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I Took a Chill in Ibiza

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I Took a Chill in Ibiza

Despite popular opinion – Ibiza is not just an island for partygoers hoping to live the nightlife life and venture into foam parties with world famous DJs. In fact, I was there for 9 days without staying up past 1am, a time when most would be making their way to the clubs.

Instead, yes, there is an alternate lifestyle – one where beautiful beaches, short hikes to remote swimming, and the occasional bottle (or two) of cava finds its way to you at the 5 o’clock hour while you lay under a 20 euro hippie sheet on the beach with a fresh hair wrap glittering in the sun…. yes, this was my trip. And it can be yours too!

Here’s a few quick tips from me to you!:

Go to Formentera for the day! Take the 30 minute ferry ride to maximize your day, then bop over to Playa de Illetas, very Caribbean like. Eat lunch at El Paso, have sunset drinks at Piratabus. If you can make it to the Cap de Barbaria – DO IT!

Brie Welch ibiza garance dore

Ibiza Mainland Beaches – Drive to Cala D’hort for a small beach with a pretty fantastic view of the mysterious island of Ed Vedra. Take the short hike to Punta Galera, I’m certain you will fair better than I, who emerged from the momentous sea with a few scrapes. It’s worth it. Plus there’s a local making killer mojitos to ease any pains.

brie welch ibiza garance dore photo

Eat! Lunch at El Chinguirito for a family affair serving up fresh food and for whatever reason the best croissants. The juices aren’t bad either. Dinner at Experimental Beach (just until sunset before the mosquitos attack) while watching the sun start its descent.

brie welch ibiza garance dore photo

brie welch ibiza garance dore photo

Beyond that, I would suggest doing a whole lot of nothing!


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