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In The Comments

It’s been a big couple of weeks here at the Atelier. We became, well, an Atelier, we interviewed our very inspirational intern, and we posted a frontal nude photo on a post about pubic hair! See? Eventful. Here are some of the highlights from the comment section.

On the site relaunch…

Rachel Joy: “Congratulations! What a beautiful site, fully reflective of a creatively wonderful and “true-to-life” team. Just what long time (and loyal!) readers like myself wish to see. It’s so inspiring, and incredibly pleasing to have seen you grow as a team, and of course, as a business. That said, I have never thought or felt, through your posts, online activities that you ever steered away from doing exactly what it is that you do – as what many businesses tend to do without realising. Perhaps that is why, that now, Atelier Dore, has always been, and continues to be, the only website, blog, podcast I visit everyday. I can’t seem to pull myself a way from you! I love everything you do, (hello, fan girl) and I am so, so pleased that you continue to blossom for the best.”

This was just one of the many overwhelming of loving, kind, and supportive comments received on the subject. Among all of them, there was something amazingly authentic and honest – comments like this make us shed all the happy tears (we’re 12 women, ok?). So truly, THANK YOU, Rachel Joy and everyone else who read the post and / or left a comment. Your support means more to us than we can even express.

On the bush…

Sweetarlene: “I always figured the full Brazilian was inspired by so many porn movies and being that I’m innately rebellious, I refuse. I keep things trimmed but I have a real bush. If someone has a problem with my fluffy bush, I’ll hand him a tub of wax and tell him ‘you first'”.

How do you say… Hell to the yeah!

On our intern MJ’s Career Interview…

Julia: “Talk about perseverance and the absence of self pity. Mary Jane is such an inspiring woman! I was moved to tears by her resilience, her strength of character and her gratitude. Wow thank you so much for this. Such a great article to read about how, with a certain determination and drive, age need not be a barrier to any job you really want to do.”

We totally agree – also keeping this comment in our back pockets for any “note to self” moments.

And because apparently the saying goes, “if you don’t have haters you’re not doing it right”

M: “HOW STUPID. So there you all are sitting around talking about pubic hair? What minds! What a world. Women are so STUPID now. “Thought provoking and important” says one complete dope.”



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  • Rachel Joy April, 6 2017, 4:43 / Reply


    That means so so so much, thank you.
    I remember receiving a reply to an email I sent whilst daydreaming at the desk of a job I was at and hated at the time. That meant so much, even though I was embarrassed lol I didn’t think the team would actually read it! And that reminded me just how much you cared about your readers. It made me feel hopeful.

    I am gutted I missed Garance and Emily at the London book signing but next time I won’t miss it!

    Love you guys x

  • merci de votre retour ! Je me demande toujours si vous tenez aussi compte des commentaires en français ? Sinon je voulais dire que sur la photo des poils pubiens, le truc qui m’a vraiment interpellée, c’est… les orteils non bronzés très contrastants !! :D

  • I feel exactly the same as Rachel Joy! Even the part about being gutted when I missed you guys at the London book signing! I had to change my flight when it was suddenly rescheduled but then when it was cancelled all together, it was too late for me to cancel:( I left my copy of LoveXStyleXLife with my girl friend in London who graciously brought it to get signed by Garance which is all I could have hoped for but I can’t wait for an open space where people can drop by and say hello! Please make it happen!!

    Yours faithfully,

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