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Isabel Toledo

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Isabel Toledo

In fashion and in style, many truths are revealed. Style is common property; it belongs to all. Because it is constantly changing, fashion can be seen as something frivolous and superfluous. Both style and fashion elicit a wide range of emotions and can be infectious, even enthralling, provoking excitement in some people, revolution in others, and a heck of a lot of anxiety in a whole lot more. For me, style and fashion inspire optimism, above all, while giving me the tools to communicate. Fashion is what time looks like, and that’s something I take very seriously. Indeed, it is the very texture and weave of life.

– Isabel Toledo

Isabel Toledo, the prolific fashion designer, passed away last week at the age of 59. She had impeccable technical skill for dressing women’s bodies and an unparalleled eye for both modern and timeless design. She is most known for designing Michelle Obama’s first inauguration outfit, but has been a mainstay and an inspiration in the design community for over three decades. She approached her work seriously and thoughtfully–often describing it as “romantic mathematics.” She is survived by her husband, famed illustrator, Ruben Toledo, and will be missed by all.

This quote is from her 2012 memoir, “Roots of Style: Weaving Together Life, Love, and Fashion.” You can find it here!

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  • Anna Zeusler September, 16 2019, 9:53 / Reply

    Isabel Toledo was one of those rare birds in the fashion business. She understood how to make beautiful clothes, she ran her own show & she always, always looked sensational. She & her husband Ruben, almost inseparable, were the perfect faces for a brand of clothes that never “wore the woman” or screamed with logos. She had talent, smarts, grace & a joie de vivre that was infectious in an industry too full of stuffy fashionistas. She will be missed.

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