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I Tested Sephora’s Top-Rated Products for Curls

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I Tested Sephora’s Top-Rated Products for Curls

If you have curly hair, I’m almost positive that you’ve had a love/ hate relationship with it. In my experience, there was a lot of hatred during my puberty years. Many straightening hair treatments came and went, but those damn curls still came back. Now that I’m in my twenties, I miss those bouncy and healthy curls more than anything.

I’ve been going through a bit of a detox for the past few years to really restore my curls, to get them back to their original state. And because of the damage already done to my hair, some products don’t always work for me. What I’m looking for right now, especially with this NY heat and humidity, is good curl definition and all the frizz taming.

I scoured Sephora for their top-rated products. So I did my research in the name of all that is curl definition, tested them out, this is what I found…


Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Anti-Frizz Nano Technology

The word gel tends to be a bit nightmare fueling, especially after many crazy hair moments during elementary school, when my hair used to be slathered with it. Also I’m not a fan of crunchy hair but with a name like this Ouidad Gel (and 997 reviews), I couldn’t resist. Sadly the results were a bit on the crunchy side. I prefer my curls a bit softer but this one kept her promise. Anti-frizz: check. Curl definition: check. If you don’t mind that little bit of crunch in your curl, Ouidad has your back. Find it here!

DevaCurl Touchable Curl Definer Define & Control

I’ve tried a lot of DevaCurl. Some minor hits, some misses. For a while I had pretty much given up with the brand but now, I found THE one. This creme formula with a 4.3 star Sephora rating is ideal to achieve exactly what I strive for: curls with definition but soft to the touch. Being that it’s a 3 in one product (leave in conditioner, daily moisturizer & style refresher), you can trust that your curls will be protected from all frizz. Find it here!

Form Multitask Leave in Lotion

This product from Form was the one that I was super excited about. I used to use leave-in conditioner as curl creme when I was younger, so this all felt very nostalgic. It’s been loved more than 7K times on the Sephora website and the buzz behind their clean, but effective formula had me intrigued. I love that the formula comes out in the form of a very light mist. My hair has never felt softer which got me a little scared. Was it going to give me definition? Not exactly. It worked great at keeping the frizz at bay, but my curls were a little on the flat side. Find it here!

As with all beauty products, I encourage you to give these products a try and let us know how they worked out for you. What are some of your favorite products to keep your curls bouncy and free of frizz?

Written by Samaris Pagán


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  • I also grew up hating my curls! I straightened my hair until college at which point, I had to choose between sleep and good hair and I chose sleep. I am a fan of DevaCurl’s styling cream and their gel, which I use as a kind of setting cream for when I diffuse my hair.

    xoKaelen | https://darlingmarcelle.com

  • Curly hair was the bane of my existence until I discovered Humectress and Redken Curveous products. I wash my hair with shampoo twice a week, but condition it the shower daily using Humectress. After getting out of the shower I then rub Redken Curveous conditioner into the ends of my hair and any other area of my hair that might be dry. I then finger comb it through my hair and leave it in. So easy and always great. I have to say the cut is also important so the person who cuts your hair must know how to deal with curly hair.

  • Marisol González August, 9 2019, 1:25 / Reply

    Esto está bien escrito?

    I love this article, I have to share it with my friends who have curly hair and I listen to them daily talking about hair products and the need for information on what to use to maximize their laughs. Thank you for this spectacular report. Very useful

  • EMILIANA August, 9 2019, 12:44 / Reply

    Siempre he amado mis rizos, mantenerlos bajo control, eso sí ha sido un dolor de cabeza y derroche de dinero en productos de todas las marcas. En tantos años de pueba y error aún no he encontrado el producto ideal. Al momento utilizo dos productos que se asemejan a lo que busco. No tostado, no luzca húmedo, no encrespado, rizos suaves, moldeables y definidos o sea al natural. En todo el cabello uso Curl Enhancing Smoothie de Shea Moisture es en crema, usar poco es espeso, no queremos peso queremos volumen; y en las puntas secas uso Intense Curl Cream de Moroccanoil, no lo uso en todo el cabello es grasoso y luce húmedo, controla el frizz. Gracias por el artículo, me identifiqué con él, es una lucha silenciosa. He usado Redken son aceptables.

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