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Hide & Seek

Do you ever imagine yourself invisible?

Not as quite literally as the invisibility cloak, but more when you put a pair of sunglasses on, you almost forget that everyone can still see you?

I do this. Often. I leave my house, put on my shades (which are not giant oversized black glasses you may have spotted on Paris Hilton in the earls 00’s – but rather an equally as noticeable pair of clear rimmed-pink lensed oval shaped glasses) with the thought that JUST by putting them on, no one will notice me. It’s strange right?

Sure, I’m hiding my eyes – but everyone, from the stranger getting his coffee to the person I’m trying to not to see, can definitely, 100% , no ifs-ands-or-buts about it – see me. So I just wonder, what is it about sunglasses that makes us feel like we’re able to hide, openly, from the world? And why? Have we become that afraid of actual human interaction ?


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  • Well, once you are a woman past a certain age, it is as if you really are invisible to others. So, just enjoy now that you are being seen!

  • I hate to wear sunglasses. Maybe I haven’t had the right pair…. But basically I don’t like hats, caps… anything “extra” on my head or face. Maybe weird but I just want to feel free. :)

    I think it’s so impolite if you have a conversation with someone and the person doesn’t take the sunglasses off. At least here in Estonia where the sun is a rare visitor anyway… It’s exactly the thing that I can’t see the person’s eyes and it’s like I cannot really feel the conversation. If it’s really sunny then I understand of course…


  • Madeleine September, 1 2016, 2:40 / Reply

    Who makes those gorgeous glasses??

  • Janis Phillips September, 1 2016, 4:18

    I’d like to know also…They compliment, and don’t hide the eyes..face…beautiful!!!

  • My sunglasses are prescription, and the tint is fading. Time for new ones, but I’m waiting to see whether the prescription will change. The fading tint means my eyes AREN’T invisible–so I have to remind myself I shouldn’t sneak stares because I will be found out.

  • Well, with me it’s just that I find it reeeeally difficult to make direct eye contact with other people (even with my dearest friends), so I guess wearing sunglassess comforts me as I can directly look at others’ eyes, but they can’t look at mine?

  • The eyes are the window to the soul.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 1 2016, 6:31 / Reply

    I totally understand you ,Brie but ,sometimes when you put on some shades that really look Good on you ,Ray Ban wayfarer or the aviator model, for instance ,people tend to stare at you more ,you know what i mean? As for the guy that you don’t wanna see or talk and he’s going straight towards you…solution:grab your cellphone and pretend like you’re gettin’ a very important call moving your hands like the italians often do when they’re talking with conviction! Works every time!!!

  • We feel like we are hiding because in most cases the lenses are dark and they hide our eyes, which in essence and without using the typical cliché reveal so much about who we are, what happened the night before, the hiding of the bags, the puffy eyes for lack of sleep or because of the many tears shed. Your essence, your soul, is able to hide itself behind those dark stylish lenses.


  • I love wearing sunglasses all the time and have numerous pairs I rotate. Living in sunny Phoenix, I can’t live without them and few people look at you funny when you wear them indoors. They also give me an excuse not to wear eye makeup.

  • If I am wearing dark shades and I speak with someone I always remove for the duration of our conversation. I just thinks it’s rude not to make eye contact.

  • Its hiding the emotions around and inside your eyes. The most intimate and precious thing you have is this, and by wearing sunglasses, you,re hiding it… Thats my opinion. I think that anything that would hide your emotionality, would be something that would make you feel the same way. (Though except hard drugs or sunglasses, I dont really know what those could be… a wedding veil??!)

  • Je ne pourrais pas vivre sans lunettes… C’est une forme de protection en fait. Très belle photo, et très jolies montures !


  • Just had PRK eye surgery and I must say, I HATE WEARING SUNGLASSES. It’s as if you disappear behind dark glass and somehow, can no longer communicate. That said, I suppose I’m used to communicating with my eyes, expressing all my non-verbals with a look or an eyebrow raise or an eye roll. Sunglasses suggest an absence while I much prefer presence.


  • I LOVE wearing sunglasses! Hiding or not hiding. I am guilty of people watching and they are the perfect cover-up : )

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