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I am preeeettttty lazy when it comes to taking vitamins. And when I say I’m preeeettttty lazy that’s code for, I don’t take them if they’re not in gummy form.

Yes, I have the maturity level (and sweet tooth) of a five-year-old.

So when Tori plopped down some of HUM Nutrition’s Hair Sweet Hair Gummies on our mutual desk space…. well…. a week later when she asked where they went I lied and mumbled, “I dunno. I ate two a day. Other people must have done the same.” (Then I shrugged my shoulders, didn’t make eye contact and started intently at my computer because I was “working” and obviously not lying about such a stupid thing.)

Reader, I think I ate like ten a day.

(DISCLOSURE: It’s recommended you eat two a day and please don’t follow my compulsive need for gummies and eat ten a day. If you eat two a day like a normal human you will have enough for a month’s supply and not a week. Also, your co-workers will still talk to you).

Well, this week Tori plopped down HUM’s Glow Sweet Glow gummies on our editorial team’s cluster of desks and about ten hands reached for them immediately. They’re tangerine flavored and they taste better than most candy while also delivering major hydration for your skin by way of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and E.

Okay, it doesn’t hurt that these puppies are backed by clinical results, sustainably sourced, non-GMO, and free of soy, gluten, artificial colors, preservatives and fully-vegan. All of that and they still taste like delicious candy.

Yeah, they’re not going to last long.

I will do anything for skin hydration. And there really are only so many lotions and potions one can slather on oneself, so I’m all about a different form of skin hydration besides boring ‘ol water (I know, again, five-year-old). These gummies hydrate and plump your skin in the coolest of ways, by locking moisture into the skin and stimulating collagen production so your skin just keeps on glowing and glowing and glowing…

But I’m not taking all the blame this time when they disappear by end of week because Vanessa just leaned around her computer (we sit across from each other so we gotta do the lean around the computer screen to talk) to ask me “How many vitamins can I eat? I’ve already had three. Is that bad? Should I Google if I can die of vitamin overdose?”

If adulthood is full of things that make you want to roll your eyes — taxes, rent, doctor’s appointments, roommates, splitting a bill six ways — why not consume some vitamin gummies? You can keep them on your desk and let it be another thing that you and your co-wokers can be possessive about (I STILL DON’T KNOW WHO TOOK MY SCISSORS BUT I’M COMING FOR YOU!!!!).

And if you aren’t as much of a child as I am and take vitamins like a normal person, I highly recommend you check out their other vitamin options. Specifically their Gut Instinct and Here Comes the Sun (a.k.a Vitamin D supplement).

I also love that everything HUM related is online so I’m not overwhelmed by the vitamin aisle and instead can take quick online quiz to fine out exactly which vitamins I should be supplementing my diet with.

Hum apparently knows our obsession with their goods because they’re offering our readers 20% off with code DORE20 at checkout. I highly suggest you check them out.

Now, Vanessa, give me back my gummies!

Photo by Bogdana Ferguson and Karolina Kaczynska


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  • I LOVE the hair sweet hair gummies!! Thrilled to hear they came out with a new gummy for skin hydration. Thank you!

  • Vanessa May, 17 2018, 2:48 / Reply

    Maybe I shouldn’t be eating 4 Glow Sweet Glow gummies in a row…. but they are so good!

  • Claudia May, 17 2018, 3:41 / Reply

    I’ve been using HUM for a couple of months and it’s really made a difference in my skin clarity and kinda starting to look like marble (had the most annoying hormonal breakouts and large pore that are thankfully gone) and the collagen pills they have are so much better than having to use powders and really help with my hair and nails. I had no idea they had a skin gummy, off to order it (Atelier Dore is dangerous to my wallet ;)

  • Beauty_Junkie May, 17 2018, 4:00 / Reply

    I’m obsessed with skincare and have heard such great things about Hum vitamins but hate swallowing pills, looks like I’ll finally be trying them with this gummy

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