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I’m a Loser

8 years ago by

It hurts to say it, but I’m a loser. A sunglasses loser…

That’s the only thing I do, I lose my glasses. Even my favorite glasses, the ones I love, the ones I want to keep till the end of time.
I lose them, whether they are expensive or come from H&M, no favorites here, but there is a big sense of despair that’s growing in me, because of course the only ones I don’t lose are the ugly ones. Those ones obviously, I can’t seem to get rid of.

Like see the Pilots in the picture? I’ve been looking for them for two weeks. My folding Wayfarers? No idea where I’ve left them. My Tom Ford? I wanna cry, but they are MIA since last summer.

It’s weird cause with all my other accessories, I’m pretty good at keeping them for years. Maybe I should talk about it with my shrink.

Are you like me? Is there something you lose all the time? What can I do? Help!!!


Add yours
  • I have the same painful affliction. I always THINK I have lost my keys but then I always find them–not so the sunglasses… especially the nice ones.

  • It helps to keep them in their case when you are not wearing them! I used to lose them all the time too, but now I don’t. It’s not pratical, i admit it, but it’s a way to keep track of them bcaseu usually the case is so big that you can’t lose it… Good luck for this summer!
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  • i have a trick: when i travel, i pack the cheaper shades. so i don’t miss them when i lose them. or sit on them :)


  • These glasses look so trendy. Perfect for a long drive on Harley—D. Great shot.

  • Fabignou May, 28 2013, 11:19 / Reply

    Le cordon à lunettes, je ne vois que ça ;-)

  • Je suis la même… C’est d’ailleurs pour ça que je n’investis pas dans des lunettes de créateur. En effet, soit je les perds, soit je les casses.. Heureusement je n’ai pas de problèmes de vue et trouve aisément des chouettes modèles un peu partout :-)

  • C’est assez bizarre de ne perdre que tes lunettes de soleil! Peut-être qu’inconsciemment tu veux les perdre pour pouvoir en racheter? Lol, je dis n’importe quoi!


  • Boohoo… I lose my wallet a lot!

  • JoelleY May, 28 2013, 11:42 / Reply

    I think many of us suffer from this issue. So far, I’ve had three unfortunate incidents:

    Two summers ago I purchased Burberry sunglasses and managed to lose them in about a month by going into the ocean while having them on top on my head. Smart move! They were my absolute favorites :'(

    A year ago, we were visiting the Grand Canyon, I put down my sunglasses by my side and my sister stepped on them crashing them into mosaic like pieces.

    I’ve also lost a pair of RayBan Wayfarers at a nightclub. *Don’t judge me, It was part of a Halloween costume.*

    so so sad…

  • Can’t help you there! I have it too (it seems to be universal). I lost two of my favorite pairs last summer and now only own one pair of decent sunglasses. On the look out for new ones! But last year’s collections seemed so much better.
    The only thing I can advise you is to buy cheap ones only, that way it hurts a little less when they disappear. Only a little though, cool glasses lost are still cool glasses lost.

  • I have the exact same problem with sunglasses! No problem keeping the $8 in perfect condition around forever, but the moment I purchase nice shades POOF! gone :(

  • Garaaaance, l’orthographe !
    M’enfin, puisque c’est toi, on te pardonne tout, jusqu’au bout ;-)

    J’ai la chance de ne pas être une “perdeuse” d’affaires ! Je garde tout, j’ai même encore ma toute première paire de chaussures. Et c’est parfois un calvaire, puisque des vieilleries inutiles s’accumulent dans des boîtes (j’ai des “boîtes à trucs” indénombrables), et je ne pense jamais à m’en débarrasser.
    Niveau lunettes de soleil, je n’en ai qu’une paire, la seule que j’ai déniché qui s’accorde avec mon visage, alors j’en prend soin… elle est dans une boîte aussi.

    Couleur Spleen.

  • Moi, ce sont les pinces et barrettes pour les cheveux. JE NE COMPRENDS PAS!
    Ou alors, une boucle d’oreille sur 2, pour bien râler, ça m’arrive tout le temps.


    *Les causettes de Célestine*

  • I had to train myself… glasses go directly into a case once I get home. If I’m at work, they go into the case and into my bag… at a restaurant, etc… same thing. I am constantly putting them in and out of the case and into/out of my bag. The plus for such obsessive behavior? 1. I still have my prescription Ray Bans 2. They are still in perfect condition.

  • I agree with you Sandy! Into the case and into the bag.
    I do the same and it works for me! :)

  • Elizaveta May, 28 2013, 11:55 / Reply

    Please tell us about your shrink!

  • Les lunettes, c’est comme les chaussettes: y’a un mystère là dessous, ça disparait tout le temps!

  • I used to be the same, but I came up with a solution and I’m happy to say I havent lost any since!

    I straight up bought a sunglasses display like they have in stores and keep in on my dresser. I’ve gotten pretty good about keeping my glasses “in their place” there and putting them back at the end of the day. Since every spot is filled on it I can easily notice if a pair is missing, and track them down wherever I left them! It’s also nice to have your entire sunglass collection on display. I used to leave sunglasses in old purses or drawers and forget I even had them.

    You can find displays on eBay :)

  • C’est terrible… Les lunettes de soleil : je les perds, je les retrouve. Je les perds, je les retrouve…. C’est un peu comme un match de tennis à Roland Garros, la balle ne cesse de changer d’endroit.
    Malédiction ! ;)

  • Solution : la chainette, à l’ancienne…tu pourrais relancer une mode !!!

  • This comes up with me, too whenever I carry something loosely with me. I mean whenever I decide “oh today I only need my purse, I can hold it in my hand or put it into my pocket, why bother with a handbag…” of course I will put the purse/mobile phone/umbrella and yes my sunglasses down and forget then about it.
    Found no solution yet. Only for the glasses. When I’m wearing them the case and my handbag will be with me and putting them down means putting them in the case and then into the bag.

  • J’ai cassé une paire de DKNY… je vais voir si un opticien peut me réparer la branche mais bon… je n’y crois pas trop… Et oui, dans la famille on les casse. Je tiens ça de mon papa maladroit^^

  • Pareille, mais, dans mon bordel, parfois, je les retrouve!

  • I always lose my keys, still don’t know what to do against it..

  • There is only one solution. Sigh. Attach them to a string around your neck. The grannies learnt the hard way..but maybe if you do it Garance, it will become a new trend and you will save us all lots of money. Think of it as charity and your good deed for the year.. xxx

  • Catherine May, 28 2013, 12:59 / Reply

    I just had this exact same conversation yesterday with a group of friends! No matter what I do, no matter how much I love my sunglasses, protect them, wear croakies etc. I always find a way to lose my favorite pair. Inevitably in the middle of the summer, when I’m heading to the beach or on weekend away and will need them all day, everyday. Just gave up a futile months long search for both my Wayfarer and Pilot RayBans. Both of which vanished without a trace or even a simple farewell.

    So.. I just re-bought a pair of sunglasses that I lost 4 years ago. I remember mourning over them for months. Searching high and low. An now here they are back in my life. Matte black Oakley Frogskins with violet iridium lenses . They are back in my life and I plan on clinging to them like an overbearing mother, so that I can at least enjoy the pleasure of their company until mid-October.

  • Charlotte May, 28 2013, 12:59 / Reply


    Moi aussi je perds tout le temps mes lunettes!Je les oublie dans les magasins, sur les comptoirs, dans les bars, au café… Ou je les retrouve pleines de sable et rayées au fond d’un vieux sac.
    Sinon, il y a quelques coquilles dans ton texte, un accent sur le ou de ou bien, deux perds sans son d, et un qu’ sans son u. Just to let you know!

  • Garance, could you tell us if you used the crest whitening strips? i wanted your honest opinion on them before i went for it!

    okay ill leave you be, now back to searching for those sunglasses. tut tut.

    don’t worry my mama is the same.


  • j’avous c’est la loose… moi je perd les grosses bagues!!! bon ca va ca m’est arrivé une fois sur le bord du robinet… mais quand meme sinon les lunettes ca va, j’ai les même linda farrow que tu as mis sur instagram avec le python elles sont sublimes mais j’ai trop peur… mais les vices des branches ne tiennent pas ca c’est blasant quand même, puis les pochettes en cuir qu’ils donnent avec son tres belles mais les lunettes ne tiennet pas du tout à l’interieur ca glisse du coup attention dans le sac ca raye tres vite… voila j’ai mis mon grain de sel


  • Moi c’est la même! Donc depuis quelques années j’ai décidé de n’acheter que des lunettes pas chères. Quand je les perds je me sens un peu moins frustrée et je culpabilise moins ;))

    xx G.

  • Oh my that must be so annoying. I don’t lose anything actually. I kind of obsessively check the content of my bag 1000 times a day. xx


  • Aujourd’hui c’est un peu la journée de la loose pour moi, ça n’a rien avoir avec des lunettes mais juste ça me rassure de ne pas être la seule à me dire là en ce moment que je suis une looseuse pour un truc, que je n’accepte pas et que ça me rend dingue.

  • Umbrellas and rings!
    Everywhere and often ;(

  • moi aussi! ma dernière «victime» était mon Prada sur la plage de la Sicile

  • I lost some good ones too and now I started to either never take them off (on properly or on my head) or I put them in a box in my bag, nothing else, no putting anywhere else than in my bag! Fingers crossed that they stay with you in the future! xxx

  • Molly D May, 28 2013, 2:10 / Reply

    I’m from Seattle and its kind of a running joke (or possibly a real statistic?!) that we buy more sunglasses per capita than anywhere else in the country. Not because its sunny here, but because we lose them in between sporadic bursts of sunshine! Maybe if you moved to Miami you’d have better luck, G!

  • I don’t think I have ever lost my sunglasses! My trick is to only wear sunglasses that I can flip on top of my head, kind of like a headband…if I have to take them completely off, I’m sure I would lose them. (So Aviators are out for me because the nose pieces catch my hair. ) I also rarely misplace my reading glasses for the same reason. Many times, when I am outside, you will see me with both reading glasses and sunglasses on at the same time – either both on my nose; or sunglasses flipped up and reading glasses on my nose; or both flipped up! Not saying it looks good – I have been called “6 eyes!”- but I refuse to wear the chain around my neck. No matter how young you look – the eyeglass chain is very aging.

  • RINGS! I am ALWAYS losing my rings!!!!!! It’s the worst.

  • I always, always, always return my glasses back to their case when I’ve finished wearing them. Whether I’m walking into a store, about to take some photos, or whatever indoor activity arises. Yes, this amounts to a paltry few minutes spent each day doing this. If I’m wearing a bag that does not fit my case, then I tenderly put my glasses into a corner of the bag/clutch. I never put them on my head. Never hook them on my shirt. I had to train myself to do this, because I’ve lost way too many pairs of sunglasses that I could barely even afford in the first place :S I can proudly say, I haven’t lost a pair since! Trrrrrry it!

  • Yes…I’m a sunglasses loser too, along with keys:(

  • Dynath May, 28 2013, 3:10 / Reply

    Ah les problèmes de loseuse des fois…
    Pour les lunettes
    Je vois 3 choix :
    Garde les toujours sur ton nez, beau temps, mauvais temps, jour et nuit
    Attache les avec un cordon ou une chaine :)
    Les mettre dans leur boitier aussitot enlevé

    Moi c’est les bagues que je perds souvent (je les achète trop grande!) et les boucles d’oreilles, j’en perds toujours une!

  • I’ve had my Wayfarers for three years now and I love them to pieces… But so far I’ve lost them both winters I’d had them. Luckily they re-emerged and the tragic part is that they were under a pile of notes for my courses I was avoiding to get down to and read – BOTH times. I guess some people just never learn. :P

  • Moi c’est les chaussettes dépareillées, alors avec des jumelles de 4 ans, ça tourne à l’hystérie… Du coup je mets ça sur le compte du lutin maléfique, celui qui me cache ma clope électronique ou son chargeur, ma pantoufle… Si tu as l’occasion de lire “A Place Called Here” de Cecelia Ahern, c’est un roman basé sur toutes les choses qui disparaissent et qui se retrouvent dans un endroit qui s’appelle Here, où les personnes disparue vivent également. Ce livre m’a fait un bien fou, emporte-le pour tes vacances!

  • Magali May, 28 2013, 4:03 / Reply

    En tout cas pour moi ce qui est sûr c’est que c’est lié au problème de vue+affectif ! J’ai beau être tête en l’air, je ne suis pas près de perdre mais Ray Ban Clubmaster, rouges, offertes par ma maman, et à ma vue d’hypermétrope et astigmate dont les verres sont hors de prix. Pour le coup, j’y tiens comme à la prunelle de mes yeux ;-)

  • JANET TOBIAS May, 28 2013, 4:43 / Reply

    I so lose my sunglasses too. Can’t keep them. Even took my editors sunglass (a guy) by mistake and of course I lost them. He is still trying to forgive me as they were a gift from friends.

    And like you I am pretty good with most accessories except, if I am honest, to sunglasses I would add gloves in winter (the winter equivalent of sunglasses. And also umbrellas, although lately I have been better about umbrellas!

  • ainhoa May, 28 2013, 6:05 / Reply

    :)))…je perds/oubli en hiver pas mal des écharpes ou mes gants …pour les lunettes de soleil, j’ai un super collier noir avec un petit aro au milieu ou je mets/accroche les lunettes, je ne sais pas comment expliquer..attend je regarde…c’est écrit port loop je crois.

  • i literally RECYCLED my D&G sunglasses last year, and they were the best pair of sunglasses i’d ever owned. i was shopping, popped into a shop, took them off, dropped them into a paper bag that held a purchased item, got home, took out the new item, and recycled the bag…with the glasses in it. didn’t realize it till it was too late… :/

  • Things come and go… It’s the law of life.

  • Cécile May, 28 2013, 7:20 / Reply

    Je sais!!!


    Petite ma mère m’obligeait a porter ça car je perdais tout le temps mes lunettes dans la neige au ski!

  • Maybe losing your glasses is a metaphor for always losing your perception/sight on things, always seeing different things too quickly and suddenly. I always lose my hats and I thought it might be because I am always forgetting my head–moving from project to project, doing so much without having any stability. I started meditating (trying to).

  • Mon mari utilise une “corde a lunettes”, moi pas.
    En quittant un endroit, (boutique, resto, etc…) je verifie si j’ai range dans mon sac :
    – mes lunettes
    – mon portefeuille
    – ma carte de credit
    – etc……
    Au debut, j’etais extenuee mais depuis quelques annees, je ne perds plus rien et ces gestes de verification sont devenus naturels.

  • Lansky Remy May, 28 2013, 10:08 / Reply

    Je perdais toujours mon lip gloss de Clinique: gloss baume hydratant ! J’en ai perdu 3 je crois… Dieu sait où ils sont. J’en avais perdu un tout récamment mais ma mère la retrouvé sous mon lit… Youpi!


  • I lose my sunglasses all the time! And they are my FAVORITE accessory to buy! I almost thought of getting string for them, but how NOT cool!

  • Les mêmes depuis 3 ans …. mais j’ai eu aussi un passé de looseuse !


  • Alors…. je perdais toujours toutes mes lunettes ! Ma première paire de Ray-Ban (en félicitation pour mon bac) perdue (ou volée!!!!!!), ma deuxième paire de Ray-Ban (en consolation pour la première paire perdu/volée) … oui c’est ça, perdue !
    Et puis il y a eu cette troisième paire (… de Ray-Ban!) qui elles, ça fait trois ans qu’on partage tout ! Les rayons de soleil, le pollen, le vent … On est inséparables !
    Ca doit être comme ça : quand on a trouvé le bon, c’est pour la vie!

    RIP les aviateurs de Garances !


  • Un étui à lunettes permet, en général, de les retrouver facilement, encore faut-il les ranger dedans :)!! Ma collection de lunettes est rangée dans un tiroir bien particulier et j’ai un étui à lunettes pour le transport dans mes sacs, c’est pour moi la seule solution pour ne pas les perdre, et me contraindre à les ranger systématiquement dans l’étui quand je ne les porte pas ou à les remettre dans le tiroir… Et même mon amoureux, qui est un adepte du cordon à lunette en néoprène (le côté windsurfeur de monsieur), a perdu ses wayfarers toutes neuves l’été dernier à la plage (on suppose)…
    Sorry ma chère Garance, pas de solution miracle à part faire comme SEVAN (cf commentaires) et vérifier sans arrêt qu’elles sont bien rangées à leur place? …

  • Gathon May, 29 2013, 3:43 / Reply

    Ok moi, heureusement, je ne les perds “que” une fois par an. Quoi que ma paire actuelle entamera bientôt son 2e été, la veinarde.
    Non mon VRAI problème, c’est les parapluies. Je les oublie sys-té-ma-ti-que-ment partout. Au musée, au restaurant, dans le métro,…
    Parcontre comme dans 3 jours on est en juin, j’ai décidé de boycotter la pluie et j’ai arrêté d’acheter des parapluies.
    Bon ca n’a pas encore fait son petit effet mais ca va venir, on y croit au début du printemps…

  • María May, 29 2013, 6:05 / Reply

    Probably because I wear prescription glasses since I was little, I’m super careful with them and I never loose them -have a few pairs I’m not wearing since are all scratched- … then I really hate when my favourite Armanys “dissapeared” last year, from my boyfriend place, full of not very well known people (both, case and sunglasses…mmmm) and everybody kept saying … maybe you lost them…. no way… since I have a small face, is very difficult to find big rim glasses that suit me… Still haven’t found a pair to substitute them…. and …. still mad….

  • Margaret May, 29 2013, 6:47 / Reply

    Do you really have a shrink?

  • Madhulina Sur May, 29 2013, 7:11 / Reply

    Lovely shades.. I keep losing everything too!! my cell phones, my keys, my spectacles, just about everything.. Then again find it right beside the table or something!

  • Les parapluies. Je n’en achète plus, je prends la pluie.

  • I used to constantly lose sunglasses too. When I got a pair I loved for my birthday, I put them in their case every time I took them off. The case is falling apart, but I am determined to hold on to these sunglasses. Haven’t lost them yet and it has been almost two years of daily wear. Good luck!

  • Ohh Garance..here´s my case:I lose my sunglass CASES ALL THE TIME!????????

  • Hélènaz May, 29 2013, 3:51 / Reply

    Bonjour garance,

    je ne sais pas ce qui le plus rageant…
    égarer ses lunettes et les savoir quelque part mais on ne sait pas où ….
    ou bien les perdre ou les casser de la façon la plus stupide qui soit. Pour ma part, j’ai déja marché sur des lunettes (explosées), j’ai voulu jouer à la naïade et les mettant dans les vagues…

    bref, je comprend ta peine ;) reste la solution de la cordelette pour les attacher ! Peut être que si tu lances la tendance tu feras des émules et les losers comme toi (comme moi) t’en remercieront …

    bonne soirée

  • Je cherche éternellement mes clés. Je voudrais vivre sur une île déserte sans portes…

  • I suffer from the same thing and it’s SO annoying because I never lose anything else. I have these really, really ugly old sunglasses that stick around year after year but each new pair I buy … gone by the end of the summer (if not by the end of the week). So do you know what I’ve done this year? THROWN AWAY the ugly, stick-around pair. Let’s see what happens now …

  • Monika May, 30 2013, 1:31 / Reply

    My brother used to always lose my (and his) sunglasses when we were kids. I still remember one pair and even where he left it. Not that I’m holding a grudge or anything. But I think for that reason I take extra care of mine now.

  • Sunglasses: “On your face or in the case!”

  • GLOVES! I lose the right hand of all of my gloves. It happens every time I wear gloves and attempt to remove the right one to go into my wallet or answer my cell phone or something that you need your right hand for. Then…the left glove is alone and useless. I have an entire collection of gorgeous left-only gloves.

  • Parfois je perds aussi mon mari et mes enfants. Mais ça m’ennuie moins, bizarrement :)

  • Tara De Silva May, 31 2013, 3:22 / Reply

    Me too! I feel silly asking for tricks on how not to lose them, as the answer will probably be something like JUST PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR STUFF

  • Maybe in a hidden pocket in a ‘winter’ bag while you tidied your closet. I always lose stuff because I change bags almost every day. Good luck finding them! :)

  • I believe I may have a cure :) I have this awful habit of putting them on my head when I don’t need them and its only when I get home that I realise that they’re still there. So I have this T- shaped stand that’s on my dresser and I just hang them there.
    It’s blistering hot 6 months of the year here in india, and sunny even in winters, making shades an absolute necessity if you know what I mean.
    For me it’s more of a challenge to remember carrying them out with me… The need for spares and back-ups is unreal! I tackle that by putting one in each car and handbag!!
    But the T bar rocks!! As I don’t leave them lying around and my shades have a home even out of their cases :) what do you think?

  • Elodie July, 8 2013, 10:18 / Reply

    Pendant ma grossesse l’année dernière, j’ai perdu 2 paires de lunettes de soleil et mon boulot. Mais j’ai gagné un bébé.

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