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In the Accessories

Over the weekend I helped my friend downsize her closet (and by helped I mean convinced her to get rid of absolutely nothing) and realized that with every potentially questionable article of clothing she pulled off the rack to display to me, I pictured it with two things: black slides (or loafers, now that it’s cold) and “cute sunglasses” (don’t ask me for specifics). And then of course my imagination grew to include a pair of gold (likely vintage) earrings, a possible belt, AND in my mind it was me wearing it, not her (Hey Kenya can I borrow that?). But it got me thinking about accessories – which typically isn’t something I focus on in my every day, but I’m thinking I need to start! Accessories can really take an otherwise normal outfit to a new level, don’t you think?

What are your favorite accessories to play with?


Add yours
  • Where are these loafers from?!

  • Church’s

  • I’m not a big fan of accessories, but accessories are important cause they complete the look and like you’ve said they can take an otherwise normal outfit to a new level !!

  • I’m not a jewelry person, but I’ve recently jumped on the scarf train! Very into tiny neck scarves these days.

  • Love those loafers!

    My daily uniform for the past five months has been: printed or plain long, easy-cut silk slip-dress, over grey/navy/black/white wife-beater or printed T, yoga leggings underneath to keep warm, with sweat top/leather jacket/chunky cotton cardigan/denim jacket.

    The items I (unconsciously – I say unconsciously, as I don’t set out to do, or think of doing, this daily: I grab the same bag for two months or so, then switch it when I feel like it – kind of with the seasons, it would appear) accessorise my daily uniform of above with are: soft leather bag, my numerous earrings, rings, bracelets and a few pendants I also wear non-stop.

    The two items I “consciously” accessorise are my shoes: they sit on the ends of my legs, which I see a lot throughout the day. My footwear does get more attention than any other item I wear, and I will wear one pair for a whole week, then change… And, little neck scarfs (you’d be surprised how such a little strip of silk will make you feel warmer, without feeling hot in winter, but send you to the edge of heat- stroke in summer) are the other item I like to pay attention to, they are such fun to wear. While they don’t match anything I wear, I do pay attention to them before I slip out of the house.

    I wear a lot of antique rings, and bracelets that don’t change until they break or fall off – they are mainly beaded and woven friendship bands, so don’t clack too much. And I like wearing my array of earrings in my multiple ear piercings, that I put into my ears and leave for months, years at a time.

  • Yeah, totally loving those loafers too! I live in sweaters and jeans and any loose clothing, all winter long.

  • My favorite accessories are Aurelie Bidermann stacked bracelets, large rings, french colorful light wool scarves, Repetto Zizi’s and G. Kero hand painted french t-shirts.

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