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Interview Quirks

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Interview Quirks

You got an interview.
This is it! You’re in the door. You reached out, you told them how great you are, and clearly they agreed. Because they want to meet you and hear all about it.

Except that there’s this trap for lots of us, where the closer we are to getting something we want,the more anxious we become.

In any case, you’ve got an interview. And we’re happy for you. Everyone has ways of combating this kind of pressure and anticipation. Maybe you’re the type to get to the address an hour early to pace around a block away muttering answers to pretend interview questions (Linne). Perhaps you’re more the “take a shot of vodka and say ‘fuck it’” type (Nathan).

Regardless of which way you swing, this career month we propose letting it all go. No matter how diligently you prepare your answers to questions about taking a leadership role in the workplace, there’s no way to really control this situation. So replace those frantic notes-to-self with some tricks and lucky charms:

“I have these octopus toe socks from Chinatown. I always wear them to interviews. Nobody can see them, and having this joke with myself gives me something to smile about.”

“No music. No talking to anyone on the phone, ESPECIALLY family.”

“I always imagine myself laughing and telling my friends afterwards about how outrageously awful the interview was.”

“It’s very embarrassing to admit, but I do the power pose thing.”

There you have it. We all have our own ways of managing the stress of being evaluated by strangers, but the governing theme here seems to be to keep your sense of humor. At the very least, you’ll get a good story out of it.

By Mara Veitch


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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 24 2019, 2:58 / Reply

    Your article is funny as Sh*t, Mara !!! Loved it !!! And yeah , Fuc* it, right Nathaniel ? What ever happens , happens , you know what i mean ?
    ( Stress Slowly kills so… )

  • We all have to find our thing. I love wearing something I love because that always makes me feel better.

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