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Homepolish x You

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In Partnership with Homepolish
Homepolish x You

People say if you can survive home renovation with your partner, you can survive anything.

I believe it. I believe it because Tyler and I barely survived the task of decorating our apartment in Manhattan.

You know who I would have loved to collaborate with on our apartment design? Homepolish. I mean, sure, Tyler and I “collaborated” on our home design — if by collaborated you mean bickered till we finally gave up to save our relationship and decided blank walls would be a deliberate, artistic choice and not a reminder that we can’t agree on something.

The brilliance of Homepolish is that you are matched with an Interior Designer based on your specific design aesthetic and needs and then said designer acts as a pseudo therapist while helping you navigate some of life’s big decisions like paint colors and couches (why is purchasing a couch the biggest stress in the world?!).

Homepolish Atelier Dore

But the collaboration doesn’t stop there. Along with an Interior Designer, Homepolish matches you with both a Purchasing Concierge who manages your orders across hundreds of vendors (including to-the-trade business) as well as the overall status of your renovation or design overhaul. If that’s not enough, you also gain access to an Account Manager who is on-call to answer any questions to insure your design and renovation process is running smoothly.

Homepolish’s capabilities range from Interior Designer services to full blown renovations, for which they give you access to top designers and vetted general contractors.

All of this makes for the ultimate collabo-dream-team! With their aid, creating your dream space is actually attainable with minimal effort from you. Personally, I’d like all these people to take over all aspects of my life so I can be a human octopus and have eight hands doing all the necessary tasks one must complete to be a functioning adult.

Homepolish’s collaboration powers don’t just start and stop with exceptional purchasing and ordering services, their stylistic range and collaborative abilities are as diverse as their clients. So it comes as no surprise that no two Homepolish projects are alike, instead they are specifically curated and produced according to each client’s aesthetic wants and needs.

While Tyler and I are still only in the interior design phase of our lives, when we do have the dream home that allows us to rip out our kitchen, we will not be doing it on our own — no matter how many times he reassures me he knows his way around Home Depot while making dad jokes about screw guns.

No, we will be calling upon our pseudo therapist, Homepolish, so that Tyler and I can survive future home renovation, and thus, survive anything.


To learn more about Homepolish and be connected with your design team, click here!

Homepolish Atelier Dore

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