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In-Flight Skincare

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How do you keep your skin looking fresh on the airplane?

I had no idea. So, I asked Joanna Vargas (she’s a total expert when it comes to skin, Rachel Weiss trusts her, so I do too). Here are a few of her tips for in-flight skincare…

– Midway through the flight, rehydrate your skin with a serum.

– Take a spritzer of rosewater along with you. It’s really hydrating and will help to keep water in the skin.

– Drink lots of water.

– When you get off the plane, have a green juice or big salad. Green vegetables help to hydrate from the inside.

And my favorite tip (and the one I’m most likely to follow on this trip to Paris)…

– If you want to do something really great for your skin, drink red wine. The antioxidants are great. For every glass of wine you have, have a glass of water.

Now that I’ve landed…where is that wine?

PS: Some of my favorite serums? Sunday Riley Juno Transformative Lipid Serum, Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum and Joanna Vargas Daily Serum.


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  • I have a whole regimen for keeping my skin hydrated and fresh on the plane! I remove all my makeup with a wipe and slather on a moisture mask, then sleep as much as I can.

    You can read my whole in-flight routine here:

  • we all have the same mile high challenges :)

  • Lisa Eldridge has an amazing YouTube video about this topic – worth searching out!

  • I love Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask, it’s so hydrating. I even use it on my lips. I also love Now Solutions Hyalauronic Acid Serum. Anything is Hyalauronic acid works wonders! P/S avoid flights on days that add up to 8, like the 8th, 17th, 26th of the month, those days tend to make travelling not as smooth. Read my Numerology blog

  • This sounds like great advise, I am going to copy it for my next long flight: 16 hours!

  • Well, I would never have expected to learn about a beauty secret including drinking red wine! But from now on, that will make a great excuse whenever I drink some :p

    She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  • Jane with the noisy terrier September, 23 2013, 1:27 / Reply

    I too am an acolyte of the incredible Lisa Eldridge and her long haul flight routine is faultless. Repeat the process a couple times and I arrive looking better then when I departed! Don’t forget some Phyto cream for your hair as well. And for really long flights, bring your own bottle of water as the airline may run out.

  • De très bons conseils que je suivrai pour mon prochain long voyage en avion, car je viens d’en faire un et je ne me sentais pas hyper fraîche à l’atterrissage!

  • Hi Alex!

    Re the red wine, this is definitely the best advice ever! ;-)

    PS – the other day you mentioned a very nice nail polish at Essie: beautiful Yogaga (a very chic light grey). Well I found a shade very interesting as well, indeed summer has not gone yet (you’ll se when you reach Paris!), the Essie Sand Saint Tropez shade is unique. Still very light, but warmer than Yogaga (a hint of brown). It will be perfect on your hands I am sure…

    Ennjoy your flight & stay in Paris

  • Donc eau de rose + eau + vin + sérum… Sacré cocktail. ;) Pas dans le même verre, j’espère ! (Humour-humour, quand tu nous tiens.)
    Tchin tchin !
    (Belle illustration !)

  • The spritzer of rosewater really helps and so does drinking a LOT of water!
    I like the red wine suggestion! Lol. <3

  • In flight skincare is an important step not to overlook. The air is so dry and cold, and this leads to breakouts. Once settled on board, I clean my table and area with a clorox wet napkin. Then I sanitize my hands with hand sanitizer. Using a combination of Thayer’s Witch Hazel Extract with rose water and extract virgin olive oil on a cotton ball, I clean my face. I then moisturize my face (heavily) and put vaseline on my lips. I also moisturize my hands and arms. Before arrival, I repeat this process and put on a moisturizer with SPF. For short flights, I only do it once with the SPF moisturizer.

  • Really useful tips! Especially drinking red wine..hehe

  • HAHA! where is the wine?
    I went to Florence a year ago and saw rose water everywhere but never knew what it was for… now I know!
    New post on my bloggy!

  • Je suis hôtesse de l’air alors je connais un rayon dans ce domaine…
    Il faut surtout boire beaucoup d’eau et opter de préférence pour des menus végétariens. Et puis boire des tisanes (à ce sujet, apportez dans votre sac à mains vos sachets de tisane favorite et demandez simplement de l’eau chaude, ceux des avions sont rarement bon et le choix est limité). Alcool à déconseiller vivement cela va de soi..
    Pour ce qui est des soins pour la peau, je suis une adepte d’Hydrazen de Lancôme mais j’ai découvert récemment la crème SOS Crème nutritive de Topicrem (marque proposée dans la plupart des para-pharmacie en France). Sa texture et effet apaisant son réel. L’air des avions est terrible pour la peau…
    J’ai 33 ans, et on m’en donne 26/27 tout au plus. Pourtant beaucoup d’hôtesse ont la peau qui vieillit prématurement (aussi parce que beaucoup d’entre elles abusent du soleil en escale et sont de grosses fumeuses!..)
    Mais pour moi l’eau thermale n’est pas d’un grand intérêt, mieux vaut-il la garder pour vos chaudes après-idi à la plage…
    Evitez aussi en tant que passager (puisque vous le pouvez contrairement aux hôtesses) de vous maquiller, de porter vos lentilles si vous êtes myope et habillez vous confortablement, comme lors d’une journée cocooning à la maison. Ainsi, tout devrait bien se passer, même en classe éco, oui oui !
    Last few tips: hydratant à lèvres, fils dentaires et dentifrice en format voyage et brosse à dent dans votre sac. La mauvaise haleine est le pire ennemi des voyages long-courriers…

  • Super conseils, merci!

  • Hi–it depends on weather, where I’m flying temp inside and temp outside. Sometimes, for example, summer flights over Africa can get hot whereas a summer flight from Europe to the US can be freezing because of the AC. It’s frustrating to use certain moisturizers on a warm flight because it feels like your skin is maybe not getting what it most needs. I drink tons of water, try to bring my food on and use wipes like the essential oil lavender wipes that you can get at Whole Foods, etc. I use them on all kinds of things from wiping down the console for the tv to cleaning my hands. The smell is great for relaxing and when the plane starts to not smell so great. I sometimes put homeoplasmine on my face for the flight or Clarins beauty flash balm. I use lots of Burt’s Bees lip balm and always have travel sized hand moisturizer. When I get to where I am going I often use an SKII mask that night and the following several nights. I used to sometimes get on with my hair wet and conditioned and then learned that your hair can get mildewy that way. Yuck. I was getting my hair cut last week and a beautiful woman was under the drier and her hair really, really smelled because it was full of mildew. She regularly washes it and puts it up. So, I learned if you do that to take it down again and make sure it is dry and ask your friends or someone close to you if your hair smells. This particular woman did not know—the guy who cuts my hair said think of your hair like a fabric. If you do that it’s like scrunching up a wet towel. So, now if I get on a plane with wet hair, I take it down and put it back up a few times.

  • Love women sharing tips. Thank you!

    My two cents: good hand cream.. My hands dry quickly up in the air. And an SK-II 3D refining mask for the first night off the airplane in the hotel. Leave it on for a good 30 minutes.

  • Hello Alex! Rh bien c’est bon à savoir! Il y a quelques heures je revenais d’Amérique du Nord, pas fraîche du tout… Une sensation hyper désagréable, la prochaine fois je penserai à ces conseils!

  • Bizarre le verre de vin rouge, car on dit au contraire que le vin rouge favorise la couperose !!!

  • I try to drink a good amount of water prior to the flight and I pack my own food- even if I am not at home. I try to avoid in-flight foods because they are salty and not very healthy. I bring facial wipes as well as burts bees, caudalie beauty elixir and moisturizer for my face. I try to be very careful about smells as some people are very sensitive to scents (even if they are mild). Once I am fed and my face washed, I take 2 Tylenol pm, put on my face mask, earplugs and wrap myself in a blanket and try to sleep. I tend to wake up as they are brewing coffee. I wash my face again and moisturize, have some water and coffee and a piece of fruit and I am ready for a new day in a new country. I like reading about these routines. Thank you for sharing.

  • on a short flight…..just happy it lands safely….my smile make me look radiant…..long flight drink water and try to sleep…hate using restroom…so just enough water…again landing safe radiant lol

  • one more thing…i take Calms Forte…nothing like being relaxed….and watch something mindless and read a magazine…and i travel with my Chihuahua Tenzing Snow

  • My skincare regimen is always No. 1 for me, even before makeup. I always make sure to carry around all these skincare items especially when travelling.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Once we are on that plane we are basically still for the duration of the flight. This has a huge effect on the way we look and feel as blood circulation and basic bodily functions wind down to the bare minimum. Really helps to do as much as possible physically to keep circulation levels up. Isometric exercises can be done in the seat as can some yoga and pilates stretches/moves. Also great time to do facial / eye exercises, massage hands and feet. Of course the more one tries to keep up movement the less likely one is to sleep! On a topical level, clean face and organic rosehip oil, lucas pau pau ointment warmed on fingertips for eye, lip, neck etc areas (really helps prevent moisture loss). Lots of water of course, one only alcoholic drink every 6 hours and like a previous contributor – big smile on a safe arrival. B

  • Super conseils! Sauf que c’est difficile de transporter des brumes et tous ces produits dans l’avion avec la sécurité!


  • I’ve also heard that putting on a mask during the flight is also really good. Although you would have to be pretty bold and confident to do it! The rose-water-spritzing idea is ingenious. Definitely doing that next time.

  • A kiwi company recently developed a system of 3 juices for early, mid and late flight and i have never felt so fresh post flying in my life…. its called flyhidrate i think

  • Hello Alex
    my favorite serum on earth is La Mer Regenerating Serum… i am lucky because it was a gift, but i don’t know how i will do when it will be finished ! Smoothness, brightness, smaller pores … a dream!

  • Great tips, I’ve been flying a lot also. I was just in Paris and had my fair share of red wine and I still am in Nice. My favourite serum is Khiel’s Acai serum. I can’t live without it now!

    Hilary x

  • Thank you for the wonderful advice! Stay hydrated ladies!

    SVICA Jeans

  • I agree with Andrea’s comment above, hyaluronic acid is the way to go! It draws moisture from the air and binds it to your skin like nothing else. Biased since I created it, but the Hibiscus Passion Active Hydrator from natural line lilikoi living is a great spray, as an alternative to rosewater. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and is truly a powerful moisturizer in a spray form; not just a facial mist. The serum is great too, Ginseng Genie, it both boosts and has priming qualities, so your skin looks smoother and glowier, even without makeup. (And if you watch Lisa Elridge’s video, she takes off all her makeup first thing on the plane!) I pick up the Jet Lag homeopathic remedy from Helios in Covent Garden, London whenever I’m there. Best of its type I’ve found, really helps for long flights.

  • There’s a great New NATURAL skincare line for traveling (or when your skin feels a bit dehydrated):

    FIRST CLASS NATURAL SKINCARE – an ‘all-inclusive’ Flight Package containing 4 product offerings that will work non-stop to keep your skin in-check & baggage to a minimum. Each product comes in a 50 ml (1.7 oz) bottle or jar.

    “Ready for Take-Off” – a gentle eye + face makeup-remover
    “Flying HIgh” – hydrating facial mist
    “Luxe Lounge” – Facial Oil
    “It’s a Balmy Day” – advanced care for eyes/lips/cuticles

    *Each product is made with pure essential oils & exotic waters like Rose & Orange Blossom – a real treat for your skin!

    Available online at:
    under ‘product offerings’

  • Très bons conseils, merci !


  • Non, surtout pas d’alcool en avion!! comme le dit Claire!!

  • J’aurais pas parié sur le vin rouge ;) … ceci dit, un petit verre de vin à l’apéro , c’est ma façon de fêter le début de chaque voyage , même si cela n’est pas conseillé..

  • Red wine? You’re a genius! I love this blog! ;) x

  • I would give up on this one. Seriously. It’s not going to work. A spritzer of rose water? You’re more likely to use that to beat the seat in front of you to prevent some awful person from pushing her seat back while you’re eating dinner.

    Embrace the horror that is being boxed into a tiny cylinder for 6+ hours with total strangers and the reality that there are some things we cannot control, like oily skin after an airplane ride. Watch bad tv/movies. Eat whatever you want. Avoid the mirror in the washroom. Don’t go crazy if you get crumbs everywhere. Try not to judge the equally gross behaviour of your seat mates. I personally feel that the days of looking stylish while flying are over, unless you’re flying first class, where you have some room and decent food.

    I mean, buy as much water as you can carry from the duty free (my one and only CLEAN thing I do while in the air), but I have never ever seen anyone look good after 6+ hrs in the air. It’s kind of a lost cause and will annoy everyone around you, like trying to lose weight at Christmas. If you go into the washroom with a spritzer of rose water while there’s a queue, heaven help you.

  • I find the most important beauty trick for a flight is to stay hydrated… I wrote a post on my travel beauty staples… I would love for you to check it out if you have time…

  • The mere fact that you are travelling is enough to keep you radiantly beautiful!

  • Water, water, water – from inside and outside! Wine is only good if you dehydrate afterwards..It can help you sleep though..would be helpful after all the moisturizers and masks one apply :-)))

  • Three words: Caudalie Beauty Elixir!

  • Lisa Alkofer April, 23 2014, 10:03 / Reply

    Great tips, however very to have any kind spritzer or serum in your carry on bag due to TSA regulations. Best bet is to sleep and drink water only on flights.

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