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Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic Acid

Here is a little beauty chemistry lesson for you!

You’ve probably heard of Hyaluronic Acid before. It’s one of those ingredients that gets a lot of buzz. And you’re probably like, huh?

It’s okay, I was confused/scared at first too (ah, acid!) but here is everything you need to know about it (and why it’s good for your skin!):

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by our skin and helps to keep skin hydrated, plump and smooth. As we get older, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases (which means wrinkles). Okay, here is where I get really science-y on you: hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times it’s weight in water, which means it keeps your skin really crazy hydrated. There are two ways to go about restoring that HA glow to your skin: fillers (injected by your doctor) or using moisturizers and serums with the magic ingredient. Using products with HA will help to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and will improve elasticity– ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

If you are scanning the back of your serum now, it’s likely listed as “sodium hyaluronate” (the salt form of HA) in the ingredient list.

Some products with HA to try? Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum, Estée Lauder’s Advance Night Repair Recovery Complex and Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex.

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  • Wow, interesting read. Thanks for sharing Alex. All the smart and chemical words scares me sometimes but it was great to read that HA is good for your skin! And I swear by Estée Lauder night repair :-) x

  • the chemical words scare me too… :)

  • Thanks Alex for great useful information! Love the illustration!:)

    xxMonica ?

  • Dominique April, 15 2014, 4:32 / Reply

    thank you for this!

  • Yeah, I didn’t know nothing about it, so this is really useful ;)

    What you should know about fashion this week on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • varvara April, 15 2014, 4:48 / Reply

    Loving all your beauty and skin advice!
    Hyaluronic Acid is indeed amazing. I just bought an HA serum and made all the difference on my skin! It’s now smooth and velvety as in my 20’s (I just turned 40). You should try medik8 Hydr8 B5 serum sometime soon. And of course, the estee lauder one is a classic!
    take care!

  • Interesting post to read, thanks! It indeed sounds scary haha, I wasn’t aware while using Advanced Night Repair – think that reading the ingredient list would indeed freak me out.


  • Hyaluronic acid is the best thing to happen to me ever. I suffer from severely dehydrated skin (thank you acne treatments) and this definitely an ingredient I’m always on the lookout for. I didn’t know it was in Estee Lauder’s serum – I might actually splurge for it now!
    Bonus – it plumps up my shallow indented scars and any fine lines from dehydration wrinkles!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  • Cornelia April, 15 2014, 6:12 / Reply

    CeraVe has hyaluronic acid too, and it’s about $14.00 at your local drugstore. A steal :-)

  • Cornelia April, 15 2014, 6:15 / Reply

    The CeraVe facial moisturizers contain hyaluronic acid:

  • Thanks for sharing, it sounds like something I need to look into!

  • Hyaluronic acid is where it’s at! It’s probably my #1 essential for good skin… Well, maybe #2, because nothing beats retinol.

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  • Bionect, which needs a prescription, has hyaluronic acid and is great to treat acne as well. I’ve had amazing results, combined with other specific creams.

  • martine April, 16 2014, 1:02 / Reply

    Sounds pretty good. I use retinol, so I wonder how they go together.

  • Je pensais à un truc en lisant ton article : le nouveau fond de teint “Infaillible” de L’Oréal. Moi qui suis hyper difficile en fond de teint, alors là je suis bluffée par le résultat ET le rapport qualité prix. Et je dis ça parce qu’il est bourré d’acide hyaluronic et je sais pas si c’est cette molécule qui fait autant d’effet mais ça marche! Le fond de teint tient bien sans effet masque, corrige les rougeurs, hydrate beaucoup la peau, matifie mais pas trop pour garder un effet glowy. Bref, je suis épatée !

  • L’acide hyaluronique se vend aussi seul sur aroma-zone pour info, on peut donc en ajouter à sa crème préférée.
    C’est vraiment un super actif, moi qui ai les yeux extrêmement sensibles et donc douloureux, j’utilise un produit à base d’acide H. et je suis immédiatement soulagée, c’est là qu’on voit que le produit marche vraiment bien!

  • asianfreak April, 16 2014, 5:22 / Reply

    Hi Alex,

    thanks for the information!
    I would love a post on the ingredients, to understand the coposition to make the right choice:
    – ensure there is no paraben, phatalates…
    – check if there are some allergenic ingredients
    – stop being affraid of weird name like HA

    have a nice day.

  • catherine April, 16 2014, 6:44 / Reply

    Il faut bien vérifier que l’AH soit fragmenté ! sinon cela marche beaucoup moins bien

  • Thanks for this useful infos!

  • Breevandekemp April, 16 2014, 10:47 / Reply

    Ialuset! Le top des top des crèmes à l’AH…je ne peux plus m’en passer en soin de nuit.

  • Moi j’utilise la crème à la figue de barbarie de chez Nebo ( Cette crème contient de l’Acide Hyaluronique d’origine naturelle. Ils en mettent aussi dans leur crème raffermissante pour le corps.

  • Michelle April, 16 2014, 4:32 / Reply

    You can also take it internally which is good for skin, nails and joints (natures way hydraplenish, or solgar are good) Also Cerave products contain HA plus niacinamide and are wallet-friendly, and EO products makes a nice face moisturiser from their “Everyone” line which is $10 for 8 oz at Whole Foods.

  • It’s a humectant which means it draws moisture from the air to keep your skin hydrated and you are right it’s fantastic!
    I like La Roche Posay’s Redermic that combines vitamin C and sodium Hyaluronate.
    Great to rehab skin after the long winter!

  • Ooh. Thanks for the tip. I’m definitely going to get some serum with HA in it. I feel like there’s so much to know about skin care that I don’t know! Thanks for continuing to fill me in.

  • L’acide hyaluronique est désormais couramment utilisé comme ingrédient de produits de beauté en raison de ses propriétés hydratantes. En effet, certains laboratoires ont mis au point des crèmes anti-rides à base d’acide hyaluronique, dont l’efficacité est discutable. Aucune étude sérieuse ne met en évidence le caractère anti rides de l’acide hyaluronique en crème9,10. En revanche, il est largement utilisé en chirurgie esthétique, par injection, pour l’augmentation du volume des tissus mous et en particulier dans le comblement des rides.

  • Several products contain hyaluronic acid now days, many of them are easy on the wallet and contain also other goodies. For example Avené Ysthéal + contains hyaluronic acid (hydration), retinol (vitamin A with scientific proven anti-aging qualities) and vitamin E (antioxidant). I have liked that a lot. That La Roche Posay’s Redermic with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid sounds good too. I might have to try it.

  • I’m using HA lotion from a Japanese company, Hada Labo. Apparently it’s the only thing that doesn’t break me out! It is sold all over drugstores in Malaysia, not sure where you can find it in New York though.

  • Anastasia April, 17 2014, 12:49 / Reply

    Try Hydralyron by Indeed Labs. Right now you can only get it from amazon or ebay or if you have friends in the UK or Canada. But it will be in Walgreens/Duane Reade in July.

  • Thanks for taking the time to explain to readers a little bit of beauty chemistry. It really helps people cut past the marketing hype and pick out products that really work for them. Hyaluronic acid is a must-have ingredient for me (discussed and reviewed in this post on my beauty science website here. The best product I know of (and use regularly) is Cellex-C Hydra 5 B Complex, a water-based hyaluronic acid serum. Cellex-C is based in Canada but it’s available internationally.

  • I purchase pure 100% Hyaluronic Acid serum from eBay or Amazon for a fraction of the price of the expensive serums and massage it directly into my skin. I am 31 this year and am often mistaken for 21. A lot of my fine lines that I had started to see appearing have almost disappeared again. :) Ha is my Holy Grail!

  • Nous vous remercions de l’article intéressant! En tant que médecin, je peux dire que les produits cosmétiques de soins a fait une étape très importante dans le développement de la fin. Et le produit sur lequel vous avez écrit, seule preuve.

  • Excellent produit, toujours utiliser, je vous remercie pour cela!

  • L’acide hyaluronique n’est pas seulement bon pour votre peau, mais aussi pour les hanches et autres articulations

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