRE for women?

  • Mais nous n’avons pas çà encore à Paris !J’ai longtemps porté “Un jardin en Méditerranée”, pour son sillage ensoleillé, fleurant bon le figuier. Hermès a le grand avantage d’avoir un vrai nez donc de lancer des parfums de très bonne qualité. Les Hermessences constituent également une collection de senteurs exceptionnelles et originales, uniquement distribués dans leurs magasins.

  • SassyinDC August, 7 2015, 2:39 / Reply

    Rose Ikabana (summer) and Iris Ukiyoe (spring)

  • Jane l'idée d'un parfum August, 8 2015, 4:08 / Reply

    “Si vous pouviez demander à Hermès de créer un parfum pour vous, lequel ce serait ?” : l’odeur d’un matin d’hiver glacial très très tôt, sur les coups de 6 H du mat’, quand je rentre dans l’écurie encore endormie et que je commence à distribuer le foin et les grains.
    Hermès devrait pouvoir me faire ça, non ?

  • The very best scent is Osmanthe Yunnan, its from Ellena of Hermes, one of the best noses of the parfumerie industry….
    The scent hast a slight hint of the Asian Osmanthus flower and Yunnan tea,…. beautifully combined with a hint of apricot and leather ….the Osmanthus flower is from the Garden of the forbidden City in Bejing and the parfume is one of the iconic creations of Hermes in the Parfumery World.

  • I think a few of their fragrances can be unisex. I looove the Voyage because it’s not girly at all, but not overly masculine either.

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