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Hey Mickey

Rock n’ Roll

There aren’t a ton of rock photos from the 70s so chances are that most of the ones you know are by Mick Rock.

His images have transcended time and generations. I only know that one Givenchy blazer was based on a jacket David Bowie wore in 1973 because of Mick’s photo, you know, this one.

I had the chance to take a tour of his new exhibition with the man himself before it opens in New York where he told us the stories behind a few of the images.

“He wanted a bit of that Mick Jagger notoriety” – on Rod Stewart wanting the images published from a rowdy night Mick Rock captured. Rock’s response “No, I’ll keep them for 80 years …”

Mick Rock

On Iggy Pop and the back bend: “That’s about the most rock and roll picture. He couldn’t do that now.”

Mick Rock Iggy Pop

On David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed: “I used to call this one the terrible trio – but now I call it the unholy truth.”

Mick Rock Bowie Iggy Pop Lou Reed

You can almost imagine being there. And the truth is, nobody else was there to take those photos, if Mick hadn’t gotten them they wouldn’t exist. Thanks Mick for transporting us to a time when musicians styled themselves and selfie’s didn’t exist.

‘EXPOSED’ , Mick Rock at Sumo Gallery, On now through October 19th | Tues-Sun | 11am-7pm. 37 Walker St, New York, NY 10013


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