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Is My Husband on Hinge?

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Is My Husband on Hinge?

We recently did a podcast on myths of adulthood. And that made me think, it’s so true for dating too! When you’re young, you definitely imagine that by–let’s say, 27–you’d have your own house, kids and your life would be so put together.
And then when you’re actually an adult (am I though?!), you realize that couldn’t be farther from the truth…

I recently turned 27.
The week prior to my birthday, I had spent a whole week in Colombia celebrating two of my friends getting married — so many happy couples around. If you’re single, I honestly think weddings make you feel more lonely??

Anyway, I was fresh off this trip and diving into my “late twenties.” My birthday fell on a really grey, rainy and all around disgusting day in New York.
And my emotions hit me hard…
A few phone calls to my parents, a mean taxi driver (bursting into tears in the back of said taxi…) and a few others things later, I was sitting in my bed with my sister, crying, with many questions floating in my head — let’s just say I had a day of being in a mid-life crisis. (*Editor’s note: quarter-life crisis.)

So, this brings me back to my dating life in NYC…
I was definitely in the midst of a dry spell (hey, it happens!).
So a few months later, having put my mid-life crisis aside, I started to think that I should put myself out there more because things just weren’t really happening for me.
During that time, a good friend of mine had been having the best time on Hinge, meeting a multitude of men. After much debate, and speaking to my co-worker who couldn’t stress enough, that guys just don’t come up to you at bars anymore because they have at least 20 girls in their pockets that they can talk to at all times, I decided to bite the bullet and download the app. After about an hour of setting up my profile (because, why is it SO hard to answer these questions that look easy!?!??!), I was on.

Again, going back and forth on if I should even go out on a date in the first place, I start chatting to a few guys just to see what happens. I finally decide to go on my first date. To be honest, I was really pleasantly surprised, but I also found myself super overwhelmed with the amount of men on this thing! (My initial question remains true — are there just so many options that there are actually none at all?). In the first time in I don’t know, forever, I found myself kissing three different guys in a week!! And now, I couldn’t help but wonder, is my husband on hinge?

Stay tuned to find out!

This piece was written by an anonymous member of the DORÉ community. She started her journey with this piece. Stay tuned to follow along with her dating adventures!


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