I Love Peaky Blinders

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I Love Peaky Blinders

It’s winter. It’s cold. There is nothing else to do other than WATCH PEAKY BLINDERS. Yeah, I know, the name sounded weird to me too, in the beginning. Even more when I tried to convince Chris to watch it with me, as we were in the early stages of our relationship and that I took everything as a test of my coolness and he said, “What the hell of a name is that?”…

Yes. It’s not easy being cool.

But there is Cillian Murphy, the amazing actor who I used to consider as a pretty strange beauty and now, after this, I just consider plain hot. 
And there is the cinematography of the show that’s absolutely stunning. And the story, the one of the Peaky Blinders gang that actually existed in the 20s in England. Oh, and the music. Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, wonderful stuff that fit perfectly with the show. And the stories in the story, stories of passion, of love, and of death. And the fact that it’s a Netflix show, which is a real stamp of quality today.

No need to say more. It’s the first show Chris and I binge watched together (yes, it is absolutely a thing as a couple now, the first binge watch. It means that you’re able to stay up all night doing something other than you know what. Big moment. Important. Even more when you decide to make popcorn. New level of intimacy reached and stuff. Anyway.) 

And the second season just came out and we saw it in two sittings, and are still crying about having to wait another year for season 3.

Tell me what you think, okay?


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  • Thanks for the idea! I was looking for something to watch, and will gladly check this out ;-)

  • J’ai dévoré les deux saisons d’un coup, j’adore !
    Et Cillian, hmpf… Voilà quoi.

  • J’adore cette série !
    On a regardé les 2 premières saisons en une semaine avec mon copain et depuis maintenant plus d’un an on attend la suite. La photographie et la BO sont vraiment excellentes. Et je suis une grande fan de Cillian Murphy, tellement beau et sexy, ce qui ne gâche rien :-)

  • Garance!!! It’s “Tommy F***ing Shelby!” haha. I’m obsessed.

    The very last scene in Season 2…the one in the field…where Tommy Shelby is walking away crying (sigh). It took my breath away! It’s definitely a show to watch with a hubby (or a fiance, in your case!) They are filming Season 3 right now, by the way. Can’t wait.

  • Bah… tout pareil vu que je l’ai citée dans mes derniers crush sur Misc :-)

  • I LOVE PEAKY BLINDERS TOO!the best tv series ever :)

  • Oh yes, we watched this a few weeks ago and were BEREFT when we finished Season 2. Can hardly wait for the next season! Interesting history, excellent story lines and plot twists, fabulous actors and costuming.

  • Loved Cillian Murphy when I saw him for the first time in Inception. He looks a little sickly but otherwise a strange beauty like you said. A younger strange beauty that I am fascinated by is Dane Dehaan.


  • I love, love, love Peaky Blinders! Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Tom Hardy – it’s 2016, where is season 3?!

  • Never heard, but I have to check it out.
    When I don’t know what to watch I usually go back to FRIENDS. :) And it still makes me laugh.


  • J’adore Cillian Murphy vu dans Batman pour la 1ère fois même s’il n’eclipse pas Christian Bale j’avoue que je lui envie ses pommettes si parfaites ! J’ai vu les deux saisons cet été et je suis tombée sous la charme de ce héros si romantique.

  • I love Cillian Murphy and these kind of period series, but I couldn’t get into this series though! I’m not even sure why, I tried twice… Maybe third time will be a charm?
    My current obsession is with the series The Knick. Set in a NYC hospital in 1900. With Clive Owen in super cool white brogue boots. And Eve Hewson (daughter of Bono) is also amazing and mesmerizing in it, as is the whole cast actually. Definitely recommended!

  • Il est un tel spectacle ! J’adore leurs chapeaux, ils me rappellent le style de Coppola de la Sicile

  • I absolutely LOVE peaky blinders! It’s such a great series with such an amazing style and soundtrack :) I told all my friends to watch it and can’t wait for season 3.

  • Peaky Blinders is AMAZING! Here in the UK we are waiting for the new series, the bit with the White Horse is incredible! Congratulations to you!!!

  • My husband and I both really enjoyed the show, but be warned it is viciously violent and … gritty I guess is the word? Anyone seen Breakfast on Pluto?


  • Jedithalie January, 8 2016, 5:04 / Reply

    Aussi tombée sous le charme de cette série et de cet acteur, la photographie, les histoires dans l’histoire, dont nous n’avons eu qu’une saison en France(Merci Arte)…snif :°(
    Dans le même esprit, beaucoup plus ancien et formidable aussi pour la reconstitution historique, la photo, l’histoire et les histoires, Boardwalk Empire… Et plus récemment, déjà citée plus haut, The Knick, avec l’incroyable Clive Owen, qui donne à la série une dimension hollywoodienne début de siècle…
    Le cinéma et les séries, c’est un des délires qui ont présidé à notre rencontre avec mon mari et ça fait 15 ans que ça dure!
    Bonne route à vous deux. ;-)

  • Thank you for recommendation. I’m interested. :)

  • C’est drôle je viens de me mettre dedans comme toi et j’ai dévoré les 2 saisons en 3 jours.
    Et j’ai EXACTEMENT le même avis sur Cillian ! (Et en plus il y a Tom Hardy dans la saison 2 (Miam).

  • Cristine February, 5 2016, 7:45 / Reply

    Garance!! What have you done to me?! I watched it, based on your recommendation, and I am obsessed with this show- SO perfect it’s hard to take! Cillian Murphy, the music, the writing, the cast….Cillian fookin’ Murphy!! The cinematography deserves an award. Thanks for telling us about it!

  • I just started the series following some friends recommendation and I fell in love with the cinematographic aspect, it’s story but more importantly for the extraordinary charisma of Cillian Murphy!! This guy is unbelievably good and good looking. I am truly hypnotized by his acting. Plus as a fashion designer I got to love the costume and the music…
    I am glad I just started it as now I have to see the second season and the three is suppose to come out this month ;-)

    – The diary of a fashion designer –

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